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  1. Looks really impressive, sent the vids round work the other day as we almost licensed ChromED but went with Unreal due the ChromED being really buggy at the time. Looking at it now though, I'd love to do a personal project using it.
  2. Theres a few books but I've heard this is one of the better ones http://www.amazon.co.uk/Unreal-Development-Game-Programming-UnrealScript/dp/1849691924/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1330469201&sr=8-1
  3. All of the above workflows sound pretty close to my workflow at work, one thing I like to do to start with before sketching or blocking out a map is to write down every sequence thats going to take place in the level in a logically order, for example it normally ends up looking something like this: 1 - Player Start 2 - Starting Cutscene [write about what the cutscene is about] 3 - Rest Section [write about what is keeping the player interested while no gameplay is taking place] 4 - Enemy Encounter 1 [write about what type of encounter you want to take place] 5 - Rest Section [write about what is keeping the player interested while no gameplay is taking place] 6 - Puzzle Section [write about what the player has to do] 7 - Enemy Encounter 2 [write about what type of encounter you want to take place] I've found this method very good for determining the basic flow of the level. Also I wouldn't stick to a 2D sketch religiously, in my experience once its fully blocked out and people have reviewed it, theres generally alot that gets changed.
  4. Congrats Helder, think I might pick this up as an early Christmas present
  5. This might have already been posted before but I came across a presentation on Naughty Dogs approach to environment art, its about 3 hours long and quite in-depth so its defiantly worth a watch: http://www.gamertalk.tv/?p=501
  6. Looks really nice good job, one thing I'd suggest is to lower the FOV as some of the objects are looking really stretched because of it
  7. Good stuff, really like the finished texture, will you be doing a spec texture?
  8. Hey Daniel, nice portfolio you've got some really nice work, my only complaint is that your website has a lot of wasted space Best of luck finding work *edit* I've been viewing your website abit more and I dislike that clicking the images take you to flickr instead of opening up a high res shot
  9. Sounds like good practice but your image isn't showing up for me, looking forward to seeing it
  10. LOL I keep hearing speculation that its going to be Los Santos
  11. w00t Anyone willing to speculate on the setting? hehe
  12. Really awesome job, I'd try and get rid of the grass seam around the base though
  13. Hi there Noah, nice to see your portfolio. I've got quite a few things to comment on so I'll do it in bulletpoint form so that its more direct and easier to read: - I quite like your header, its nice and bold, kind of reminds me of Kane and Lynch - In my opinion its too heavy on the text for a portfolio website (images say a thousand words) - I don't really know what I'm clicking with text links, give us thumbnail images so that were drawn into having a closer look - I don't think you need a search box - I'd probably make your home page the level design tab, show users your work straight away - The Intuitive Grounding could probably go on your CV / about me page rather than a brand new page
  14. My advice would be to decide on something you want to make, and start making it. You'll run into problems straight away which will cause you to search for solutions - this is exactly what these type of forums are for hehe, in my opinion this is one of the best methods for learning and remembering.
  15. Hey Patrick, nice to see your portfolio Overall I like the design of the website, its nice and clean which is a good thing in my opinion. I've never been a big fan of the lightbox galleries but some people prefer them so I wouldn't necessarily change that, its just my opinion, however I did seem to have problems clicking the close button, it might be worth looking into that. I'm using google chrome on a 1280 x 800 laptop screen if that helps tracking down the problem
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