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  1. Two pages and no one message about intro by Santaolalla. What the hell?
  2. Voting, voting... such naive... We will win!
  3. r1ar

    Merry Christmas

    Happy New Year, dear mapcore! I hope in new year all your ideas and dreams will come true!
  4. r1ar

    Goals for 2017?

    - Finish UT4 map... just i'm very lazy to make something after work. - Stop collecting references and start to do something... - Need to learn Photoshop, today i making 98% textures in Substance Designer. - Unwrap without a UV Layout. - Stop to visit "Milf" category on Pornhub. Need something fresh - "Teen" must be great.
  5. r1ar

    POTUS 2016

    Make dollar 33 rubles(today 64) again! Yeah!
  6. So... after one week i have a 50 level pilot in multiplayer and complete company. Now i'm waiting Titanfall 3 or Premium/DLC! And I want it now!
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