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    iwxanthi got a reaction from ChA1NsAw in ITT: Post maps/scenes that never saw the light of the day.   
    Where can I sign the petition to get 747 remake released?
    Anyway here some of my stuff:
    Mountainbase, was going to be a DLC map for Nuclear Dawn. Though I never finished it, due switching projects. Few weeks ago I released the VMF to the community, so it might see the light of day in some form.

    Downtown night version. The idea was to have a more interesting Splashscreen in ND. So I took a slice of the original Downtown level and made it into a night version. However it causes so many bugs on lower end machines. That we decided to remove it only a few weeks after it was published.

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    iwxanthi reacted to PogoP in Alien: Isolation   
    Yeah kinda shitty putting all that stuff in behind a paywall. 

    However, my stuff has finally been shown woo! I re-worked this room, as well as making the Cryo room from the very start of the film!

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    iwxanthi got a reaction from Sentura in What's going on with your life?   
    Yeah the pain was insane.. I spent a week in the hospital, where I followed a shock wave lithotripsy treatment, that didn't directly help and even made it a lot worse the days after. But after 2 weeks just one day before surgery I passed them naturally. Now I just need to consume a lot of water and less coffee to make sure it doesn't happen again.
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    iwxanthi reacted to KoKo5oVaR in Valiant Hearts / Soldats Inconnus: Ubisoft's WWI game   
    That's really not how i would have do it, especially the artistic direction which is super nice but... not suited let's say. But i'm not in the dev team shoes so... However it's a good effort to see something like this i think.
    That remembers me the time i was visiting some friends in lorraine, and they made me visit all the historical war sites of ww1 around verdun. (they are haunted by that war in their region)
    You have verdun and all the war monuments, artillery forts, douaumont ossuary etc which are well kept in a glorious military orderly fashion (which is really not my thing) basically a middle ground between sadness and a glorious history well written by changing blood and flesh to stone.
    But the most impressive place they made me visit was the éparges, it's basically the name of a village beside a hill with a dominating view above the plains the french and the germans were fighting for in order to put strategic artillery positions on top of it. (lorraine is very flat)
    They fought for around 3 months on top of this little hill and dug trenches on both sides of it, the front line ones separated by the terrain levelling were basically 50 meters from each other. Pretty sure you could talk to the guy in the trench in front of you. And for the whole 3 months the french and german artiellery batteries were completely drowning the place under shells.
    So to advance and take the trenches of the enemy, they had to blow them up. Basically you had engineers digging tunnels from their trench to under the trench of the enemy and detonate as most explosives as they could throwing high in the air earth and humans alike; then they would launch an assault on the gigantic crater the explosives left, fortify it with sandbags/barbed wire and hold it from counter attacks. It's absolutely demential. 12000 people died on top of that hill.
    What is interesting there is that basically since it's a forested hill now, not much has been changed and was left somewhat intact and abandoned. In the middle of the forest you can still see what's left of the sinuous trenches, mossy bunkers, or a piece of rusty metal going out of the ground full of bullet holes.  (although they had to remove all the non detonated shells and mines, not sure how many guys are still there fertilizing the forest under several layers of laboured earth though)
    But i can assure you, we were alone in the forest and it is really spine chilling to be standing on top of all that. I swear if you concentrate enough in the forest silence you can hear ghosts.
    That's basically how the terrain of the whole hill is.


    and the unbelievable craters due to the explosives detonations under trenches :

    And a plane photography from 1915, where you can clearly see the number of explosives used (les éparges village at the bottom, you can see the trenches, and compare the craters with the photo above to have a scale view)

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    iwxanthi reacted to Skybex in [CSGO] cs_sportscentre   
    The skybox and tiles were indeed too noisy, especially in the more open area where a lot is going on. so have simplified it a little. Tiles are now a plain colour and the skybox has been pulled a lot further back.
    Here are some images of how things look now taken from similar angles as before. The difference in brightness is due to the HDR

    Closer image of the new tiles. 

    Better shot of the 3d sky

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    iwxanthi reacted to holiestcows in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive   
    The Operation was not rushed. The fixable bugs are the authors fault. Even official Valve maps have bugs and issues, no one is perfect. Valve did work with the various Authors, my self included on their own respective maps. It being compared to a CoD pack is just rude. You can compare a map to a CoD map because it may be visually similar or play similar as in something new to CS:GO but saying all the maps feel like they are from a CoD pack because their different is just asinine. Being unique and new is never a bad thing if you want a game to grow and evolve. 
    Originally, a large portion of people around the web, disliked BG and immediately put it off as a comp viable map, but as time went on, more and more people are growing fund of it and enjoy playing it for its unique style and design. Tweeday from NiP praises Black Gold and say its his favorite map, due to its unique layout. Summit1g, the largest CS:GO streamer has mentioned how he enjoys Black Gold. Just because some people dislike the maps or there are some bugs, does not mean that it was rushed or someone was lazy.

    About none of the maps being officially added into CS:GO, such as Cache is also a silly statement. Cache is a OLD map, that was worked on for a long time and got praise for its UNIQUE layout at the time and became a classic. How often do new maps come out get such community praise? You need to take chances, such as some of these new maps, to possibly have success. Who knows, maybe Overgrown becomes a classic and is added into the game officially. 
    Sorry for the rant, its nothing personal, im just fed up with people who have jumped the gun on this Operation, especially because I know how much hard work some people put into the maps. 
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    iwxanthi reacted to FMPONE in What I'm Working On   
    been trying to consolidate the areas i've worked on, custom textures, a couple custom models from Ted. Almost all placeholders replaced now, probably created something like 40 textures, mostly small stuff. gonna move on to the new areas now. thanks for the feedback so far guys, and keep it coming
    also gotta give credit to Warby who hooked me up with a cool paintover of A to help improve it~ 
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    iwxanthi reacted to Jonny-Higgins in Insurgency Mapping Contest   
    Hi guys, 
    I'd just like to let you all know that we have listened to the communities response, and i've persuaded the devs to extend the contest.
    Entrants now have until October the 1st to submit an entry! We are also going to speed up the production of some of the guides and are hoping to have an in depth tutorial on the gameplay mechanics, game modes and design theory of insurgency maps up in the next few days.
    I will aslo try to set up a Q&A session with the devs to help anyone who has questions to ask. 
    Hopefully this should give people the time and information they need to produce some truly awesome maps!
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    iwxanthi reacted to ElectroSheep in Insurgency Mapping Contest   
    Spencer's roses
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    iwxanthi reacted to spence in Insurgency Mapping Contest   
    Those are some really nice prizes for the winner!

    As someone who worked on this project as a designer through the early stages, I have one piece of advice to anyone entering: go wild with the theme of your entry!

    As a small team we were relatively limited in the range of environments that could be created, but as a lone designer (or a small team focusing on one map), you have no such restrictions aside from the time limit! 
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    iwxanthi reacted to FMPONE in Insurgency Mapping Contest   
    I cannot stress this enough. There are plenty of talented folks sort of inside/outside the industry posting on these forums. You may be waiting for an opportunity, you may have assumed it won't happen. I know a few of you I have in mind as I say this, who are perfectly capable mappers. If you know the Source engine, you must see this as an opportunity worth seizing.
    and I'm talking about beyond $1,000 and all of the additional prizes. I'm talking about a gig, a resume piece, the knowledge that you won a contest. Many of you should start work right away. *uncle sam pointing at you*
    Insurgency is a great team. Kikette and the rest of the team created some EXCELLENT assets, and maps to learn from. Carpe Diem. 
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    iwxanthi reacted to will2k in Sharing my newly released paper on optimization testing in Source engine   
    In a related topic to the above, I have published my newest article titled "Hints about Hints - Practical guide on hint brushes placement".
    It's a technical article in which I showcase how I think about and approach hints placement in Source engine and how I systematically proceed with hint brushes with some practical examples. 
    Hope it provides helpful insights for aspiring Source mappers and offers a good read for experienced ones.
    The link is on Gamebanana: Hints about Hints
    Enjoy the read
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    iwxanthi got a reaction from spence in CSGO - Hijack   
    Fantastic job Spence, as always  
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    iwxanthi reacted to spence in CSGO - Hijack   
    Just released the airport map I've been working on for the past few months on CSGO Workshop:

    Workshop Link
    If you check it out and have any feedback about how it looks or plays or find exploits or anything weird, I'd love to know about it, so I can improve the map and release some future updates! There is still some polish to do but I wanted to release to the public before worrying too much about really fine tweaks since they don't impact on gameplay so much. 

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    iwxanthi reacted to Minos in SAMPA // A near-future sci-fi city in Unreal 4   
    Hey guys!   Figured it's about time I started a WIP thread to document progress on my new scene, simply called "SAMPA" for now.   My goal here is to make a small near-future city corner to get started with the PBR workflow and take advantage of the new Unreal 4 goodness. Loving the engine so far, it's like a dream coming true   Anyway, it's still pretty early in development but hopefully the vision I have for this should already be pretty clear. Some assets are in completely different stages of completion than others so nevermind the placeholder stuff for now.   I'd say this is about 30% done so far, still a long way to go!  
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    iwxanthi reacted to Tschoppo in failed Uni application :/   
    Hey Guys,
    first year of school is closing in and since it´s been your fault i ended up studying @ DAE in Belgium, you deserve an update.
    It´s been a great time for me, improved so much on so many things, became a lot more productive and made some cool hitchhike experiences.
    picture time!

    Final Exam 3D - Vintage Car

    Final Exam Preproduction - floating Post Office

    Preproduction - Tower Vehicle

    Preproduction - Transform Shopping Center
    and some free analog works to stay healthy


    I´m one of the few who did good with Art and Programming.
    Obviously, just 3% of all students passed all courses for the first semester and I was one of them.
    Feels good.. and weird, the exams for this semester turned out a lot better, so I´m sure I´ll have no retakes again.
    Since I´m focusing a lot more on 2D right now and I miss a lot of people I´ll drop out for now, try to get some small jobs and start studying Illustration in Hamburg 2015. Really need to get away from computerz for a while.
    Cool thing is, i´ll always have the option to come back here and pick up 2nd year.
    Thank you Core for deep-lifechanging-experience
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    iwxanthi reacted to El Moroes in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive   
    Already 15 years guys !!

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    iwxanthi got a reaction from Thurnip in ITT: Post maps/scenes that never saw the light of the day.   
    Where can I sign the petition to get 747 remake released?
    Anyway here some of my stuff:
    Mountainbase, was going to be a DLC map for Nuclear Dawn. Though I never finished it, due switching projects. Few weeks ago I released the VMF to the community, so it might see the light of day in some form.

    Downtown night version. The idea was to have a more interesting Splashscreen in ND. So I took a slice of the original Downtown level and made it into a night version. However it causes so many bugs on lower end machines. That we decided to remove it only a few weeks after it was published.

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    iwxanthi reacted to cashed in [CS:GO] ar_blocks WIP   
    @spence I'll fool around with that soon
    Runs okay on my machine so far

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    iwxanthi reacted to Pericolos0 in What have you watched recently?   
    Just went to see edge of tomorrow. It was super awesome, go watch it
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    iwxanthi reacted to SotaPoika in [CS:GO] ar_blocks WIP   
    You should add trigger_hurt on the legoblocks to make it more realistic.
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    iwxanthi reacted to PogoP in Watch Dogs   
    That's how it looks when I don't wear my glasses
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