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    VIOLATION reacted to Squad in 3D_Mike's DE_SURVIVOR SHORT MOVIE   
    ... de_predator, de_recon, ...  
    Whenever he'd release a new CS map that got me crazy excited.
    And then there was this one too 

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    VIOLATION reacted to razorblade421 in Peles Castle (CS:GO)   
    Hello everyone! I wanted to share my latest work here!
    I wanted to journey to Romania for this map, but I have never been so I decided to make a map based on the Peles Castle in Romania.
    The design, beauty, and epic scale of the map challenged me to really try for the moon here. I want to make a map that is really fun to play and offers something nice to look at.
    I hope that I can play this with my friends in the future! But in the meantime this map is being worked on, hopefully going to get a render of it before the year is out!
    Feel free to check out some of my other fun maps I made for CS:GO! https://steamcommunity.com/id/razorblade421/myworkshopfiles/
    Don't hesitate to reach out for any inquiries.
    I used a lot of assets and textures from HL:EP2 and L4D2.
    Shout out to TopHattWaffle for his texture packs available on his website!

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    VIOLATION got a reaction from Roald in Boulder   
    I've been wanting to tackle this theme for years, glad you've picked it up. i'm sure you'll do this place justice. definitely looking forward to this one!
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    VIOLATION reacted to Corvus in [UE4] [WIP] Ryokan   
    Been working on the foliage for the scene, while also studying SpeedTree. I've also updated the overall look of the scene and tweaked the lighting. Nothing is final of course. 

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    VIOLATION reacted to Roald in Boulder   
    Boulder is a bomb defusal map based around the Meteora Monasteries in Greece

    Here is a album with some WIP pictures and a overview: https://imgur.com/a/y7RdFTg
    And the workshop link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2325218920 
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    VIOLATION reacted to csWaldo in Furnace   
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    VIOLATION reacted to The Horse Strangler in [VR] From Other Suns   
    Hey guys, been working on this over at gunfire games for a while and we recently released it last year in november. (#recently)
    We're now allowed to post stuff about it, so I thought it be cool to do a little art dump on it. I didn't specifically make any assets for this game, but did a lot of level design, art passing, lighting, and general composition. FOS is a game shipped on the Oculus, and was my first serious VR title. It was certainly a challenge working with considerably lower budgets (our target frame time is under 9ms I believe per eye).
    FOS is a hybrid rogue like with fps and loot based mechanics. It sees you piloting a ship across the galaxy, and running into random threats and encounters, including being able to board other ships that all are randomly generated and unique. As a result our job was to make a lot of puzzle piece type sections that could fit together, and seem continuous and whole.

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    VIOLATION reacted to PogoP in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    Hey all. Sorry I've not been around very much recently! Had a lot going on IRL and with work. Hope you are all doing well!

    Been working on this scene for a while now but finally finished it up. You can check it out on Artstation. This has been a really fun project and I've learned a lot about UE4 and environment art in general. Really wanted to push myself to learn some new software. Speedtree is amazing!


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    VIOLATION reacted to will2k in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
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    VIOLATION reacted to Corvus in [UE4] Spanish Courtyard   
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    VIOLATION reacted to ThunderKeil in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    Yup, that - uh - exists.
    It seems cool at first glance, but at least in my experience I'd say that wanes once you realize this doesn't *really* open possibilities to creating anything you wouldn't have been able to before. Plus it's kind of jank but maybe that's just me
    Oh hey while I'm in the screenshot thread anyway; I was playing with $color a bit and realized I'd been making my textures way too dark, so I've adjusted everything and am trying to improve the lighting a bit more

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    VIOLATION reacted to jd40 in [CS:GO] Ravine (wingman)   
    Hi all!
    I started this one way back in 2018 and have been working on it on the side to keep me cool from all the desert maps I've been making lately 😅. 
    The map is set in snowed in castle connecting two sides of a river.

    More screenshots:
    Additional LD - @Quotingmc
    Deer head props - @Quadratic
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    VIOLATION reacted to jakuza in [Wingman] Paro   
    Sure thing. I still have some cleanup to do but once that's done I'll package them all and post them here or in a separate thread.
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    VIOLATION reacted to Sick_TwinN in de_pithead WIP   
    The map is now finished
    ive learned alot while making this map and it will help in future projects 😜
    link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2239575326

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    VIOLATION reacted to MadsenFK in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    Throwing together some new ideas for a 5v5 map i was working on last year 
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    VIOLATION reacted to Yanzl in Yanzl's Source Emporium   
    I have another guide for you, this time it's for custom cubemaps.
    You need:
    Cubemaps.zip !Edit the bat files to reflect your csgo path if it's not in program files!
    Cmft Studio https://github.com/dariomanesku/cmftStudio
    Step 1 - Get the cubemap
    If you have an HDR panorama ready that you want to use you can skip to part 2. You can also create one with Substance Designer and the various nodes it has for making HDRIs (https://docs.substance3d.com/sddoc/hdri-tools-186974230.html).
    The other option that I'll show here is to take an existing cubemap from a map and edit/blur it.
    You can make a map specifically for the cubemap or take one out from an already compiled map. I suggest you change the cubemap size to at least 128 to get better details.
    1. To get the cubemap run buildcubemaps then navigate to: csgo/materials/maps/<mapname> and find the right cubemap. 
    2. Copy the cubemap to a working directory (desktop is easiest for cmft studio), also unzip the contents of the cubemaps.zip here
    3. Drag the cubemap on top of decompile.bat. You should get 6 new files. 
    4. Open the file ending in bk in Photoshop. Go to Image > Canvas size... Width should be current width * 4 and Height should becurrent height * 3 (eg. 512 x 384 for 128^2 and 1024 x 768 for 256^2). Set the anchor to middle left square. 
    5. Drag in the rest of the faces and align the according to the cubemap_template_cmft.png. There should be no seams and it should look something like this:

    6. Save the file as .hdr.
    Step 2 - Filter in cmft
    You can use either a panorama (2:1 ratio) or a cubemap (from the previous step) (4:3 ratio).
    1. Open cmft studio. 
    2. In the Environment tab, click on Edit, then Browse... and find the panorama/cubemap and then click Load

    3. Under Radiance, click on Filter skybox with cmft. Set the result size to 128 (64 is also fine since blurrier cubemaps don't need a lot of resolution). Set the Num mipmap to filter to 1. Then depending on how blurry you want your cubemap to be, set the Gloss scale. Lower values mean more blur, higher less. I found values around 6 - 9 work best. Use OpenCL crashes on my computer so uncheck that if it also happens for you. Click on Process and wait for results. 

    4. Save the Radiance map as .hdr, HCross. Also mind the directory you save it in.

    Step 3 - Export to CS:GO
    1. Open the .hdr file you got from cmft in Photoshop.
    2. Go to Filter > Other > Offset and use a Horizontal offset of twice the face size (+128 if 64 or +256 if 128)
    3. Go to Image > Image Rotation > Flip Canvas Vertical. The image should look like cubemap_template_export.png.

    4. Save the image as PFM with the following name template:  <cubemap name>_hdr.pfm  Make sure you save as .pfm and not .pbm and that it ends with _hdr.pfm.
    5. Copy the saved .pfm file and vtex_params.txt from the included zip to csgo/materialsrc/cubemaps
    6. Rename the .txt file to the same name as the cubemap (ex. cube01_hdr.pfm and cube01_hdr.txt)
    7. Drag the .txt file on top of vtex.bat. Your new compiled cubemap should be in csgo/materials/cubemaps. Copy it to wherever you want. (You can delete the .pwl.vtf file)
    8. Your cubemap is now ready to use in your materials. Just use ex. $envmap "cubemaps/cube01_hdr" instead of $envmap env_cubemap

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    VIOLATION reacted to jakuza in [Wingman] Paro   
    Got this done just in the nick of time. I guess this is the rough draft, since the map contains basically no detail as it is. But it was a fun project and worth the crunch.
    Pics below:
    Thanks @Roald for making such a cool graybox. And good luck to everyone in the contest!
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    VIOLATION reacted to Radu in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    Playtest soonTM
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    VIOLATION reacted to Lizard in County   
    Hello guys. New update.
    For the last month I was working on map terrain, bunch of smaller generic structures and underground areas.
    Terrain is almost done. Only one terrain patch that is still work in progress because Jakuza had some cool ideas for it  Should be done next week.
    Right now I'm working on mine shafts that leads to bigger and more open underground chambers. 

    Also some generic buildings to scatter across the map.

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    VIOLATION reacted to Vorontsov in The random model thread!   
    More concept design, more images on my artstation. I learned a lot, I know I can still do better! https://www.artstation.com/artwork/ZG0mR0

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    VIOLATION reacted to ThunderKeil in Natural History Museum, London   
    This is a mostly complete 1:1 recreation of the London Natural History Museum, sans the more recently built extensions and not including any of the real exhibitions.
    This has been my ''lockdown activity'', of sorts. All mesh created inside the hammer editor, and using near-exclusively custom textures ( 125+ ! ) all edited by hand.
    Currently only compiled for cs:go, but I intend to port it to at least gmod as well, maybe it could work as scavange/survival in l4d2? Would love to see it in HL:A too, but I don't yet own VR so if anyone's interested to port it for me - or in contributing in any other way, please do contact me. If you've got a good idea for props to fill the exhibition spaces with, that'd be cool too - I was gonna do a half life theme but pretty quickly ran short of actual suitable models, at least that I could find.
    24/08/2020 (first public release): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ojDYBtpS4X-zJDpcqMHTeegJjI7Up8_1/view 02/09/2020 (improved east hallway, 24 spawnpoints): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PKLII33cFCqnOnBOmLTD8dFUealSDCbY/view 18/09/2020 (all around improvements/additions, fixed cubemaps): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YkZuPrQqfLiIxi3H_QLo2N1lZ7pFuFRc/view 15/11/2020 (added exterior, increased model quality, general polish) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1veuRpy29IGv8cxBl3OuQWsuoTmAy5TBe/view ( look through posts below for more detail on the changes )

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    VIOLATION reacted to StormCatcher.77 in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    Shots of "Coma Moonlight". My map for Refracted Reality CP (Doom 2, GZDoom):

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    VIOLATION reacted to goober in [CS:GO] Yamaha   
    Update #1
    It's been an odd 5 months ever since I started working on de_yamaha. Although it was 5 months from then and now, it was actually 3 months spent on the map itself. The remaining 2 months went into either taking a break from Yamaha or working on side projects (2 cool maps I made to get away from Yamaha). I haven't, until today, looked at Yamaha. Immediately, all the memories came back. I had forgotten the unique potential this map had, along with the many flaws it had that I didn't see before. The odd bombsites that I threw together just to get "something" going was oddly endearing, it looked like something a noob would make. Of course, I have to work on them so they can meet up to my expectations. 
    First things first, the layout is technically "complete". I know where everything is going to be, all the pathways and such. But I do want to spend more time on it so it can, hopefully, meet the expectations of this community. So, If i can keep up the good work, I can publish the map to the workshop. 
    Release Date: Who knows, I'm confident that it's soon
    So while looking at my mess of a bombsite, I erased the whole thing, leaving a big ol' gap in the map. I decided to replace it with a similar bombsite to another map I was working on, since I was very proud of how it looked. In the hammer editor, it looked nice. In game, it went above and beyond my expectations. I'm super proud of the lighting/colorcorrection of Yamaha, so here are some screenshots.
    Bombsite B:
    CT Spawn to Bombsite B:
    (Used some props from catfood's de_Ruby, I think it'll look great in this kind of lighting)
    And that's all I'll show for now. Apologies if it's very lackluster after 5 months, but everything is still not up to my standards. Though at this rate, it'll reach them soon. But for now, Bombsite B's recreation took about 30 minutes to an hour of making, and I'm pleased with not only the results, but the speed at which I built it at. More updates soon, hopefully!
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    VIOLATION got a reaction from catfood in [CSGO] Engage   
    lovely work as always catfood. the light blue and tan color palette is great to look at
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    VIOLATION reacted to sn0wsh00 in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    I've finally managed to make spherical wormholes, with gravitational lensing, for my mg_space_race spinoff maps using prop_static entities. I simply made a sphere brush and a torus brush in Blender (and kept the polycount in the hundreds so that Hammer won't take forever to compile), smoothed the shading, assigned the meshes to a cubemap texture and compiled the models. Then in Hammer, I set the lighting origin in the prop_static entities to info_lighting entities at each wormhole's respective destinations.
    Here's how the wormhole looks like leading from the main level into the portal lab:
    And here's how it looks like going from the lab to the main level:
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