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  1. by the title of the thread it made me wonder who this Jordan Peele is and why did he want to out direct me?
  2. Wanted to share some work I did on the skys in day of infamy. I used vue studio to render out all the skys. There is more, I just dont want to spam with a ton of images Also wanted to thank the other level designers and environment artists that made the levels awesome! edit: does this really count as a texture? (I mean they are but maybe I should of posted it somewhere else idk)
  3. Your skybox brushes are func_detail. Select them then right click then select move to world.

    Star Wars

    One of my favorite things about this movie is
  5. Try to lower your lightmaps (lower the resolution of the lightmap, so 16 is one pixel per 16 units in hammer) on certain surfaces. Engine hunk overflow is typically caused by to many or big lightmaps on brushes. The best places to lower them is on roofs or back of brushes not seen. (for the roofs I would use 512)
  6. @Bevielis Try reloading the level. It should load the cubemaps.
  7. Hey! Thanks for coming out! We are always testing something. We are glad you took the time to test with us.
  8. We released some example maps in the last update in: dayofinfamy/sdk_content
  9. Haha somehow me and @El_Exodus got matchmade into the same game and somehow we were in the same squad even.
  10. Kind of disappointed I can't select bolt action rifles in the other classes D:
  11. Love the detailed gray box.
  12. Kotor and jedi academy for me. So many great memories with those games.
  13. Finally can use normal maps on models. The 2nd UV for models too is awesome!
  14. This thread made me want to replay through bioshock! I LOVE YOU CIRCUS OF VALUES!!
  15. got elite dangerous. I've havn't played a game this much since Jedi academy.
  16. For me its T2_Trip. I played countless hours on jedi acadamy with lugormod. It made for some really amazing creations and a lot of fun. same area in the screenshot with some props and stuff.
  17. LATTEH


    Lol sorry it took a week. I uploaded the latest version I had. (still needs some more work, just polishing and more optimization) http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=504042679
  18. LATTEH


    Sorry, I've been busy. I'm still working on it I might update the workshop with the latest changes I've done tonight. (ill post here If I do)
  19. LATTEH

    [Insurgency] Kandagal

    I take special kinds of meds.
  20. LATTEH

    [Insurgency] Kandagal

    Not to revive an old thread or anything, but this map is now an official part of insurgency. http://steamcommunity.com/games/insurgency/announcements/detail/69037803022286718
  21. Amazing contest! Congrats to the winners, Can't wait to play these maps!
  22. LATTEH


    Did a fast compile with night lighting. I didn't want to make it to dark though. The lighting for the signs and lamps is unchanged. If a lot of people like both. Ill just make another workshop submission for the night version. I don't know I just imported all the textures with the default settings.
  23. LATTEH


    I did, but I was having trouble trying to making the environment light and all the lighting from the sign look good together. I just started experimenting with different times of day (mostly close to dusk, didn't try night or anything) to give a brighter look without it looking washed out like the old settings did. (had to really brighten the ambient so there would be more readability) Plus I wanted to use the dynamic shadows. I have a night skybox that I made. I could try out a night environment and post the results. I like doing lighting
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