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  1. @PampersYeah, I really don't like the scale being so off in AOE3 and apparently 4 too. AoE 2 seems to be much better in that regard. Nice too see that they are bringing new content like coop for AOE 2 tho.
  2. Dishonored 1 was definitely a highlight of that year. Top tier level design and fluid gameplay. Love games that give you plenty of ways how to approach each section/level. I’ve bought all the other ones too, but haven't had time to play them yet. Corvo will strike again! ....and vanish into the shadows.
  3. What's next? Not Anthem at least. The official announcement: https://blog.bioware.com/2021/02/24/anthem-update/ As a positive note: https://twitter.com/jasonschreier/status/1365005940739743745?s=20 This little failure help push the money towards what BioWare fans actually value. Nice.
  4. Great combination having the CEO's wife as the head of HR. No bias can come of that.
  5. There was some rumors of this being the work of Vicarious Visions that got merged into Blizzard recently?
  6. @blackdog Yahtzee sure knows how to roast a game with style.
  7. Creating a quality bug free game is a community effort.
  8. https://80.lv/articles/real-time-beast-transformations-in-ue4/ Looks gross, so I guess they nailed it.
  9. Yeah, I'm also searching for one and it ain't looking too optimistic atm.
  10. I guess they try to push people to Gamepass instead. This time they failed. I'm sure Gold will be merged or phased out eventually.
  11. Haha, sure. MVP first of course. Crazy that so many of the fundamentals are missing. Low hanging fruit right there.
  12. There's been reports of the company planing a similar return to glory. It took Hello games years to pull off properly, but they have a very small team. I'd like CDPR to add transit systems and all kinds of additional depth to night city akin what R* is able to pull off. This game could (at least) be the definitive cyberpunk RPG for years to come. They also had plans for a MP mode that would benefit a lot of this current work. See you Cyberpunk in 2022. I'll look forward to it.
  13. Damage control in full swing. They knew exactly in what state the game was when it released.
  14. It's a shame Ubi didn't double down on these impressive systems. Based on the video, the "recruit anyone" was in the end more of a gimmick gameplay wise. Perhaps the lately much praised main leadership once again had some strong opinions how things should work, to this game's detriment. We'll never know... Some more details about how the system works: CD Projekt needs to take some notes form this. Really cool stuff.
  15. I connected my ps4 controller to my PC as it’s definitely better with a controller imo. Got a 49” ultrawide monitor in my WFH setup, so that does the job pretty well. It’s a challenging game with great level design (metroidvania) and high production values. Recommended!
  16. EGS christmas sale throws in a pretty nice perk, 10€ discount coupon on top to the promotional price. Might just cave on this one...
  17. I believe this project would lure a small portion of staff onboard, so it's hard to imagine that it would die completely. I think it's just been pushed aside as these other projects have grown. I'd be very happy if this game would be adapted to VR and they'd borrow the core mechanics and linear level design from hla.
  18. Of course some greedy suits want to sue. I think the only benefit it could have is a slap on the leaderships fingers. I'm pretty certain that Cyberpunk will be among the most profitable games in its category.
  19. Mostly yes, but they were also heavily implying that they got the resources and will to build a bigger and more ambitious game than before and had Rockstar games as main inspiration. They sure did, but not probably how they meant to. I have a lot of faith still in CDPR to make it right in the end, but it was disappointing to see them pull this kind of trick with clear intent.
  20. Perhaps it’s partly because of this: https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2016-04-27-cd-projekt-games-will-follow-the-rockstar-model
  21. I guess this is the limited beta release? Everything is served undercooked these days...
  22. Now that covid has messed with people's Christmas plans, they might just as well schedule a cozy Christmas Crunch™ to ship the patches faster.
  23. Apologies and refunds available.
  24. I’ll vote Alyx, but still need to finish it.
  25. DF reports things running mostly at 720p and about 15-30 fps on base PS4 and just a bit better on Pro. This game will be very different depending on what you play it on. The PC version apparently can look truly next gen on PC if you have the latest hardware. They should've probably delayed the current gen console releases at least until they got the performance sorted out. But oh well, they got the cash anyway, the majority of my friends have already jumped aboard despite the issues.
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