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  1. You need to join a skilled trade and toughen up. Build a mind glute connection, and raise your T.
  2. I assume a "Source 2" SDK is coming "eventually". However I feel like with CSGO being top dog fps, the only reason we don't have more MP fps games is because of Valve realizing they're outclassed by the community and not enabling real competition to happen. This is why Source SDK 2013 is gimped. It took me a long time to truly comprehend why Source MP was never successful from a mod standpoint, and that was because everyone was forced to use half baked netcode. Only until I started c++ modding on Source did I understand why a decade ago nobody jumped on the ship. You can't make a game anything like CSGO on the 2013 SDK because it will always feel janked, Valve isn't forthcoming with the engine code to let people make a good feeling game. Don't cha think Valve is purposefully restriction the competition, and will continue to do that with Source 2? I see no reason why they wouldn't release a gimped version just like they did with 2013. If Valve gave the community the Day of Defeat source code, within a few years a game would develop that was more populated than CSGO. I think CSGO is a boring game because it has matchmaking and drifted away from public servers, and Day of Defeat is the secret cash cow of Valve because it has a pure spirit still. Valve after the release of HL2, became a company stuck in post modernism. Their motivations to release Source 2 so they can naturally culture new intellectual properties are long dead, because they're hooked on gambling. I think you can blame a few things on Source 2 "delay", like VR and stuff, but the #1 reason is Valve's ideological shift. If they truly wanted to offer a Source 2 with open modding and a marketplace for it, it would have happened years ago. Things take time, but this project seems dead in the water. We have zero information and projects like S&BOX are the anti-thesis to game development.
  3. This in my opinion is a proper abstraction of reality that is Counter-Strike. Overall there is a lot of expression from the base design, it does not rely on props or textures. I think this is a step in the right direction for the game; rather than try and mimic reality there is an artistic abstraction of it instead. Overall I would say the art design is great, and deceptively simple. I suspect people will struggle to emulate this style of mapping for a time to come.
  4. Today marks 1 month since I started Parabella. I've been fortunate to work on this map each day this month. The map is in phase two of blocking, where the maps concept has been solidified and the brushwork is being refined to reflect an abstraction of the real world. I'm only using default sdk textures to represent everything at the lowest resolution possible for ease of work. I find lighting is very important in the blocking phase, because it follows rules of symmetry, and my mindset is already base16 while I'm blocking. My goal is that using only shapes, there is sufficient expression to understand each scene. I will not rely on models or textures to convey the scene, they're only accents to the scene instead. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2669206451
  5. zastels


    I really like this map, I ran around in it and I'm impressed by the planning of it. I really like the theme, and it seems on the right track. I dig the corn and the windmill, all the angles are pretty crisp even if they're bails of hay. I have a few points to give you, and that is that your map is mostly very flat with one meaningful level change on the right side with the house, but the left side has almost no options just a narrow opening. The right side of the map seems better than the left right now. Encounter time may be to fast to my personal taste.
  6. Tbh They Hunger was a mod that never really made sense to me. . . I should revisit. I get that it was a zombie mod, but I never figured out it's twang.
  7. Cowboy Bebop is incredible. I'm really impressed with it. I've already pumped the brakes to not consume it all right away. Very faithful to the anime.
  8. zastels


    cereal killers going against the grain. Is silo going to be filled with corn pops?
  9. Working on a new map for Double Action: Boogaloo Parabella: Italian themed city map at night. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2658042537 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2658042577 edit: new video
  10. zastels

    [CS:GO] Limestone

    Most of those maps started off zero models. Dust, Office, inferno, train, italy, assault, cbble, office, mirage, so why are you confused? None of these maps are functionally different because of models. Their layout is locked into time because of the brushwork.
  11. zastels

    [CS:GO] Limestone

    99% of workshop maps are square boxes decked out with props. Look at Dust2, you don't think aspects were duplicated over 17 times on Goldsrc?! Where was the limit then!? There is a pretentiousness in CSGO mapping which stripes out all liminal elements, removing it from its original abstracted minimal art style. If you add props to your map, you begin to fail almost immediately because it's not going to look unique and it will have visual clutter. Counter-Strike maps are not supposed to be filled with props, the proof is in the maps that people choose to play. I digress but, what other Source games besides CSGO, strives for 'realism' visuals? None that I am aware of, props are a fad in map making. As soon as OP mentioned models. . . I've been around the block and know where his mindset is. By all means OP can add models to his map and try to prove it is better afterwards.
  12. zastels

    [CS:GO] Limestone

    You can map, that's for sure! I don't agree with you that you 'need' to make things models, this is not a productive way to do mapping in my opinion. Imagine how much work you could save by easing up on that philosophy. I think models are a fad in BSP level design. Don't believe me? Well, look at the original maps, they had no models. Adding models to them over time never made them better. People only use models to try and achieve parity with Valve's artistic direction; which doesn't exist. Realism is perceived through stylization, not mimicry. CSGO is devoid of style, all it does is mimic reality. If you want to stand out, keep doing what you're doing it looks great, do not try and copy Valve with a bunch of models. Long story short, you do really good work, but do not snag your workflow pursuing models. Models are an insane waste of time, they absolutely will not make more people play your map. Your brushwork is much more alluring than any models you could attempt to supplicate with.
  13. Where is Valve's focus? Nobody on Earth wants to play Alyx or Artifact. The Alyx SDK is a waste of time because nobody plays Alyx. I bet Valve could make more money focusing on their back catalogue of games that people actually play!
  14. I'm not into VR, if these are a big success and can compete with the Switch, maybe it'll lead Valve back to what they used to do best. Seems like HL2 is getting a bug update, 15 years a bit late but it goes to show that something is stirring inside Valve. It's just my opinion but my biggest criticism of Valve is they don't value their own products as much as the community does. If this piece of hardware makes them go back and fix things, well thank God I guess.
  15. Looks like an 80's action movie with those cool explosions far in the horizon. I'm amped to try this, and I think Run Think Shoot is awesome. edit: My experience: Unplayable, because it's not the Half-Life engine and it has too many basic technical issues. Took me a long time to get the game to load properly, says it support 1080p, it doesn't for me. It then forced me into Software mode, there seems to be no open GL options. Then you realize the game plays with all mono sound at a very very low bitrate. I don't want this experience. I friggin' love regular Half-Life mods. This is exactly why I avoid Xash. Why would anyone develop on this? For what reason, why, how is it better? Why even promote this if its a product of reverse engineering of Valve's intellectual property? I know the company Valve is filled with Leftists who are impossible to get along with, but the idea of us all turning to Xash is a pipe dream.
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