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  1. Hard to believe that they stop. They don't have a portable gaming device and I doubt Nintendo makes Gamepass available on Switch even tho it should technically not be hard to pull of. They recently also added all their games to steam and it's just another way to get extra revenue for them. Everyone wins. Perhaps that changes once their own platform grows bigger...
  2. That was one sneaky uppercut, MS... I wouldn't be surprised if currently announced titles will roll out as planned, but further down the line everything becomes xbox/pc/xcloud exclusive.
  3. https://news.microsoft.com/2020/09/21/microsoft-to-acquire-zenimax-media-and-its-game-publisher-bethesda-softworks/ Damn!
  4. Damn, that's pretty much on par (or better) compared to Bethesda's own in house production. Modding FTW! I'd wish that they could get Bethesda's blessing and charge a little bit for this.
  5. FB currently has the most competitive VR hardware on the market for a very affordable price. They're going to discontinue the Oculus Rift once they get the Oculus Link performance fine tuned. I kind of like their vision of an hybrid headset that can adapt to many use cases. Carmack recently said PCVR isn't going anywhere as the biggest constraint for standalone VR is thermals. This also happened: I believe if anyone is capable of pushing VR to mainstream, it's FB.
  6. Quest 2 announced! Huge spec bump, but not so comfortable. Prices: (very hard to beat) 64GB - 299$ 256GB - 399$ Only thing that might turn you off is the fact that it requires you to sign in with FB-account.
  7. This might answer that question:
  8. Perhaps this thread should be renamed to Xbox serious SeX?.... I mean Xbox Series S / X. Gears 5 multiplayer running at 120 fps on the S!
  9. AFAIK Epic Games Publishing is paying for the development costs of Remedy's new project and taking 50% of the revenue of said project. Remedy keeps the IP rights. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me. No idea if this also forces them to a 1 year EGS exclusivity, but that wouldn't be totally surprising.
  10. Zarsky


    Oh btw. Blender 2.90 is out! Bunch of new features and fixes. They've put much more effort in the release notes page: https://www.blender.org/download/releases/2-90/ It now looks pretty slick! Much more improvement incoming in roughly 3 months with the next (2.91) release. Last version was the LTS-release, so if you can't keep up, that one only gets bug fixes for the next 2 years.
  11. I’m curious to see what the additional MS money can do for the probable sequel. They were pretty upfront about it not being an AAA-production. That’s still no excuse for @[HP] critique about art, but would be nice to see this becoming a MS staple franchise with big budget production behind it.
  12. It all looks mighty tasty. The tools for destruction one only showcases weapons and some shooting with said weapons. I’ll be RTXing this one for sure.
  13. This is probably the most impressive game MS has going for them right now, and looks like a true next gen experience. I have to admit that flight simulator has never been very interesting for me, but this visual leap might actually make me want fly and explore unique locations around the world.
  14. You can expect it to (maybe) release on PC right before PS6 launch. Stay tuned!
  15. Yeah, I know what you mean.... Regarding reviews: Looks like everything I hoped it would be. I believe this could very well become a goty contender for me once I get time to play it.
  16. Yeah that’s how I’ve felt for a long time already. As a Viking simulator it might be decent. No time or interest.
  17. https://www.gameinformer.com/2020/07/12/everything-we-know-about-far-cry-6 - Fictional island in the Caribbean inspiration taken from Cuba. - You’re not playing as the boy, but the the main character is somehow tied to the dictator and his son.
  18. Yeah that got me pretty hyped. There's something appealing about close combat gun ballet. Great looking animations, I hope it's dynamic enough to not become repetitive too fast. This and FC6 has me most interested of Ubi's upcoming lineup.
  19. Yeah, traversal and fight mechanics kept me playing all the way through. Story was good too for a Spiderman game. Side missions tho, they were definitely filler. I hope they make some compelling story content for this expansion.
  20. "Gus" as the main villain has me curious. I hope they've given him a worthy script. Please make it a more focused experience. Open worlds are great but I don't have time to commit over 50hrs on a game anymore. 25hrs is already pushing it. Quality > quantity
  21. Devolver Direct 2020 showcase is live now:
  22. The VR version is wonderful. Every time some of my friends have tried it they’ve nearly thrown themselves on the ground max payne style during shootouts. I hope this releases on VR too.
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