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  1. The great thing about Oculus headsets is that you have direct support for games from both Oculus Store and Steam. So there's plenty of options.
  2. https://www.gameinformer.com/2020/05/20/tencent-is-taking-the-system-shock-franchise-forward Tencent steps in to bring the franchise forward.
  3. Looking forward to finally playing the much praised original Mafia game now that it receives a huge overhaul. A bit disappointed by the Mafia 2 remastering, even tho it looks okayish still. I guess I am spoiled by those incredible remakes like e.g. Halo 2 Anniversary.
  4. Animation Toolset: Demo of motion matching tech: https://twitter.com/ImplicitAction/status/1259159679579508741?s=20
  5. Yeah, and to sweeten the deal: This level of environment and lighting fidelity will be easier to achieve with this tech and the new consoles. Nanite processes those movie tier Megascans assets without any need to tweak LODs&lightmaps and Lumen makes sure everything is lit correctly&dynamically. That GI is sooo delicous!
  6. Say what? This is confirmed by Tim Sweeney to be real time footage from a playable demo captured straight from the PS5 dev kit. https://www.unrealengine.com/en-US/blog/a-first-look-at-unreal-engine-5
  7. Zarsky


    Ben is at it again. This time showing the power of some of the best hard surface plugins available for Blender:
  8. I've had it on my Steam library for years, should probably take the next step and finally install it.
  9. I've played a lot of AC: Origins lately and what brings me most joy is making a plan how to take out a whole enemy camp without an alarm or even anyone noticing. Stealth is my preferred way to play, which is what I'd expect from an assassin's creed game anyway. Odyssey looks like it pushes that style of playing to the side in favor of more combat focused style. I get that it fits the spartan theme better, but why not just make it a For Honor spin off or a completely different franchise? This new entry looks the build upon that. Not too excited, but perhaps the setting will be interesting enough.
  10. This confirms that you can play as the techno viking.
  11. Looking forward to playing through it. Happy to also see that there's also a financial payoff after 15 years of blood, sweat and tears: https://www.pcgamer.com/black-mesa-was-one-of-steams-top-selling-new-games-in-march/?utm_content=buffer9afcc&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter&utm_campaign=buffer-pcgamertw
  12. Seems almost as exciting as watching a movie blindfolded.
  13. Hmm, yeah that could be an issue. But, MS hasn't detailed their storage solution to the same degree as Mark Cerny did, so we'll see how their solution turns out. Hard to imagine that they haven't also gathered feedback from first party devs regarding bottlenecks and desired features. Only time will tell.
  14. Yeah, Crysis 1 level design was one of the main reasons I liked it so much. The sense of freedom was there, but it didn't feel overwhelming. It hit just the right balance. Can't wait for a proper remaster or a new entry with the same kind of design as Crysis 1. I think the new God Of War had a very nice semi open world design. The main hub level changed many times during the game, which made it feel fresh all the way through. I've been recently playing AC: Origins, and tho the gigantic open world is impressive, it's also in some sense almost too big for it's own good. I spend a lot of time Fast traveling because of it. I've heard that Odyssey has an even bigger world. Impressive and off putting at the same time.
  15. @Mitch Mitchell The XBSX might have a lower bandwidth SSD than PS5, but it's still a very fast SSD. Hard to imagine that becoming an issue for multi platform games any time soon.
  16. Zarsky


    There's a branch named Fracture Modifier that gives access to much more powerful destruction.....but it's 2.79 only unfortunately. They are working on bringing it to 2.8, but it will probably take some time. There seems to be a method of using them together tho: http://blenderphysics.com/fracturemodifier/ Next release brings better OpenVDB support, which should make it easier to import simulations from other software.
  17. Nah, VR is the future, so I'm all in on the Virtual Boy. Hardware looks similar for both consoles which gives a lot of promise for the games to come. My main console is a PS4 Pro, and it will fly out of the window once PS5 enters the house. Got a fairly decent PC that will take care of the Xbox side of things. All bases covered. Bring them games.
  18. Oculus Quest already does this, but at the expense of compute power. I can see the next gen version of it becoming a real game changer. I wonder if Valve would support it tho, as it cuts steam completely out of the equation.
  19. You might be able to, but Oculus uses insideout tracking, which means you need to buy the base stations to track the Index controllers.
  20. https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/news/epic-games-publishing-announcement I got to hand it to Epic, this is a pretty cool move on their part (again).
  21. I actually bought from Amazon a 3rd party 3m cable (which is a bit too short tbh) for 1/6th on the price, because I'm a cheap ass. That cable has been great quality wise. Runs PC VR without a problem. The Oculus Link cable is a USB-C 3.0 spec custom optical fiber cable. I'm thinking about getting the official Oculus Link cable or a similar 5m cable so I can stumble around more freely when the Headcrabs jump at me. Another option would be to buy an active USB3 extender and plug the 3m cable to that one, which could give more than 5m of range.
  22. I got the Oculus Quest headset and Link cable. The benefit of Quest is that it's a standalone headset that is able to play games without a PC, but because of the android based hardware, it won't run all games tetherless. With the addition of the Link-cable you're able to attach it to a PC and utilize all the power your PC has to offer. Then you'll have access to Oculus PC and Steam VR titles. It costs about 500$/570€ (64GB with the Link-cable). In my experience it has been great, but I might have a different opinion if I've tried the Index.
  23. Played at least 4 hours straight. Excellent. Don't remember being so excited for a game in years.
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