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    knj reacted to Mazy in December 21st   
    I knew it! The end of the world is EOT taking over the rest of the forum!
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    knj reacted to ⌐■_■ in December 21st   
    I think you're doing something wrong then XD
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    knj reacted to ┌HP┘ in December 21st   
    It was great meeting you all!!!!

    (lol, funny fact, I was listening to that EXACT same track on spotify when I opened this thread)
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    knj reacted to Furyo in Sell statistics   
    If you want actual sales data, you're going to need to subscribe to NPD (and yes their methods for totalling sales has increasingly been under fire with the rise of digital sales). Vgchartz is doing estimates, and are not necessarily far off from the actual numbers, but it's only going to give you a ballpark figure.

    Publishers ultimately are the only ones who know exactly how many units their games sold. Ubisoft would also let its employees know internally, on the intranet, what the actual numbers were. Others don't
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    knj reacted to Vilham in Sell statistics   

    doesn't include digital sales as that data isn't released.
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    knj reacted to D3ads in Metro: Last Light   
    HOLY FUCKING SHIT... *dies*
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    knj got a reaction from Mazy in Farcry 3   
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    knj reacted to Buddy in Anyone into AC3?   

    Random person selection points to Thrik! What a coincidence!

    (sent to pm)
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    knj reacted to ⌐■_■ in Anyone into AC3?   
    you could give it to Thrik as a ''reward'' for keeping this site running?
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    knj got a reaction from LATTEH in The random model thread!   
    some mid-fast scuplt i've just finished - crits very welcome !
    (can some one point me where i can find good matcaps to show a stone surface?)
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    knj reacted to ⌐■_■ in ITT it is 1999   
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    knj got a reaction from ⌐■_■ in ITT it is 1999   

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    knj got a reaction from Minos in ITT it is 1999   

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    knj got a reaction from Zarsky in Dishonored   
    started playing this afternoon, damn i don't know why i've waited for this sooo long, this game is great. The gameplay is free and smooth ass hell, so many ways to do the kill!
    i just LOVE the art style, and on the latest BonusRound, they commpared this to Halo 4, and said that Dishonored ain't got that sweet graphics and light - OMG and those guys call them selfs game crits DAMN
    but i hope this game get the GOTY !!
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    knj reacted to JeanPaul in PainKiller Hell and Damnation   
    Play it.
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    knj got a reaction from Mazy in Hitman: Absolution   
    Finished it liked it
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    knj reacted to ┌HP┘ in Farcry 3   
    It's the fucking call of duty era we live in. Everything is publicized as being the next Michael bay explosions fest, even when it isn't. I hate that with all my guts.
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    knj reacted to Grinwhrl in Farcry 3   
    Exactly like HP said, even Splinter Cell was going that route :/ It's all marketing sadly.
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    knj got a reaction from Evert in dDo is now in open beta. Have fun!   

    "Guaranteed to revolutionize and empower"

    - Hélder Pinto, 3D Environment Artist, Blizzard" <-

    but tbh this is some real shit !
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    knj reacted to ┌HP┘ in dDo is now in open beta. Have fun!   
    Yeah, I beta tested that along with a couple guys in here. It really is an amazing app, extremely powerful and fast.
    Absolutely recommended so support the guys and buy it, they single handedly came out with nDo and dDo which are apps that really makes our lifes easier.
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    knj reacted to KoKo5oVaR in Dear Light Maps !   
    pls it won't be painkiller without lightmaps
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    knj got a reaction from Thrik in Bioshock Infinite (Spoiler free thread)   
    Yea, i'm with you guys, i hope we will combe back to times when we have great SP games, not wasting time to create bulshit MP just to have it, but no one will ever play it !
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    knj reacted to Puddy in Steam Autumn Sale discussion and recommendations   
    Just make sure to quit and uninstall the game right before the ending.
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    knj got a reaction from Skjalg in Hitman: Absolution   
    World of HotWomen !?
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