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    blackdog reacted to Roald in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive   
    Hey man!
    It's a amazing feeling, I was trying to watch most of the matches that were being played on it. It is really interesting to see them play and come up with tactics. I must say I feel pretty proud when watching!
    In the Blast tournament of December it was actually included already. There was a grenade clip super off causing horrible situations, that was pretty painful to watch.
    And Valve has ownership now, so they make changes and we couldn't do anything making it even worse haha. But glad that we can lay our hands off now honestly, at some point your pretty much done with a map xD
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    blackdog got a reaction from Roald in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive   
    Just seen the highlights of IEM Katowice and… @Roald how does it feel to see Anubis played by the pros in the top tier? 
    (i assume this was the first tournament that was played?)
    also, this giving you much upkeep work for fixes etc?
    anyways 🙌
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    blackdog reacted to Shandy445 in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
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    blackdog reacted to El Moroes in Mapcore Job Census   
    Congratz !!!

    Oh and on my side I'm not at Arkane Lyon anymore but at Build a Rocket Boy as Senior Environment Artist. 
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    blackdog reacted to Edude in Maginot [Wingman]   
    Thanks for asking @blackdog.
    I simply followed this tutorial below by Mr. Maxim (BananaGaming) and applied the same positions and seconds to older map versions.
    Unfortunately, the coordinates changed during development so I couldn't line up a few scenes perfectly, but managed to get really close and editing the shots in Sony Vegas helped too.
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    blackdog got a reaction from Edude in Maginot [Wingman]   
    Ace! How did you do the camera movement @Edude?
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    blackdog got a reaction from ZZZ in What have you cooked recently   
    I only use frozen spinach because the fresh baby has such a short shelf life @0kelvin
    Totally agree on the mindfulness of cooking, always enjoyed it. Doesn’t work for everyone, my partner prefers if I cook for sure, she started doing more to have a break from the child lol
    the rice you’ve done we’d call it “rice salad”, although would normally add würstel or tinned tuna too
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    blackdog reacted to Edude in Maginot [Wingman]   
    Today I was checking some old versions of Maginot and took the opportunity to record a small timelapse video of some areas.

    Check out!

    A few of the scenes were already being built on 2020, but I decided to categorize them as "2021" for better cohesion.
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    blackdog reacted to zombi in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    Some screenshots of path - terro spawn to A site I'm working on my csgo map Paris.


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    blackdog reacted to AlexM in What have you cooked recently   
    I'm not involved in this dish but my family lives on a small island and we have a friend there with 3 smokers. He gave me some bacon that he made himself in the smokers. 
    My partner then made ramen noddles using the bacon and some noodles & seaweed she got from Japan. It was phenomenal. 

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    blackdog reacted to ZZZ in What have you cooked recently   
    I don't know if anybody ever noticed it. When you cook yourself rather than buying or ordering it, there is some pleasure involved in cooking. And also something related to planning ahead of time, taking care of yourself and having better control of your own time.
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    blackdog reacted to WD in What are you playing now?   
    PS plus has been amazing for me since I've never owned a Playstation until I got PS5. Since the last year I've played most of the exclusive series from back to back, Uncharted, God of War, Last of Us... but just recently they unexpectedly pulled all the Metal Gear games when I was just about to start to play them. Talk about a big massive fuck you to a lot of people, including me, thinking 'classics catalogue' would be something that would be constantly expanding once the time goes on. I hope that means PS4 and PS5 are getting Metal Gear remasters, which will probably be dog shit knowing who's behind the publishing.
    OK enough about the rant.
    Been enjoying God of War Ragnarök, though the core gameplay is so much of the same as the last one. I feel it's wearing down on me although It's constantly making it's best to mix things up.
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    blackdog reacted to ElectroSheep in What are you playing now?   
    Playing a lot to hunt showdown since almost a year. One of the best mp experience i've ever played.
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    blackdog got a reaction from zombi in Looking for direction; Thoughts on using a Hammer SDK environment as a portfolio piece   
    What is that you are interested in doing: Level Design or Environmental Art?
    Because as much as they are adjecient, they are two different disciplines. I'm sure a skilled designer/artist can migrate from one to the other, but unless they are working in a small team, I doubt they get to work on both.
    In such a specialised industry, having skills in another department could be even seen as "detrimental", in the sense that every hour you spend on env art you don't spend improving your design skills -and vice versa- so I'm not sure how much of a leg up having those extra skills will give you.
    Either Level Design or Env Art, the companies will be expecting you to be at the top of your game in the department you are applying for. Basically you don't want to be mediocre in the department that you are really interested to work in, hoping to compensate with extra skills that don't directly help in your assigment.
    Say you want to be a Level Designer, being a decent Env Artist only counts if you are at least on the same level of other candidates... unless (maybe!) you are applying in a small studio where being jack-of-all-trades might be more valuable (to maintain costs down).
    Sounds to me you are more interestedin Level Design, so if that's the case, graphical fidelity doesn't really count. LDs are not hired to make maps pretty, but to make them fun, original; you need to display ability in analysing the game mechanics, metrics, facilitate (or challenge!) the gameplay that has been decided.
    This is at least what I have read or heard many many times in podcasts, interviews, posts here and social networks, seminars.
    And the consequence of that is that arguably it doesn't really matter what tech you are using to build your maps, it should be the one you are most comfortable with.
    If you are interested in the boomer shooter scene you probably want to make maps for Quake, Doom, Duke Nukem, Hexen etc - many of the people working on Graven for example, are from the Quake scene, and they use the HammUEr plugin to convert maps made in Hammer to UE4.
    We had this discussion many times in the forum, and I think most people agree that it's best to build a map for actual games rather than greyboxes in engines where you can't display gameplay because you are not mapping for a game but essentially building a new game from scratch. Sure you can use many plugins from the marketplaces to implement an FPS or TPS for example, but there's probably no match to be able to display actual gameplay (be it PvP or AI) than an imaginative recreation "oh this map is intended to be for an Uncharted-like game, but the character can't make this jump because the plugin doesn't support it".
    So TLDR, I would say the things to focus for Level Design are:
    Show you can finish a project (well this goes for every job really) Clearly explain what were your objectives when you set off Clearly explain the outcome: did you succeed, how do you measure success, what can you do better, etc Clearly show your thought process: sketching, documenting your steps up to final result Document the time you spend overall and for tasks, helps you and shows you are responsible Make something interesting: pick a scenario, show how you support player choice or accommodate competitive tactics Build maps for released games (chosing the tech you are most productive with, that support your vision best, etc) If you have used old tech, once you have a couple finished projects, look at current tech because you want to be able to hit the ground running as much as possible - find released games with an editor or find plugins that allow you to create semi-functional maps Once you have completed a map for CSGO for example, then you can worry about embellishing with custom assets if you are so inclined, but don't make the looks the focus of the project, show why the map is good, then add on top that you made it even better with your artist skills.
    It is important or can be very beneficial to network, I'm pretty sure statistics across all industries show that being referred yelds higher success rate for candidates. You skip the queue, you can get your portfolio in front of recruiters/seniors and get feedback even without applying - giving you the opportunity to improve before getting a slap in the face and spending lots of time just trying to figure out what the companies find interesting.
    Networking can also bring you free mentoring, or there are many designers that are now offering this as a paid service.
    Reach out to people, be nice, and you'll find lots of support.
    It can also be beneficial to write some pieces to show your critique skills, that you can analyse other people's work, how you give feedback, how knowledgable you are in terms of tech if you make assumptions, etc.
    Here are some resources where you can find info from designers that have made it and what companies look for in portfolios:
    Mapcore guide to making it in the industry Level Design Lobby podcast Steve Lee Watch GDC lectures GMTK on TLOU2 Peter Field Tips & techniques Spatial communication
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    blackdog reacted to GabrielW in Hi! I'm Gabriel ... one time TF2 mapper, then ProBuilder maker, now designer at Unity. We need level designers!!   
    Hey all! I always worry about seeming spammy, so I'll try to keep this casual and simple ... Unity has a serious lack of focus on Level Design, and I want your help to fix it. Actually, I'd say most game engines these days have this issue ... but I'm only going to poke at the company I work at, for the moment  
    Thing is, having been at Unity for about 4 years now ... honestly it's amazing people and they do care. But ... there is very little representation for Level Design. This was always pretty clearly evidenced by the lack of basic tools and helpers for level work, and was the reason I made Grids, Groups, and ProBuilder long ago. Now, I - we, the entire team actually - want to do much, much better. Starting now, it looks like we finally have the timing, team, and opportunity to build a ground-up level design toolset, and we're EXCITED!
    So, we need level designers in 2 ways:
    UX research - to start, we have a big hope - raw data, so a few hours or more recording of your process during a day of work. This is immensely better than biased/leading questions and feature-focused discussions ... though of course we're totally happy to do shorter interviews and such if that's all you have time or ability for. Many thanks for anything you can provide! Apply and join Unity! There are always tech art, and even some UX positions, that I think would be great options. Nothing against prop artists, animators, etc ... but the tasks and problems just aren't the same, I think Unity needs more level design focused people internally. Could be a start! I hope this ok to post here, and I hope this catches some interest! For me, it's always been the dream to have a full-featured toolset in Unity, hopefully it starts here. Also, ask me anything if you like, I'll reply whatever I legally (and morally) can!  Thanks for looking, and for all the great inspiration as I've lurked here over the years ...
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    blackdog reacted to Beck in Mapcore Job Census   
    Earlier in the year I got promoted to Lead Level Designer at Rebellion. 
    My website is down, can we update the link on my name to just point to my twitter? https://twitter.com/Beckmech Cheers! 
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    blackdog reacted to celery in Mapcore Job Census   
    Not for me, but I noticed Geoffrey Smith is still listed at Respawn. He's been the Multiplayer Design Director at Infinity Ward for a bit now, who also hired fellow Mapcore user Randy "Kokopelli" Chunga last year as an LD for IW on MW2.
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    blackdog reacted to Dabu in Hammer++   
    I mean see them functional sorry for late reply
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    blackdog reacted to ics in [TF2] Nocturne   
    This is Nocturne, Halloween map made for Halloween (2022) for the game Team Fortress 2. Plan was to finish this up sooner but been too busy this year. Actually crunched a week now to get this done. Almost there...
    So please go vote for it if you like it or dont like it. Thanks.
    Workshop link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2863064447
    PS: Still working on it.

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    blackdog reacted to Quotingmc in Mapcore Job Census   
    Forgot this was a thread. Always used to have a read of the list and hope I'd be on it one day.
    I've been working as a Level Designer at Small Impact Games for the last year or so on our new FPS "Marauders"
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    blackdog reacted to Radu in Mapcore Job Census   
    Hello, I have also switched studios. I now work as ld at Techland where I am ruining @Lizard's diet with my butter biscuits.
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    blackdog got a reaction from Squad in Sourcemods/Total-conversion Memorial Thread   
    @FMPONE i finally (accidentally) found the folder with screens of HL mods I collected.
    If you DM me you favourite contact i can WeTransfer to you or something

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    blackdog reacted to Corvus in [Unity/VRChat] BioShock Infinite Level VR [WIP]   
    Early lighting pass 

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    blackdog reacted to JorisCeoen in Bulletproof wall   
    If the purpose is to make a defusal map that follows the same general principles as the competitive scene, then you don't want to do that. Players will be expecting to kill players that are just around a corner or prefire them, and will get frustrated when this is not possible. Only in very rare cases (for example to avoid an insane wallbang that can go across the map) will you need to use blockbullets.
    Unfortunately, the toolsblockbullets_cs variant cannot be found in the VPK of the game. The original blockbullets .vmt has this parameter on it:   
    I assume the CS:GO variant also has this parameter, which is why your decals don't show, no matter what you do. The only workaround is to have the thin wall behind the geometry you're trying to block bullets through, so bullets still cast on the collision mesh or brush/displacement, but don't register through behind.
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    blackdog reacted to AlexM in What have you purchased recently?   
    Broke my TV about 4 months ago and wasn't planning to get another one but a bunch of people talked me into the LG C2 TV. Supposed to get here in a week or so. I'm holding off playing the PS5 etc until then.
    I'm most interested to see HDR since that's not something you can really show on youtube on an LDR screen.
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