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    @grapen I cant unsee these lines

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    cashed reacted to Sjonsson in What's going on with your life?   
    So I have to tell you guys something. Roughly two weeks ago we got the message that we were accepted to the first game company incubator here in Malmö (Sweden). Today we spent our first day in the office and we got our first studio-for-hire contract signed as well. Our contract is with the Swedish Aircraft Agency for which we will be modelling airports for their flight control tower simulator and while it's not exactly games it's very different from the consulting work we've done earlier, because this contract means that we can work on it as a studio and not split up our entire team on different projects. I also dropped down to 70% with my teaching job so I can finally work day-time with our own stuff and I'll most probably drop down even more before the end of this year.

    This is it, almost three years later and I now see us as a serious indie studio, we got a project that's coming out the door this year (Spellsworn) and are starting the pre-production for the next one this summer, we got an office and well.. I'm just so happy and grateful to be where I am!

    Walking on clouds right now but I'm so scared there'll be a hole somewhere! Gotta keep my cool.

    Here's me in our office! (To be pimped)

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    cashed reacted to Thewhaleman in The random model thread!   
    Keeping busy...(Might tweak the rocket ship, add some wear to that red paint..)

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    cashed reacted to Corvus in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    Very early w.i.p of the scene that im working on in Unreal.

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    cashed reacted to Mamorex in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive   
    Two envmapmasks works great.

    Bounce lighting from models works too. How?
    - turn on Enable Bounce Lighting in prop_static entity, from which we want to get a light
    - add -staticpropbounce 1-x parameter into $light_exe compile command line, for example, -staticpropbounce 16, higher number=more bounced light

    On the left these are red models with "Enable Bounced Lighting" on. On the right with off. Twice, on models and on brushes. On brushes bounced light is darkness. My $light_exe settings is: -final -staticpropbounce 16 -textureshadows -hdr -StaticPropLighting -StaticPropPolys -game $gamedir $path\$file
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    @grapen I cant unsee these lines

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    cashed got a reaction from Vaya in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive   
    It's a good way to collect data I suppose. The negev is only deadly accurate after the ramp up; which if you're not deaf and being suppressed by 1, you will be able to get the first hit. Otherwise the negev is a walking "LOOK AT ME"
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    cashed reacted to grapen in The random model thread!   
    Hehe yeah I know, open source algorithms  will go in and fix them by hand tonight!
    Edit: while doing this I noticed two stray verts had found their way into my reference branch, jacking up the total tri count by 33%. Crisis averted. All is well that ends well.

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    cashed got a reaction from grapen in The random model thread!   
    @grapen I cant unsee these lines

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    cashed got a reaction from Terri in The random model thread!   
    @grapen I cant unsee these lines

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    cashed reacted to Vaya in [DOI] Brest and Brest Expansion/Remake   
    After a hiatus we have returned to finish off our Day of infamy map Brest.

    My initial plan was to 'finish' the map with one update that would fix all the existing issues and add more gameplay modes - the initial contest release only supported the 3 point 'liberation mode (meaning that brest wasn't interesting to a large percentage of players that only played this mode.) This has turned out to be a little further away than I was expecting though so it's been broken down into a few reasonable sized updates.
    Last nights update (which we've been referring to as the Brest lift :))
    Added support for Stronghold mode. Stronghold has been implemented in its most skeletal form so I can gather feedback from its player base. What I found from last nights playtest is that I need to increase the number of capture points and add more point types (DOI added 'destructible' entities as capture points late last year ) Added support for Firefight mode Added support for Intel mode Opened up a number of new paths through the map- one bit of feedback we got from NWI at the judging stage was that the map felt linear. I've tried to rectify this by adding new routes through areas of the map that may of been considered 'dead zones' before- rather than just been glorified corridors these areas have purpose and new gameplay options As the options for players have increased, I've included more cover in key areas to hopefully draw the action to key points on the map. this additional cover should also add more dynamics to fights and stop so many 'in the open' 1vs1s.  
    Next Update - Brest reduction surgery (Eta 1-2 weeks)
    Terri has noticed we've been quite...generous with a number of texture files so we're going to reduce these where possible. Goal is to get the map more lean while not losing any visual fidelity. Squad has given us a number of pointers in terms of scale and other visual updates we can make. Planning on applying as many of these as possible without dying in the process. Gameplay update for the stronghold mode based on the feedback from playtests. Clipping Pass. Really looking forward to this one! match skybox fog/lighting closer to main map. this has been pointed out to me a couple times today.. Apply any additional feedback where applicable. Keep it coming guys.  
    Any questions or additional feedback let me know. I plan of updating this thread up until I feel it's ready for Work Release
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    cashed got a reaction from Radu in The random model thread!   
    @grapen I cant unsee these lines

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    cashed reacted to Vilham in Shiv Rawal - Level Designer   
    If its all one page anyway and it isn't that long I would just kill the navigation buttons entirely.
    As a general note I would suggest you focus your portfolio towards either being a game designer or being a level designer, they are two different roles and while sharing some aspects require a different focus, especially when demonstrating your abilities.
    If you do want to be a level designer you need to make custom levels for games, I doubt you would get answers from anyone if you don't have quite a few on your portfolio.
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    cashed reacted to Yanzl in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive   
    Valve haven't released any documentation for the new shader stuff, but I found some new parameters in Hammer and -tools material editor.
    In Hammer you can add -staticpropbounce to vrad and there's a new setting in prop_static for bounced lighting, but don't really know if it works or not.
    As far as the new vmt parameters go, you can now have 2 envmapmasks and 2 detail textures for blend materials. There's also a new system for adjusting the blend border. On VertexLit they added a seperate tint mask that can also specular mask in the red channel. 
    I already implemented this stuff in VMT Editor https://github.com/Gira-X/VMT-Editor/releases/tag/v1.3.4 
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    cashed reacted to vstmn in [CS:GO][WIP] Carentan (COD2 Remake)   
    Hi there! This is a defuse map I have been working on for sometime. It's a remake of the classic COD2 version of Carentan. Would love some feedback on bugs and how to improve the map.
    Map needs more optimization. Sometimes you get stuck on wierd parts of the map because of clipping. And some spots might need to be lit better. Will make a update to the map when I get some feedback.
    I have set up a server with the map running 24/7 with bots to fill in when no players are around. Server can be joined with IP:

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    cashed got a reaction from rosk in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive   
    I recompiled and the purple went away

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    cashed got a reaction from dux in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive   
    I recompiled and the purple went away

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    cashed reacted to Sersch in totally random texture thread   
    Oh man, all this marvellous Substance Designer stuff here, that's really nice. I can contribute a SciFi trim sheet as my first posting here. It's baked from a high poly created in Blender and textured in Substance Painter.

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    cashed reacted to nikkoship in Day of Infamy - Schlag   
    Some progress screenshots: 

    Redesign of the top graveyard site.

    I've made sidewalks and roads much larger. 

    More big roads

    Redesign of the bottom farm site

    Redesign of the middle site.

    These are the interiors of the buildings in the middle square, they're all connected right now.
    Most prop cover is placeholder, like the endless clones of the same tiger tank 
    The hardest part was making all of the roads bigger, because it caused me to have to rebuild large portions of the map due to the large sight-line changes - but now that it's done, things should move much quicker.
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    cashed reacted to will2k in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    Keywords for this WIP: Moncontour, Locronan, Saint-Suliac
    Un grand salut à tous les amis Bretons de mapcore @leplubodeslapin, @3Dnj, @laminutederire, @Corwin

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    cashed reacted to tr0nic in Mapcore Job Census   
    Hey! I'm a Level Designer at Behaviour Interactive since november 2016. Add me in!  
    Behaviour Interactive
    Website: http://bhvr.com/

    Jérôme ''tr0nic'' Cyr - Level Designer
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    cashed got a reaction from DrywallDreams in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive   
    I recompiled and the purple went away

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    cashed got a reaction from Vaya in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive   
    I recompiled and the purple went away

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    cashed reacted to Vaya in [csgo] de_canal (wip)   
    Venice is a highly unique theme. I've never seen it before in a videogame.
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    cashed got a reaction from Fnugz in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive   
    I recompiled and the purple went away

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