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  1. I'm in the same boat as Mazy & Buddy on this one. I'm totally sold on the visuals. Robot, vehicles & space station designs (reminded me a bit of the ME's Presidium). Sound design was also spot on and sounded terrific in the cinema. But after seeing district 9 I had higher expectations for the story. PS Hated Jodie Foster in this (what's wrong with her accent), but that South African actor really pulled off the crazy unhinged maniac.
  2. Lovely stuff, I'd be interested in seeing how it affects performance. Any engines planning on implementing this?
  3. This guy is doing a playthrough of the game and has managed to get VR to work with it. He goes through and explains how he set it up in the beginning of the video if your interested. Occulus Overlay looks nice. A bit disappointed about removal of the sanity meter and infinite lamp, maybe I'll holdout until Routine is released if that's still slated for this year.
  4. IW Dev's could always change the protagonist in Ghosts to Vondehaar, change the bad guys to an army of whingy CoD fans.
  5. Oblivion A very entertaining sci-fi, too bad about having Tom Cruise..... That and GLaDOS should've voiced Sally
  6. Anyone got love for first-person space horror? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iAcAd1fUiy8
  7. Saw Satelite Reign on RPS the other day, and I'd definitely like a sequel to Syndicate that felt like Syndicate. I'd definitely like to see some gameplay footage too, but at the perspective in some of the concept art looks like it's headed in the right direction.
  8. A bigger FoV would definitely be better, situational awareness should be a high priority in any stealth game, and any FPS game for that matter.
  9. I think the gameplay was pretty passable. Looks like they've nurfed the blink ability a bit though, only shadow to shadow. Either way it should be a decent sequel to Dishonored.
  10. Sod the XBox One release, no one's even going to have an XBox One. Bring it to PC.
  11. If they scale that up to a whole destructible city......
  12. Was that skyscraper destruction dynamic and unscripted?
  13. Maybe MS could just give users root access to the One?
  14. After seeing the vids and knowing that they've got some of the Starbreeze staff from Riddick & The Darkness I'm sold. I haven't yet seen Bethesda put out a turd, yes I liked Rage, so if this trend continues.....
  15. I wouldn't say the old Garret was my fav protagonist, but I liked him more than this incarnation, fingers crossed it comes out alright. Can we get some gameplay footage now pls?
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