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    VIOLATION reacted to sn0wsh00 in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    I've finally managed to make spherical wormholes, with gravitational lensing, for my mg_space_race spinoff maps using prop_static entities. I simply made a sphere brush and a torus brush in Blender (and kept the polycount in the hundreds so that Hammer won't take forever to compile), smoothed the shading, assigned the meshes to a cubemap texture and compiled the models. Then in Hammer, I set the lighting origin in the prop_static entities to info_lighting entities at each wormhole's respective destinations.
    Here's how the wormhole looks like leading from the main level into the portal lab:
    And here's how it looks like going from the lab to the main level:
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    VIOLATION reacted to Sick_TwinN in de_pithead WIP   
    the level has now been blocked in and now i can go to the next step to detail everything

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    VIOLATION reacted to Edude in Maginot [Wingman]   
    Hello everybody!
    I'm creating a map (based on the Maginot Line) for the Wingman's Contest - provided by Source Engine's Discord.

    I started the map 3 weeks ago and I'm on the detailing phase, slowly progreeding area by area, worried with the time left. I decided to follow this strategy: detail 75% of every area and after that (and gaining some time) I'd put some final touches + polishment + optimization.  
    I wonder, should I keep doing it in a hurry or is it better to make it with no rush and patience (losing the deadline)? There's still a lot to do and I'd like to hear your opinions...
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    VIOLATION reacted to Lizard in County   
    Hello everyone !
    I think it is a good time to post some screenshots from my newest csgo project that I'm working on with @jakuza. He already made some models and materials that I used in the listed locations. More to come in next passes,
    County is a map that features everything that comes to mind when typical european thinks about rural part of the USA. It is a danger zone map that features variety of locations you would normally see in rural cities. What I tried to do was to tie these location with some story as well as their placement on the map. I really wanted to avoid 'random structures scattered across the map' feeling some of the community made maps have.
    First art pass is mostly done in most of the locations. In upcoming weeks I will focus on Motel and Quarry locations which are not shown here in this post.
    List of locations with a lot of creenshots (a lot of screenshots actually😁)

    Police station:





    Haunted house:


    More to come!
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    VIOLATION reacted to Interfearance in Akashi - イェスタディ   
    Interesting thematic ideas and shapes. However, the design may be too complex to be enjoyable. Several of the paths drawn are redundant and easily removable, making the map easier to understand. Here is an example of such a revision:

    If you keep your paths to the bare minimum, you will see what additional paths are needed as you playtest the map (if any). 
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    VIOLATION reacted to JorisCeoen in Daigo   
    Here's a follow-up on the basewall, and some additional corners. Most of the walls are now done. Some of the old ones will remain for now in the next playtest version, as I'm now advancing in my planning and working on the dragon and fishmodels, that I hopefully will have finished in the next two days!

    It's a lot cleaner, more natural, better colouring, and the rock models and displacement texture flow seamlessly into one another (You might notice that at the top-right side there's a straight line between the rock and plaster wall, that's just because I forgot to alpha those).
    I'll post some new screens when the dragon and fish are done as well 🙂
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    VIOLATION reacted to Kokopelli in [CS:GO] Cusco   
    Made some adjustments to the pathing at A Main.


    I replaced the cubby on the right with a more deepened space so Ts could push out and be rewarded with a position closer to the site. I also added some  grassy elevation and replaced the cubby on the left with boost-able cover. Now if Ts get smoked out, they can boost up from the top of the hill and work parts of the site. 

    On the B site, I added some angled doors to the Crypt entrances to make positions in and around it more playable. 

    I also extended the plant zone to the back wall so Ts have a safer plant position.

    Inside the Cathedral, I closed up the mezzanine here with some boarded up archways. I initially had it opened up for quicker rotations, but decided to close it up to give Ts some more safety and reduce some of the unnecessary open space on the map.

    Updated Radar

    Feeling like this will be ready for a playtest really soon. Probably one more update or two.
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    VIOLATION got a reaction from 'RZL in Basalt   
    Absolutely love the asphalt blend textures. Looking great, excited to see more!
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    VIOLATION reacted to Thewhaleman in Chlorine   
    Early concepts for Chlorine for those who are interested.

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    VIOLATION reacted to Squad in Mustang (formerly Everest)   
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    VIOLATION reacted to Quotingmc in cs_ivory   
    I am happy to announce Ivory now has a publicly available release candidate which can be downloaded from the workshop:
    We will continue to make final adjustments in the coming days; good luck to everyone submitting an entry to the contest!
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    VIOLATION reacted to Lizard in Chlorine   
    Hello everyone! For the last few months me and @Thewhaleman have been working on our contest map called Chlorine. This defusal map is set in a recently closed and abandoned aztec themed waterpark. The map includes areas that support a variety of strategies and play styles to accommodate every type of player.
    My goal with this map was to create a dynamic gameplay space that allows players to execute a variety of different strategies.
    Chlorine features two bombsite that are distinct from each other in terms of gameplay style as well as visual direction. Bombsite A is located in the outside area of the waterpark, thus is more open and allows for more complex strategies. Bombsite B features more straight forward approach, being located inside a temple that almost acts as a movie set imitating a night settings with a starry sky.
    Overview of the map:











    Workshop link
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    VIOLATION reacted to Roald in Anubis   
    Anubis was a long and time-consuming project, but time flew as it was a lot of fun to work on with my teammates @jd40 and @jakuza who did an amazing job!
    I think we can be proud of what we reached so far and looking forward to where we can bring this project. 
    The below screenshots do not do any justice to the actual beautiful footage ingame, so yeah check out the workshop!
    new workshop link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1984883124

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    VIOLATION reacted to OrnateBaboon in [CS:GO][WIP] Trailerpark   
    I have resumed working on this. No new art has went in yet, just been fixing and improving things. for now I have only got the essential stuff in since the eventual 3d sky will be doing a lot of the work, so it might get a bit messy in here.

    The 3d sky will be closer to the main map - more like rocks and trees as seen in Life Is Strange. I used untors de_waterfall 3d sky that he released a while back, and scaled it up. Is not precisely what we want, but is a good  example of the kind of thing  we will be going for. 

    Could not fit all the stuff in one post - exceeded the limit. Tried to add more images. For those who played the map before, this is what has been updated.
    Reduced the footprint of the map overall, which previously made the map feel "too big".
    The sites were flipped on the radar. They are now represented correctly.
    A full clipping pass has been added to improve player movement, and stop any exploits.
    Trimmed a lot of the roof detail.

    The playable area has been better defined. Previously, new players felt overwhealmed by not knowing what parts of the map were accessible. This is now better communicated by the addition of solid fences to make this clearer.
    All interiors are now visually simpler. This has been achieved by blocking off eye candy windows with glass, and closing any doors that were previously ajar.
    All interiors have had a layout rework to improve movement.
    A redundant path has been removed (the yellow double trailers with two windows overlooking the site).
    Illuminated lamps on the outside of trailers have been removed - some players thought they suggested that doors could be entered.
    Middle Area

    The gate entrance to the compound has been closed to better "section" the map, and to make the middle area a more attractive option for both teams.
    The CT entrance to mid has been reworked.
    The porches on the trailers have been simplified in main combat area for better player readability/pathing - they are now solid "walls".
    The warehouse has been extended for better player navigation, and cleaner angles.
    Walls have been added around the water tower to make sightlines cleaner.
    Better cover for the approach to the B site.
    A Site

    Fully opened the blue door near the vent to make access to the site easier.
    Widened and simplified the path in the blue trailer to the site.
    Altered sitelines from the vent to the site (can no longer cover the site from the vent)
    Closed the small room at the back of the site - it was deemed too powerful a post-plant spot.
    Blocked-off the underside of the trailer leading to heaven, and removed the ladder.
    Blocked-off the small hut on the pink trailer.
    Raised the roof on "heaven" so that players no longer bang their heads on the ceiling when jumping off the platform.
    Reduced site radius to make defusing the bomb more likely.
    Reworked cover.
    B site

    Cover is cleaner, and there is now a safe plant spot.
    Site radius reduced and made simpler.
    Both T entrances from mid to the site have been reworked.

    Replaced windmill with a trailer.
    Adjusted the placement of the RV near the swimming pool for better cover.
    Removed wooden roofover near pool, and replaced it with two trailers.
    Reworked the path into the vent and breakable window area.
    General visual improvements.
    Added a van for improved cover.

    It is now easier to jump from the bin, into the vent.
    Lengthened the room before the vent.
    Made vent "tunnel" narrower, so it is quicker to enter and exit.
    Reworked the interior of the trailer path to the vent.
    Storm drain/sewers

    Changed textures, and basic clean up.
    Widened entrance from T spawn to make the path feel more like a "main" route.
    Made the eit to the site a banana shape for better timing.
    Terrorist Spawn

    Added geometry behind and to the side of the spawn points to improve the visuals and readability.
    Replaced the compound walls with wooden fences.
    Made the immediate entrance to "middle" wider, and visually more appropriate.

    Improved rock placement in eye candy area.
    Cliff Edge

    Reworked the entrance to the sewer so that it is more of a "banana" shape
    Window Area

    Clean up of geometry so it is less busy generally.
    Warehouse platform

    Added trailers behind plyer for improved visibility and cleaner detail.

    Fixed broken spawns.
    New spawns added to areas devoid of them.
    Removed a lot of the drains on the floor
    Fixed lots of shadow bugs.
    Improvements in the eye candy interiors.
    Lighting improvements.
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    VIOLATION reacted to Quotingmc in cs_ivory   
    Progress continues! Everything is still a work in progress but I can feel the progress in every compile. I have adjusted the sky a lot and am still fine-tuning the colours. The map is now a lot greener overall to break up al the orange rock and wood. The interiors are also developing but I still have a way to go in selling an African feel to them. As always, comments and constructive criticism are much appreciated!

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    VIOLATION reacted to spa in Rampart   
    Update: Workshop Version
    Some progress here, but still far from finished. Im trying to balance assets building and actual mapping in hammer. Here's what a-site looks like so far:

    There's still a ton of stuff i want to improve here (like making the ramp into a staircase!) but other parts of the map needs attention. Atm im looking at making the actual ramparts into props for better geometry detail and mapping. However turning BSP into props has it drawbacks (as ive learned the hard way) Its extremely limiting what i can do in terms of decals/transitions with regards to damage/rust etc, but some of the shapes are just too complicated to make with bsp.
    I wish i could spend all the remaining time just noodling around with materials and textures!
    Edit: seems like theres an error in the uploaded bsp for a single prop. I will update asap.
    Edit: Fixed! (also added another custom WIP rampart section)
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    VIOLATION reacted to jd40 in Anubis   
    Hey here's some of our progress. The map is coming along nicely and hopefully it will be in a playable state by the deadline 😅
    A sizable part of the map is still fully greyboxed so we're working to finish that up. We're also thinking of ways to colorize it or add more contrast because right now it's looking a bit flat. We'll probably go with black marble elements with white/gold writing on them. And some more overgrown stuff by the coast.
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    VIOLATION reacted to The Horse Strangler in [CSGO] Content release: de_grind   
    Sorry it took so long but here's the full release of all the grind assets! We've just recently updated the workshop submission, so this content release should contain all the new edits we've made so far.
    This release contains the max scene files as well, which were made using 3ds max 2015. You will need to load them up in versions 2015 and beyond for them to work. Sadly I did not pack all of the bakes or highpoly source models since they are huge filesize wise (like multiple gb's per hp mesh). The texture source is once again quixel suite, which is mostly old and deprecated now.
    DISCLAIMER: This content is provided as is and was designed with pbr type reflectivity and values in mind. If you decided to use the content in your map, please credit the usage and drop me a note on steam or discord -Thanks!

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    VIOLATION reacted to Vorontsov in The random model thread!   
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    VIOLATION reacted to atrocity in de_distillery   
    Update 9/20/19:
    Fixed various bugs related to sightlines, lighting, and cover from the previous round of testing.
    Adjusted light and fog settings for gameplay and aesthetics.
    Adjusted color scheme and height adjustments of minimap.

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    VIOLATION reacted to MadsenFK in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    Recent progress on a wingman map, DE_MOROCCO

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    VIOLATION reacted to Roald in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    Some progress on my map Anubis

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    VIOLATION reacted to propaganda in de_cassels (WIP first post in 9 years lol)   
    Hello folks, haven't posted in almost 9 years, some familiar names still around I see which is great. Quit mapping and gaming in 2010 when our second child was born, kids are getting older now thought I would fire up Hammer for shits and giggles, de_cassels was a map I started long ago for CS source, it got put on the back burner and never got finished, thought I would dig it out for CSGO, even though I don't play (4 hours playtime since the release lol). Anyway good to be back, good to see some of the original gang having some success as well.

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    VIOLATION reacted to jd40 in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    My wingman map that's going on hold for the exotic contest. Had a modular set and everything 🙂
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    VIOLATION reacted to Lefty in The random model thread!   
    Some Chinese lanterns for a csgo map

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