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  1. r1ar

    The Last of Us Part 2

    Two pages and no one message about intro by Santaolalla. What the hell?
  2. r1ar

    Quake Champions

    I see you, suka blyat'!
  3. r1ar

    Who's the next French president?

    Voting, voting... such naive... We will win!
  4. r1ar

    Starcraft Remastered

    F2P? Oh my god...
  5. r1ar

    Merry Christmas

    Happy New Year, dear mapcore! I hope in new year all your ideas and dreams will come true!
  6. r1ar

    Goals for 2017?

    - Finish UT4 map... just i'm very lazy to make something after work. - Stop collecting references and start to do something... - Need to learn Photoshop, today i making 98% textures in Substance Designer. - Unwrap without a UV Layout. - Stop to visit "Milf" category on Pornhub. Need something fresh - "Teen" must be great.
  7. r1ar

    The Steam Sale Thread

    My wallet is ready!
  8. r1ar

    What's your 2016 GOTY?

    DOOM and Titanfall 2!
  9. r1ar

    Doom (4)

    A W E S O M E
  10. r1ar

    Playstation 4

    I did it again!
  11. r1ar

    POTUS 2016

    Make dollar 33 rubles(today 64) again! Yeah!
  12. r1ar

    Titanfall 2

    So... after one week i have a 50 level pilot in multiplayer and complete company. Now i'm waiting Titanfall 3 or Premium/DLC! And I want it now!
  13. Looks like true - http://steamcharts.com/app/292730