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  1. Don't you think there should be a rule where the mapping contest deadline cannot change unless unanimously voted for by all entrants?
  2. I thought their posts were hilarious! I can take criticism lol
  3. This game is like when you go to the washroom, and before you sit down to take a shit, you open the shower curtain to make sure nobody is there, and you sit down on the toilet and 2 seconds later a German from the Star Trek Enterprise is beamed down, jumps through the shower curtain and stabs you to death.
  4. It seems like I can fix one thing, but it breaks another. I was wondering if anyone had a solution besides the .exe properties DPI section stuff. By default everything looks like it's 640 by 480 res. If I fix this issue, then the properties menu for entities breaks and becomes unusable. I can only fix one thing or the other. I'm looking for solutions!
  5. You can be pro Common Wealth and living anywhere: p It's not "UK" spelling for we do it here in Canada too. Unless of course you're referring to the "UK" dictionary that Windows and Android, ect can use I wanted to give props to the map maker for sticking to this map for so many years. You'll notice that the wood in this picture I've quoted on the porch is going the wrong way. This stands out to me because I'm a carpenter. Who knows, maybe the spelling on the mat stands out to the other poster because they're an English teacher. Either way, you seem keen for details, and these little things make a map special! Overall I'm very excited about your map, I spent a lot of time in trailer parks growing up. Slow and steady wins the race! As a side note, I always remember half eating discarded hot dogs being left everywhere in trailer parks lol
  6. zastels


    This map visually looks quite incredible. I feel like it raises the bar!
  7. I got some movement going, the initial movement. Would you mind telling me, what is your favourite action movie? What would your maps setting be from that movie?
  8. Mods aren't dumb, they can see you guys are the dumb ones. When they lock a thread they do it to protect you, because y'all are sensitive. For 20 years a lot of you folk have had the same attitude of ganging up on people and calling them trolls. I'm here to try and make something great, wtf are you people doing here? I'm willing to put my money where my mouth is, while some of you have no money at all.
  9. zastels


    Shut the fuck up, I did not bring up the mapping contest. Someone else brought to topic up, so I'd like to reiterate that you should shut the fuck up. I don't fucking know the answer! Jesus Christ you are fucking stupid!
  10. zastels


    Translation: Contest rules do not matter. You make a fair and logical point, you are correct. But part of starting off as being a map maker is not just learning how to map, but understand how to behave and what is and is not appropriate. The problem here in mapcore is that there is a total obsession over his missteps, which completely negated the OP from receiving useful information. The guy is character assassinated for committing virtually no measurable amount of harm. It's one thing to throw a .vmf on Ebay that does not belong to you, but to reshare what has already be shared, who cares?! Like I said, do you think Valve cares if you reupload Dust2 and not give David J credit? Lol I don't think so.
  11. zastels


    A deadline extension for a contest is reprehensible. You cannot understand this because you had everything to gain from the extension lol. You have no integrity.
  12. zastels


    Censorship is for retards, even Gabe Newell stated censorship is stupid. Why would you advocate a thread is locked, maybe it has something to do with your argument being weak? At the end of the day, a map literally almost every last person on Earth has forgotten about and was never going to be worked on again, it was appreciated by someone, and it was given a new breath of life. Maybe the guy misstepped a little, but some of you are so dumb that you are virtually incapable of realizing that there is an overwhelming amount of love and goodness in the original post, y'all are transfixed on IP laws that you do not understand. This reminds me of the old days of Counter-Map, there was a moderator there named Tommy14, I despised this person. He used to ban and remove posts from anyone who uploaded a map in CS 1.6 that contained textures from Condition-Zero. Tommy14 was an incredible idiot who played a major role in the demise of Counter-Map. He had virtually no understanding of IP law, he acted with nothing more than virtue signalling like many of you here. Somehow in his mind, a person taking textures from one Valve project, putting it into another Valve project, and sharing it was a violation of intergalactic IP law. Now to this day, it is common practice to do this with all Valve titles. Valve does not give a shit if you take Portal 2 textures and add them to Day of Defeat Source. Valve does not give a shit if you reupload Dust2, add a hallway, and neglect to mention David J. This is why I feel so many people in this thread are stupid, you people are dumb. You people are killing artistic expression with your stupid fucking rabel. You do a total disservice to the world of map making in general when you make a pariah out of someone just starting off, you act like a cancer. This thread should not be locked, this is what actual real discussion looks like. There is no "topic" in conversations, topics naturally delineate as they become more interesting. Locking a thread runs as a direct contravention to the basic principles instilled by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms section 2, and well as the first amendment. If you can't handle freedom of speech, then leave Mapcore! This is a place for artists, not marxists looking to control the speech and expression of others.
  13. zastels


    Appropriate credit was given, the OP indicated changes were made, and a link to the license already exists on FPS Banana which someone already demonstrated they could easily find. Nobody who creates a map on Source has the right to declare NoDerivatives. You do not own the map, Valve does. You own the IP.
  14. zastels


    You're not wrong, you're just making the wrong argument. Monetizing a piece of intellectual property is far different than redistributing a piece of IP that has been put into public domain with a creative commons license.
  15. zastels


    This is true for a book and a song, not a map. You can't claim Iceworld is held in copyright lmao. Where is the distinction!? If you add another hallway to a map, is it a new map? Attribution was given by keeping the maps name the same, so creative commons was not broken. You people are not lawyers and thank fucking God for that!
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