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  1. I wanted to express myself in video format, I am by no means a Youtuber. I want the best for NWI and DOI so I share my honest opinion which many people are sure not to agree with.
  2. zastels

    [CS1.6] Dust 2 2020

    Ya this map in EU4 is bleh. A part of me loves Dust remakes. I just to log into to CS on the WON network and specifically look for new Dust clones before I knew how to map. De_Dawn was an old favourite of mine, and it's basically the modern Dust today.
  3. zastels

    [CS:GO] Bakery

    Ah I didn't realize you had a sight there. When you use the term flank, I think you make a good point about that, but in my mind you're being flanked by a bullet from a distance away in this case, not so much up close by surprise. Just as an example, Dust2, Cache, Inferno, when a CT is flanked in mid, it is up close and personal. So this is why I was leaning towards a bit more cover with the small orange square.
  4. zastels

    [CS:GO] Bakery

    Presently you cannot do mid control in a traditional sense. If you're CT with an AWP, that works kinda but you will be flanked to death with ease. If you're a T in mid with an AWP defending a bomb plant, controlling mid seems pointless because you have no line of sight of the CT's rotating. Think about the dynamic of Dust2 doors and T spawn, if you can control the sight of that lane, you can make determinations about the enemy. Here is my suggestion: I would delete that path because I think it makes mid too easy to flank, and it makes the path bellow it less useful. The orange box represents a bit more cover for the mid AWPer who could easily be shot in the side of the head from the other bombsite.
  5. zastels

    [CS:GO] Bakery

    Looks a lot like De_Cache layout. Bottom spawn position seems a bit off to me, that's like 5 route options from where you spawn which seems high.
  6. zastels


    Your map will look like it has more stuff in it if you put less stuff in it. Gotta be careful about placing props everywhere to make up for something that you feel may be missing in the map.
  7. I found out they are doing a bunch of practical effects to get real distortion in people's faces from G forces, I think that's super cool! If it wasn't for Tom Cruise this would probably be pretty generic, but it's looking like a love letter.
  8. Happy to see you're doing well over there on the Dark Side will2k. This game engine uses chromatic aberrations it looks like, it actually makes a big difference to my eyes. To anyone who doesn't know, I'm referring to the thin red and blue lines that outline shadows. In your experience what are the best things about working on this engine?
  9. npc_basezombie.cpp // Send the object at 800 in/sec toward the enemy. Add 200 in/sec up velocity to keep it // in the air for a second or so. v = v * 800; v.z += 200; Oh the technologies. I bet in Source 2 it'll be able to hold you down in a fire.
  10. Yo HP do you think Alyx is a bit of a 5? I feel like Alyx should be at a min a solid 8 because people are dying trying to protect her. I also feel like she should dress nice. . . like why not get a new jacket why duct tape your jacket? Doesn't seem like a very girly thing to do.
  11. If you people stopped complaining about speech you do not like, it would not be "ruined". And don't put words in my mouth about Valve. If I can't express anything but love for Valve then this place should be renamed gaycore.
  12. Lizard always takes it too far. Hey Lizard, if you can't jump in Alyx, do you think that's like the new no AUX port for iphones?
  13. M4 ported from HL1 HD pack and the animations were carried over. This weapon will be completely recreated, along with this hallway, everything you see is a proof of concept for my mod Max Underground.
  14. Are you on a mod team or planning anything mod related for the future in Alyx or Source?
  15. Aren't you a bit old to be a junior level designer? @blackdog All Valve did was create a bunch of art over the years, Boneworks team actual did all the figuring out it seems.
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