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  1. Jingle bells, Batman smells… ♫ 

  2. So today I'm learning how to saw with the machine…


  3. Went running. Slipped. Smashed the iPhone screen.

    1. jackophant


      how the hell did you manage that?

    2. blackdog


      Because I hold the phone when running, don't have an armband as I wasn't convinced about their waterproofness (had one in the past for my iPod touch and it was coming out slightly humid -- don't mind with a stainless steel device, but the iPhone is delicate(?) so thought sweat would ruin it. Also for as light these devices are you can feel them, so was looking to find a waist band to put it where it wouldn't annoy me)

  4. Reading the Unity manual *sigh*

  5. Fuck the fucking eDreams! :ubermad:

  6. Did Valve fuck up Steam again? I don't have any price, not on front page, not in detail page...



  7. Curry for three. BANG!

  8. Brace yourself, I was dreaming about Max Payne 4!

  9. Proud my pillow talk comprises The Walking Dead

  10. Knees are such a pain after a full day of paintballing!

  11. Metal dream…

    1. TheOnlyDoubleF


      For God's sake, change your profile pic, It burns my eyes

    2. blackdog


      It was intended to be a closeup, then I thought about the ggun

  12. How can there be no equalizer in Spotify desktop?? :@

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. blackdog


      How did you get it? This made me notice they also killedkilled Google brings me to an app/plugin that should work, but has been broken by recent updates

    3. 2d-chris


      erm, I just googled eq ,plugin for spotify and installed, when I get home I'll take a look

    4. blackdog


      Link plz, nothing installable came up for me.

      Still is shit having to rely on third party when they are making millions per day.

  13. Asmr = audio-porn?

  14. In the wrong town and flying late, thanks to EasyJet that overbooked us.

    1. Sprony


      Is this becoming your trend? Being in the wrong place?

    2. blackdog


      Yeah apparently :(

      They ruined my girlfriend's birthday

  15. Getting on the wrong train because of reading Mapcore. Fuck sake!

    1. Thrik


      LMAO, whoops!

    2. blackdog


      Had to run 20 min to get to the last train that would send me back in the right direction. Got home at 1 -_-'

    3. will2k



      The misadventures of Blackdog: day 1 :)

      nice you caught up with the last train though

  16. No AC/DC on Spotify?!?!

  17. Anyone in London for the EGX Rezzed today? I'm getting in town now

    1. spence


      Missed you, as I went yesterday :(

    2. blackdog


      You attended any talk? I wanted to hear about the vr. But the talk about The Swindle and stealth games was even more interesting I think

    3. spence


      Nah, no real big talks/events on Thursday unfortunately, so just had a wander around checking out games.

  18. “There are no mistakes, just changes in direction” –My boss, today

  19. “Nothing is more American than killing them all and letting God sort them out” –Willis, Far Cry 4

  20. Fucking Razer

    1. Thrik


      I don't know what you're talking about, but I was just thinking the same thing about MVC Razor that I'm working on right know haha.

    2. clankill3r


      My logitech broke today :(

  21. playing FPS in bed? Possible lol

  22. Binging on Homeland

  23. Fact: the first person to come up with a jingle was a heretic against the Catholic Church, who died from a rectal prolapse. Remember it when singing carols >:D

  24. Windows still really sucks...

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