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  1. I remember Spark editor geometry was a breeze. Maybe Valve could take notes? : |
  2. Worked great since 1998, but now the camera system is backwards. So like, what am I supposed to do, change it in the settings or adapt? There is this great conflict inside of me now because I don't know if I should try and go with the new default, it seems extremely counter productive compared to Hammer 1; or if I just change it in settings? I can't figure out why they made it backwards though, it's like you're working left handed the way it is set up. Is it possible to just launch Hammer without all this other stuff? Why is the f9 build engine a tiny window I can't resize, and I can't find any settings to change it. Why does opening console close the game? Why does none of the UI scale properly? It looks bad in every setup I have tried, and every Youtube video I've seen I think people have the same UI scaling issue, this software is very cramped and does not display correctly in many areas seemingly for everyone. If you don't have any issues, please tell me your setup and post a screenshot of your Properties Menu. Especially bad is the Properties Menu on my setup from 1080p to 4k it looks broken. Why does the geometry tool not let you create a plane? I don't see a point in building with blocks if you can just build on a single plane and only add a plane when you need it. Maybe it has to do with vis calculation? So we're still doing the block thing?
  3. I picked it up, I tried that horde mode thing first, it was very boring. I'll try the SP I guess.
  4. 4k DPI scaling doesn't work, none of my menu's like Properties Menu are readable. Resizing the windows doesn't fix the issue. I don't really want to change my desktop resolution. Does anyone run this in 4k no issue? edit: Doesn't matter which resolution or scaling method I use, this software is unusable because it crams everything on top of each other and I can't read it edit2: (Solution) If you make a shortcut to ""C:\Steam\steamapps\common\SteamVR\tools\steamvr_environments\game\bin\win64\steamtours.exe" -addon shookknight -tools -destinations_workshop -fullscreen -useappid SteamVRAppID -vconport 29009 -retail -disable_qaccessible" You can then go into the shortcut properties to change high DPI settings. I had to fiddle with this, checked both boxes and selected Enhanced, and shifted my windows scaling from 300% to 200%. Not a perfect solution but I can use the software now.
  5. /waves gun around Show me some fucking screenshots!
  6. A couple days. edit: Hasn't it been 4 years?
  7. Then where is all the content if it works for everyone else? I haven't seen anything interesting...
  8. When you click Workshop > Create / Modify Environment — The window is all squished in unreadable. You can't resize it to fix it. Then it complains I don't have a HMD, but following the next step to exclude -vr and -vrtools is where I gave up because this is gameinfo.txt error 2.0 and I think this will stay for 10+ years like this. I don't have the patience to troubleshoot launching their 4 year old software. There are no forum posts either in the Source 2 section, and I'm not blaming Mapcore I'm blaming Valve because they appear to accomplish nothing noteworthy given unlimited time and money. Why can't Source 2 launch properly for non VR users, and why can't we all just start making mods again? It feels like purgatory between Source and Source 2, they abandoned support for one 10 years before finishing the next. If we were just more vocal about how much this sucks as a community to Valve, maybe they would catch on, but I think people are too nice to Valve. I personally do not even believe Valve is pro Mods nowadays, I think they're following the same trend as Activision Blizzard and they're going to perpetually lock everything down and then feed you walled garden 'curated' experiences like in CSGO. I don't think there exist any proof that Source 2 is going to be a thing that we love like we did with Goldsrc and Source, because Valve has ideologically drifted and positioned itself as an arbiter in everything, even art. It makes no sense to me that Goldsrc and Source are binned while we get this half baked Source 2 experience.
  9. I can't even get these garbage tools to open properly. Valve sucks really bad. edit: https://steamcharts.com/app/546560 Apparently nobody can get it to work or cares. What a let down Source 2 was and Alyx.
  10. I wanted to express myself in video format, I am by no means a Youtuber. I want the best for NWI and DOI so I share my honest opinion which many people are sure not to agree with.
  11. zastels

    [CS1.6] Dust 2 2020

    Ya this map in EU4 is bleh. A part of me loves Dust remakes. I just to log into to CS on the WON network and specifically look for new Dust clones before I knew how to map. De_Dawn was an old favourite of mine, and it's basically the modern Dust today.
  12. Ah I didn't realize you had a sight there. When you use the term flank, I think you make a good point about that, but in my mind you're being flanked by a bullet from a distance away in this case, not so much up close by surprise. Just as an example, Dust2, Cache, Inferno, when a CT is flanked in mid, it is up close and personal. So this is why I was leaning towards a bit more cover with the small orange square.
  13. Presently you cannot do mid control in a traditional sense. If you're CT with an AWP, that works kinda but you will be flanked to death with ease. If you're a T in mid with an AWP defending a bomb plant, controlling mid seems pointless because you have no line of sight of the CT's rotating. Think about the dynamic of Dust2 doors and T spawn, if you can control the sight of that lane, you can make determinations about the enemy. Here is my suggestion: I would delete that path because I think it makes mid too easy to flank, and it makes the path bellow it less useful. The orange box represents a bit more cover for the mid AWPer who could easily be shot in the side of the head from the other bombsite.
  14. Looks a lot like De_Cache layout. Bottom spawn position seems a bit off to me, that's like 5 route options from where you spawn which seems high.
  15. zastels


    Your map will look like it has more stuff in it if you put less stuff in it. Gotta be careful about placing props everywhere to make up for something that you feel may be missing in the map.
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