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  1. I am designing a Half-Life related website that is an infinite scrolling image gallery, image filtering system, automated slideshow presentation, and a CMS for all the images. There is also a subscriber and commerce aspect, as well as custom ads. ex: Pinterest The candidate must be well versed in playing Half-Life mods to understand properly the features being requested for image filtering. This job is paid, two separate payments + a maintenance contract that you can negotiate. Provide me with your previous works, I'll provide a White Paper. Progressive web application for PC and mobile, not an app.
  2. I played the beta and I felt it was disgraceful. Not sure how you're supposed to test such broken software. The game has no identity or purpose to it. The graphics in my opinion are quit poor because there is no art style to observe. Overall the game is very blue in tone. . . which I thought the community established 10 years ago we didn't enjoy. I was only a fan of Battlefield up until Vietnam, where I felt like each series was designed to be discarded. In all honestly they could release a really really bad game, and I bet if it had full mod support — nobody would care! They are just shooting themselves in the foot.
  3. Well I'm excited for this! I've always loved loved loved HL DM! You gotta make sure that when a player connects to the server, they hear BRRRRRRR I'm personally into the idea of making HL1 style maps in Source if you would like a hand.
  4. Has everyone seen RedBull's new maps for CSGO? @fewsebWould you mind elaborating on what RedBull could protect for this type of event? What if Rockstar copied the idea almost exactly while skirting the laws, what would be RedBulls best defence?
  5. Take a look at how art lessons work in almost any type of art. You need to do exercises. in 25 minutes, build a new map concept as fast and rough as you can. Even when it comes to trees, just use brushes and spheres, go as fast as possible and focus on composition. I would limit yourself to 25 minutes at a time with lot of food breaks. Go hard on leg day at the gym, mapping is a reward.
  6. So there isn't very much protecting a game like Counter-Strike? It has a name, but no characters and no story elements. Its success can be attributed to the quality of its make it seems. My insights from this conversation so far is that if you develop something really well that people like, the brand sort of protects and establishes itself. It's not really a legal protection sphere, like with a physical product. @fewseb isn't there protections that are extended into the files themselves? Like textures and sounds, ect? But how does it work, if I nearly replicate the AWP sound from CSGO, have I infringed? Is the limitation in redistribution and modifying only, meaning if I make it from scratch I'm off the hook? I just kinda realized I'm interested in studying case laws about this sorta stuff. I guess Tetris would be a good example of not being able to totally protect a concept since I've seen so many permutations.
  7. So what protects the IP of a video game?
  8. I think you're doing it in a strange way. If you want more lighting inside, there are many unique options besides letting it come in from the roof. You can change the $reflectivity of your indoor textures, incorporate texture lighting, and lesson your shadow colour. This technique will make it look convincing.
  9. Hi everyone I was interested in discussing the concept of trademarking a newly created game modes, like Battle Royale. I'm very keen on creating a new game mode for CSGO, and this thread is actually about how you can protect your intellectual property when it is not just a map, but a game mode. I've been waffling for years thinking about making a new map, and then it hit me that maybe what I should do instead is try to create a new game mode. Part of the reason why I think a new game mode is more interesting, is because I'm looking for a better way to monetize my creations. In the most ideal of circumstances, I want to create a "Dota" of CSGO, and then sell the game mode to Valve. I thought it would be beneficial to have a conservation about how realistic something like this can be done, assuming you create a runaway success. Assuming you created the most unbelievably popular unique game mode for CSGO, what legal options do you have to protect your creation? Can something like Dota ever happen again?
  10. @Blackdog it was just a simple CSGO map, something like the original Mansion from 1.6
  11. Witnessing people's first impression of your map can be deeply insightful. I once made a map that was a house, and players spawned outside. Well to my surprise almost nobody ever went through the front door on their first playtest. They would often start climbing the house, make it to the roof, and then break into the house through the attic. It's not just lights that guide people, you can also guide people through suggestible design. I didn't intend to suggest players should climb my house, but that's how it was interpreted because for some reason everyone saw in the level design a path to climb that was 'forbidden' and they took it without hesitation. I suppose as kids we all want to go on the roof anyways so maybe we're always looking for that obvious opportunity subconsciously.
  12. zastels

    [NS2] Tanith

    It's nice to see someone still making these maps. I remember playing the original map, I was very fond of it. You ever heard any news of an NS3?
  13. The Steam Controller and Steam Boxes makes me sceptical of this. They never put any effort into either once released, and then they swept it under the rug.
  14. I'm mostly worried nobody is ever going to play my map, and I wonder why I even bother. I think a lot about why I map, is it just some sort of creative outlet like painting or writing? Should I go do something else with my time? Does the world really need more fy_iceworld like I think?
  15. I remember Spark editor geometry was a breeze. Maybe Valve could take notes? : |
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