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  1. I think he's making the scene in UE4? I mean it is in an pretty enclosed space which means that the hallways and rooms mean you can easily not render most of the environment at once.
  2. ​http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Alien_blaster_(Fallout_3)
  3. fallout 4 hype got me makin fanart, gosh darn
  4. ​i havent made the lowpoly yet. the amount of polygons in the hipoly could be literally anything, it doesnt matter
  5. ​It's the hipoly model that's going to be baked down to the low poly, polygons aren't a thing to worry about at this point.
  6. \ I'm working on BB-8 from the new Star Wars film.
  7. ​could you say at what minute/sec specifically?
  8. crossbow work in progress for pvk2
  9. grenade materials heavy w.i.p.
  10. I'm pretty happy with the materials now, any crits?
  11. I was reading about WWI trench warfare so I made a handy dandy trench knife speed-model. (Took around 45 minutes.)
  12. Made a barrel just now
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