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  1. LOL That is really like Quake Engine - I know palette I know who are you? Are you really StreamFox from Sven Coop? I know textures like blue textures from 6. picture hallway.
  2. Looks like SCI-FI Maps awesome like Unity or Unreal Engine. Congratulation
  3. Hello everyone, I have problem with CS:GO and it looks buggy and How do I fix if I am using windowed mode than screen of CS:GO mess up it looks like Cry of Fear 3D and 2D screen? Look my video But It don't know what does it happen with CS:GO since I let to compile with map and I want try emission textures like Unity 3D or Unreal Engine - Why do I want because I saw many mappers create much excellent maps - I want know how do I create like maps should takes longer - if I try - It is possible for single player - I want test. Resolve -hjack is bad parameter I have removed passing parameter
  4. Hello everyone, 

    please do not share my details to Facebook!

    Promise me! I will be sharp to you. Because I hate Facebook. Because Facebook is bad. Thanks! Please be carefully!

  5. Wow awesome congratulations! Why not if map looks very valuable than we would like to sell and pay maps on CS:GO than we want earn if who has hard work and develop hard high tech maps than somebody want earn money. Money = work that is why. I will create and they check my map for example. Than you say it is high rated and I will switch my map into "selling mode" @baem123 Hallöcchen Kölner, bist du jicht zufrieden mit Fußball FC Köln? Kopf hoch! Ich bin auch Deutscher. Aber ich bin Fan von SC Freiburg.
  6. Wow awesome I think you have to write C# with OpenTK right because OpenTK can work all platforms. I see OpenGL.net is like shit and dies it. OpenTK is still alive and works fine and makes realistic game engine like Wave Engine, Xenko Engine, Unity3D. Urho Engine, Cocos Engine or MonoGame etc... PS: I am jealous to C# coders because I want learn more details of textures like emission, speculator or diffuse etc... Does C# coding in our mapcore here? Thanks!
  7. Congratulation for all Last picture Tangerine is almost best because it looks like realistic architecture in Philippines, Brasilia, India or Arabia and island Fuerteventura ( part of Spain ) Thanks for showing me! I thought they allow to create Filipino or Arabian architectures in Game. Since I don't know if it allows to real architecture like in Philippines than president sees Game's maps and we get punishments. Now it is okay? I know now. I will create next map for CS:GO possible
  8. Hey @penE, You are there from MappingBase - PS: I am sorry because i was blocked by MappingBase Because MappingBase hasn't support for deafness. It is ok. But i am worried for support with mapping & modelling Now i am working in process. Just i want give after work time than i will send nice wip-pictures. Thanks
  9. Hey @Trempler, i know you because you are best Level Designer from Sven-Coop and TheWall Nice Job
  10. Hi @Soch, Wow amazing leveldesign. You are using Quake-Engine. Nice I see like Unreal-Engine :/ @Thrik, Thanks for Welcome. I am new for your nice website I hope because i know same people...
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