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  1. But what about the part where it looks like a shitty twin stick shooter where the majority of the enemy AI doesn't attack you? EDIT: While we may not be able to come together and agree about the merit of a genocide simulator, we should ALL be able to agree that gameplay looks a bit shit right?
  2. I rented it for 360 just to see what it was all about. It seems about as good as D3 did at launch, without the server issues I might add. If they can provide the same level of after release support and tuning that blizzard did when they fixed they game w/ loot 2.0 it might actually be really good. I think the story and characters are on about the same plane as most MMOs, Not really sure what people expected from the same company that brought you "Halo 2: Attack of the Giant Squid Monster from Soul Reaver"
  3. The ones that come to mind are: - Fallout 3: Even i really enjoyed played NV a lot more, I was a total sucker for the whole chasing down your dad thing in FO3. Also the mission where you return to the vault absolutely killed me. Little touches in the environmental art had a big impact too. - Bastion: Great characters, unique world, fun game. - 30 Flights of Loving: Amazing amount of world and character building for a game with no dialog, still one of the my favorite video game experiences. - Brothers: Just played this recently. I loved the various people(and other creatures) that helped you out, the bully at the beginning, and of course that last 10 minutes. never played a game that reminded me of old folk tales. Also, am I blind or did we really get 2 pages in without anyone mentioning The Walking Dead???
  4. Thanks DKM. I have a Wii just gathering dust, maybe I should hunt down a copy of the last remake.
  5. Does anyone know if the GC version still had the door opening animation? That was one of the best parts of the original PS version, curious if that still works today...
  6. Is it not coming to PC as well? Seemed like every game with the word "exclusive" in front of it this year is also coming to PC
  7. Remember when there was concern that Sony lost all consumer support during the PSN outage? Yeah, I think they won a hell of a lot of that back.
  8. Didnt much care for the game, but the story was pretty cool. Friend of mine brought up a good point. Booker pilots a bathosphere in Rapture after the fall, that would require having similar to DNA to a certain antagonist from that universe.
  9. Went ahead and finally bit the bullet on Arma II. Now I'm trying to make up my mind on Chivalry.
  10. Jake Gilla

    ITT it is 1999

    I was 12, and I watched whatever this guy told me to.
  11. Jake Gilla

    The Hobbit

    Man I'm out of the loop, I though Guillermo Del Torro was directing this...
  12. Good monitors! I used them for a few years, and haven't been happy with anything I've had since.
  13. A lot of whats already mentioned + Firefly Samurai Champloo The Universe Trigun
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