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  1. Hey mapcore, I`ve just released my latest tutorial for creating a current generation Drone model for videogames in Blender and Substance Painter! The tutorial covers the entire creation process for the Drone from scratch in over 25 hours of 4k video. Everything is recorded in realtime and fully commented on. The course also comes with a 4,5 hour introduction to Blender chapter, that will teach you the software from scratch. In addition to modeling in Blender, you will learn how to texture the asset using Substance Painter and render it in Blender's built-in, Evee real-time renderer. M
  2. @spa Thanks a lot for supporting my work. Let me know if you have any questions. I`ve uploaded the highest resolution screenshots of my tutorial on my blog here
  3. Hey guys, I`ve just released my latest tutorial and my biggest personal project so far - The Ultimate Hardsurface Tutorial for the Turretgun. I`ve been working on this for more then 9 months in my spare time and am so stoked that it is finally ready to be released! This tutorial covers the entire creation process of this high quality, PBR game asset from the block out to the final mesh in over 40 hours of video. All of the important steps and most of the video is commented on, nothing is left out. In addition to modeling in 3dsmax you will learn how to use Modo`s meshfusion in combinatio
  4. Here are the final renders of the Photon Canon that I created for the Blizzcon 2014 artist stage - There will be a tutorial on the asset in the upcoming Vertex 3 book! More highres renders can be found on my artstation ang blog.
  5. Hey guys, Made a new tutorial. This time, learn how to carve holes into your meshes and reveal detail underneath. Video version on cubebrush, text version on my blog. Let me know if you guys have any questions!
  6. Hey guys, Thought this tutorial might be useful for some of you, so feel free to check it out on my blog or in video form on cubebrush. Let me know if you have any questions. Simon
  7. I`ll second what Bram said. Really impressive for a mod and I`m enjoying it a ton, so many good memories when playing!
  8. congrats man, see you soon! Also, this:
  9. i hope brucie makes a guest appearance http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M5bVYOmQZC8
  10. Good stuff, waiting to see where this goes....
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