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  2. I did some improvements, this map lacks of blue.
  3. Fast VVIS+shitty lighting, but I wanted to show ya.
  4. junk_a2. Looks cool tough, even if the sky could be more blue, BLUE I WANT SOME BLUE.
  5. RaVaGe


    You should enlight your ladders way much more, this path isn't enough visible imo, I personnaly would put some lantern near the ladders too catch the eye of the player. Best MS paint ever.
  6. Only one monitor, but i'm a bit out of space
  7. Hey guyse, check this new website, it's an alternative to Dropbox and they are actually giving some free GB when you are refering, so it's the good moment to register. https://copy.com?r=ocZhIe
  8. RaVaGe


    That's how pros do it.
  9. RaVaGe

    de_ali (working name)

    Looks cool dude, imo you should do some vineyards on the 3d skybox, it will add a lot of depth to your map.
  10. Working on a small scene on csgo, since the tf2 sdk is broken and I can't map on it anymore Nothing serious actually, just getting the scales of the game and working on a theme for a future map. Some weird lighting on the props too, gonna be fixed furthermore.
  11. Finished the main campaign in 2-3 hours, this was damn awesome, even if the visuals are reaaaallly noisy and you don't know what your are looking to, it's really enjoyable, the game is maybe a little too much expensive for what it brings, but damnit, this is like one of the best art-style i've ever seen. Huge atmosphere, cool gameplay, great musics. It's biggest flaw is the interaction, too much time spent to take money, hearts and ammo, when you have a fast-paced game like that, it become really annoying to collect all of these, and you are often just passing by, and leaves the hearts and ammo on the ground and run to the next fighting arena But anyway, cool game !
  12. RaVaGe


    Yeah, this is too blue, try something more green !
  13. RaVaGe


    Please try to do something like that, a chinatown in america doesn't make any sense imo.
  14. Eh, it's just a friend, If you want her name it's
  15. RaVaGe


    Voted, share the coke naw.
  16. Don't get me wrong, i'm not the girl , looks like i'm a bit derp on this one though, I'M NOT IT'S THE BEER EFFECT.
  17. RaVaGe

    De_rails [CS:GO]

    It looks really bland, you should remove some bricks texture and replace them by metal/concrete, I would like to see some metal sheets in a grey blue, to break the monochrome pallet you have there. Something like that.
  18. RaVaGe


    Ahah poor 3Dnj ^^, for me keep the lighting like that, and ditch the rain, but imo it's still too yellow at the outside, the indoor is well balanced now even if the red texture on the door looks a bit weird.
  19. It's a tad too yellow imo, try to push a lil' more the blue ambience. Something like that.
  20. RaVaGe


    Always loved the art style of this one, looking forward to it !
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