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  1. How do you guys deal with your videogames collections when moving from country to country?

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    2. Furyo


      I still have with me a small stack of PS3 games, mostly because they are not region locked and therefore could be played on US systems when I moved from Frankfurt. But in general, I sell everything I can, it's not like I'm gonna play them again, and if I do, buying them again costs less than shipping them around. Disposable goods.

      It's essentially how I finance my moves, I sell everything that's cheaper to buy new where I end up. Ikea furniture is a prime candidate...

    3. blackdog


      Talking about console games of course, there wouldn't be a problem.

      Yes everything is stashed at ma parents, that's not the problem, thing is I want to play :] this last trip I brought over my Xbox and wanted to also carry those games I haven't finished, that I haven't played at all or that I enjoy replaying for chilling (last hour been playin Crysis 2 to shoot some stuff while starting it at the highest difficulty for the achievement).

    4. blackdog


      As for selling… that would be a solution if I was a casual buyer, but I don't buy many games, what I buy is because I like. Sure most of them I want replay more than a second time, but still feels good having them.

      Otherwise of course I'm all for digital… but right now I don't even have a PC. (Started looking at prices to make a quote this last few days.)

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