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  1. Due to Mapcore being one of the very last forums that I still use, I was thinking of maybe how we could improve categories. The reason for this is because Source 2 modding is on the way for Alyx, and I think a lot of new activity will come here. I really want Mapcore to be a main hub for mapping related things on the internet, because it has stood the test of time, and places like Interlopers and Facepunch, ect, for one reason or another they did not survive the test of time. My suggestion is that under the 3D section, we have a place to discuss HL mods of all types. I don't like how the 3D section is very open to all forms of discussions because I'm not actually interested in gaming related things outside of the Valve SDK. The simplest way to attract the most amount of people to Mapcore is to have the best tutorials available for Source 2 in my opinion. Also the tutorial section of the website could be set up differently. We should try to avoid past mistakes of having huge swaths of educational content simply being deleted over time. Having a tutorial section for Goldsrc, Source, UE4, ect, makes more sense to me. Furthermore, each tutorial should have all it's example files, images, videos, ect, archived and stored as a backup.
  2. I'm attempting to port the HL1 player model Gina to Source. So far I've had some success, I can get her to spawn as a combine soldier, the model and textures work, her idle animation is playing, however she is spawned halfway in the ground and not all her animations are correct and there is a console error about a bad sequence. I've fairly certain the problem lies in my .qc, where I am trying to replace the sequences in the .smd's with the ACT's of HL2. In console the sequence error is 77 but I am not sure what this number refers to. .QC file https://pastebin.com/YKsYxjBs I'm not really sure why she is spawning in the ground, I'm also having trouble getting HLMV to work correctly to display textures even tho I changed my vproject directory. I'd really appreciate some help, what is the simplest way to match animation acts between HL1 and HL2?
  3. Show has really odd vernacular, "The Nilfgaard's are coming!" I find people's names, place names, almost everything sounds more alien than even Star Trek.
  4. Started my own SP Mod for HL2. I'm learning C++ and I'm hacking in a lot of Goldsrc into Source for a retro vibe. This will be like N64 Goldeneye singleplayer, and speedrunning will be a cornerstone!
  5. I'm sure we've all seen the Alyx trailer, and it made our minds go wild with its potential. I have been thinking a lot about how I want to approach mod making differently for Source 2, and I wanted to ask this community what they thought their most valuable lessons have been since their advent into modding, regardless of where they started, Quake, Goldsrc, Source, ect. The reason I'm making this thread is because I have found myself to be really scatter brained over the past 10+ years, I feel like I hit a wall and stopped and then just sat around waiting for Source 2 for years longer than I thought I would. I don't want people to make the same mistakes as me and to be all over the map with no focus. If I would have known in 2006 that I had over a decade to build something cohesive in Source, I think I would have understood Mr. Newell better when he said, "Things take time." I personally wish I was better at planning and collaborating with other people, and seeing things through to the end. I wish I could look back on my portfolio and be proud, but it is simply too eclectic and unfinished for me to be happy with myself. There are a lot of questions I think that are tough to answer. Should you collaborate, and to what extent? What sort of time scale should you set for your project? Should you become a jack of all trades, or focus your attention on a particular skill? How do you know if you're ready to lead a team of people? I would like to hear about how people plan to improve themselves over the next 10 years in their mod making pass time. Me personally, I think the bulk of my time will be inside Google Docs, planning planning planning.
  6. The release is tomorrow, and I think it will be pretty cool to check out because of the amount of people all clamoring at once. Classic WoW Vs. BFA is two different ideologies in how a good game is made. I think marketing department's growing influences on gameplay has caused the ideological drift over the years. Wouldn't it be fascinating if Classic took the #1 spot, surely there would be an attitude change in the industry I would think. What do yall think, any WoW fans from 10+ years ago?
  7. Don't you think there should be a rule where the mapping contest deadline cannot change unless unanimously voted for by all entrants?
  8. I thought their posts were hilarious! I can take criticism lol
  9. This game is like when you go to the washroom, and before you sit down to take a shit, you open the shower curtain to make sure nobody is there, and you sit down on the toilet and 2 seconds later a German from the Star Trek Enterprise is beamed down, jumps through the shower curtain and stabs you to death.
  10. It seems like I can fix one thing, but it breaks another. I was wondering if anyone had a solution besides the .exe properties DPI section stuff. By default everything looks like it's 640 by 480 res. If I fix this issue, then the properties menu for entities breaks and becomes unusable. I can only fix one thing or the other. I'm looking for solutions!
  11. You can be pro Common Wealth and living anywhere: p It's not "UK" spelling for we do it here in Canada too. Unless of course you're referring to the "UK" dictionary that Windows and Android, ect can use I wanted to give props to the map maker for sticking to this map for so many years. You'll notice that the wood in this picture I've quoted on the porch is going the wrong way. This stands out to me because I'm a carpenter. Who knows, maybe the spelling on the mat stands out to the other poster because they're an English teacher. Either way, you seem keen for details, and these little things make a map special! Overall I'm very excited about your map, I spent a lot of time in trailer parks growing up. Slow and steady wins the race! As a side note, I always remember half eating discarded hot dogs being left everywhere in trailer parks lol
  12. zastels


    This map visually looks quite incredible. I feel like it raises the bar!
  13. I got some movement going, the initial movement. Would you mind telling me, what is your favourite action movie? What would your maps setting be from that movie?
  14. Mods aren't dumb, they can see you guys are the dumb ones. When they lock a thread they do it to protect you, because y'all are sensitive. For 20 years a lot of you folk have had the same attitude of ganging up on people and calling them trolls. I'm here to try and make something great, wtf are you people doing here? I'm willing to put my money where my mouth is, while some of you have no money at all.
  15. zastels


    Shut the fuck up, I did not bring up the mapping contest. Someone else brought to topic up, so I'd like to reiterate that you should shut the fuck up. I don't fucking know the answer! Jesus Christ you are fucking stupid!
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