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  1. New resolution: going vegetarian for the next month. There, I said it. Plus: no cake after 5pm.

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    2. 'RZL


      thats cool mate, pull through! I did the same thing four years ago and kept being a vegetarian afterwards. Now I'm only eating meat at special occasions. It makes you value meat more.

    3. blackdog


      Thanks RZL. Actually it's not supposed to be so difficult, before coming to the UK i was already eating meat just socially like family gatherings. Last steak i had was in August for our basketball team barbecue... but i confess that now that i'm going to the gym, i kinda really feel cravings for meat if i smell it for dinner.

      Immediately put to the test today: came back from gym, started my shift in the pantry and got to wash trays were they cooked meat mince pie, smelled s...

    4. blackdog


      Even harder will be saying no to fish, which i love. But it's never considered that fishing is probably more destructive and arguably more evil... i mean, fish reproductive cycle is longer, environment is more fragile and fish dies of asphyxiation, that's effing brutal.

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