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  1. The random model thread!

    Can you show a wireframe please? It looks a bit blocky, may need more than 8k tris (I do not know what's the normal polycount for a source engine car though). Also it seems like you are not mirroring the sides which can save you a lot of uv space.
  2. WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    Looking great
  3. The random model thread!

    ‚ÄčAlbedo/Metalness/Roughness/Normalmap with a 1024x1024 resolution.
  4. The random model thread!

    Interesting video Kanine. Only thing I would recommend is using the symmetry modifier way more often. Currently you are doing many steps 2 times for both sides instead of simply letting the modifier handle that automatically.
  5. The random model thread!

    So, it is still somehow wip (I think there are still some scratches missing on the magazine) but I think I am close to call it finished. Main reference is still this concept. Hope you guys like it.
  6. The random model thread!

    It is mainly (not entirely) based on this concept. And indeed, the part at the side of the scope looks strange... but I guess it is caused by some cage intersection since it was not baked with a exploded mesh yet. But thanks for the feedback, will take a closer look to those parts next time
  7. The random model thread!

    I really lost my motivation in making 3d stuff after working - only things I got done during the last 1-2 months were the lowpoly and the bake...
  8. The random model thread!

    Made a rough image with some feedback. What happened out of the last pistol you posted earlier?
  9. The random model thread!

    As far as I know it should actually be the other way around - you should do your edges smoother than the actual reference to achieve a better effect (especially from distance - for example). About the model itself - looking good in general, but as I said before I would recommend you to create some more complex model so you gain more experience then creating smaller assets over and over again without actually challenging yourself.
  10. The random model thread!

    Had a weekend without internet (relocation) and created a weapon (Hp only) out of a concept:
  11. Hamsterz Project SOS!!!!

    Hey Geoprimedonna, as far as I know this section is for personal portfolio sites only, not for presenting your projects you are currently working on. Maybe you should think about posting your project's updates in a different section, like this one. You might going to get more feedback after posting there as well.
  12. The random model thread!

    Well well, even though there was no criticism (unfortunately), here is the final asset:
  13. The random model thread!

    Yet again working on a WWII weapon. The textures aren't 100% finished, therefore I am looking for some feedback
  14. Mathis Widrat - Environment Artist

    Yeah I like to see old stuff from artists as well, but since most people tell me to get rid of my old stuff I just do it, even though I would like to keep some. Anyweay, got some new content on my website (currently looking for a new (freelance) job as well):
  15. The random model thread!

    Eventhough I fear that this joke might be only funny for someone who understands german...