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  1. Tripleconcept,saw this ship and imagined how it could be used as housing in different environments. @Sprony: slimey suckers ^^
  2. I´m building up my painting portfolio and would love to get some feedback from de´Core. Loved working on this one, 2hrs in final after ~35hrs
  3. Hey Guys, first year of school is closing in and since it´s been your fault i ended up studying @ DAE in Belgium, you deserve an update. It´s been a great time for me, improved so much on so many things, became a lot more productive and made some cool hitchhike experiences. picture time! Final Exam 3D - Vintage Car Final Exam Preproduction - floating Post Office Preproduction - Tower Vehicle Preproduction - Transform Shopping Center and some free analog works to stay healthy I´m one of the few who did good with Art and Programming. Obviously, just 3% of all students passed all courses for the first semester and I was one of them. Feels good.. and weird, the exams for this semester turned out a lot better, so I´m sure I´ll have no retakes again. Since I´m focusing a lot more on 2D right now and I miss a lot of people I´ll drop out for now, try to get some small jobs and start studying Illustration in Hamburg 2015. Really need to get away from computerz for a while. Cool thing is, i´ll always have the option to come back here and pick up 2nd year. Thank you Core for deep-lifechanging-experience
  4. Tschoppo

    CS:GO Stickers

    maybe this is the problem?
  5. Tschoppo

    Tile Array

    -make a plane -texture it with your tile texture -cut out some rectangles -extrude those down and give them a different texture -tadaa!
  6. awesome, totally digging the style and lightning except for screen 6. Why are the 100% white windows not giving off any light?
  7. really love it, have to check it out. Bamboo Grove kicks ass
  8. on first sight i thought the logo was a giant cyberspace penis
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=33jyoyJNa2c
  10. Just got accepted at DAE, let's see if they can handle one more mapcorian. Big Thanks to you guys, especially Chainsaw n Chimeray for pointing the way ^^
  11. Go to your Brithish Embassy of choice, and ask nicely (seriously they can help you)
  12. I recently adventured into 3ds Max, too. This is what i watched to get me going and it worked.
  13. Thanks for the Feedback back then Sentura, i didnt wanted to revise it too drastic but i´ll try to avoid those problems for future work. I started this one on a long night drive in sweden, closest thing to a live painting i ever did.
  14. @cuplacakes I like the 2nd screen a lot, but the weird shadow in the lower right really bugs me. more meatwalls
  15. http://rvanhoorn.ruhosting.nl/optimization.php?chapter=intro This has all the info you need
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