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    knj reacted to Thrik in The Last of Us   
    That's one sweet deal. Two awesome games to play.
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    knj got a reaction from Thrik in The Last of Us   
    Any one getting New God Of War ? afaik you will get a Demo of the Last of Us with the game, i was planing on buying GOW but with this, i'm more hyped !
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    knj reacted to ┌HP┘ in Disney buys LucasArt, new STAR WARS   
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    knj reacted to Nysuatro in MapCore Job Census   
    Good news! I will be working around mid April for Eidos Montreal as a technical artist on Thief 4!
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    knj reacted to Kosire in de_vannah   
    de_vannah takes place at a hotel in Paris. The map is aimed at competitive play and is still a work in progress but I thought I'd start a thread on it!

    Bombsite A:

    Bombsite B:



    T Spawn:

    These are the first shots I've taken in-game since I did the lightning today, I can obviously see that I need to tweak those enviroment settings hard and use another color correction file instead of de_train. Everything looks so white outside

    Here is the layout from up top in Hammer:

    And the sketch:

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    knj reacted to ┌HP┘ in Starcraft 2 HOTS   
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    knj reacted to Zyn in Cyberpunk 2077   
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    knj reacted to Seldoon182 in The random model thread!   
    I wish I could see a Stargate made by Knj sooner
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    knj got a reaction from Seldoon182 in The random model thread!   
    Some small tweaks in diff, thanks all for tips !

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    knj got a reaction from Seldoon182 in The random model thread!   
    Textures, but please give me some tips and advices, i know my texturing still suck balls, is it readable ?
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    knj reacted to KoKo5oVaR in The random model thread!   
    Well as i enjoy painting over such good stuff why not something like that ?

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    knj reacted to kikette in The random model thread!   
    knj => I love where this is going. If I can suggest you something, this is to put some color into your mesh, by example ; adding some colored moss like this ;

    It could add some interest spot into your diffuse =)
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    knj got a reaction from kikette in The random model thread!   
    Some small tweaks in diff, thanks all for tips !

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    knj reacted to WD in The random model thread!   
    knj - I really lack the knowledge to give you any good advice but I'll give it anyway. Your mayan thing needs some color. something from the yellow-green spectrum. you know, so it looks old. It also looks a bit unreadable from a distance. Use color to separate the different parts of your mayan thingy from each other. And like other say it looks a bit like metal now, might be because of the lighting you use for the pictures or the normal maps having no impact to give that edgy feeling.

    RedYager - You know... terrorists, they aren't the brightest of the bunch thanks for your criticism the model viewer has the tendency to leave normals looking flat as hell, don't know why. The yellow trim has very deep normalmap already and I don't have a clue how the hell arma2 speculars work. They work in a RGB spectrum and the developer wiki says: "here's a math graph how to calculate the specular maps to RGB, have fun" ... so that's why I couldn't get the run down paint to look the way I wanted
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    knj reacted to KoKo5oVaR in The random model thread!   
    My only advice is that it's already impressive enough knj
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    knj reacted to Puddy in The random model thread!   
    My crit would perhaps be that it looks a bit more metallic rather than stoney?
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    knj reacted to RedYager in The random model thread!   
    Knj - That makes my head spin just looking at it, so much intricate detail! Superb work

    WhiteDevil - Such a safe way to transport a Nuclear Warhead What's noticeable to me is the studs/screws overlapping the edge of the crate around the top. Also the yellow painted trim looks a bit odd and flat.
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    knj got a reaction from kikette in The random model thread!   
    Textures, but please give me some tips and advices, i know my texturing still suck balls, is it readable ?
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    knj reacted to SotaPoika in The random model thread!   
    Holy fuck knj, that's so nice looking piece of maya-tech! All I would add if I had similar skill, is some moss maybe. Just a little bit that green stuff growing at some nooks and crannies.
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    knj reacted to 2d-chris in Crysis 3   
    and another one

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    knj reacted to Chimeray in Walking Dead   
    Finished it. Dayum... never shed a tear for a game before this.

    Known bugs and how to resolve:
    1) If the game is choppy during cutscenes try setting shadows to low (or off if it's still the case).

    2) If at the start of episode 3 the game asks if you want to make random story choices because you skipped some episodes then that's a bug. Check if you can see the stats for episode 1 & 2 and if you can see those and have actually finished those episodes successfully then you can just continue by clicking "yes", it wont overwrite. It's just a faulty flag in the backlog (if you exit the game wrongly at some point during credits/stats screen or rewind in certain cases).

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    knj reacted to Kosire in ITT: Post maps/scenes that never saw the light of the day.   
    My absolute favorite map from Modern Warfare 2 that I decided to do for Counter-Strike.
    The map itself contains about 100% custom content taken from Modern Warfare 2 and ported to Source.
    I NEVER got around to building the actual planes outside and the rest of the interior. Also suffering from some horrible bugs in-game, probably due to the massive amounts of brushes in this map.
    These are one of the many reasons why this will never see the light of day lol

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    knj reacted to Thrik in NVIDIA announces gaming console   
    I agree with most of this, although I think what you say is mostly limited to Sony (and now NVIDIA). Nintendo has been getting handheld gaming right for many years, with lots of games that're perfectly suited to quick sessions during train journeys, etc rather than trying to squeeze full-blown home console experiences into a small package like Sony.

    Still, I think people are still generally moving away from dedicated handheld devices simply because their existing devices (phones, MP3 players, etc) can do so much. Who wants to carry a big 3DS or Vita around when they have a relatively powerful iPhone or tablet that can provide fun mobile-optimised gaming experiences? There's always the 'you need buttons and thumbsticks' argument, but do many people really want to play games that need those while on the move? Plus let's not forget that people on the move often have limited pocket room, so carrying these things around is impractical.

    One thing I can say is that I don't see many people using handheld gaming devices, and I use public transport all the time. Playing games on phones sure, but it's a rare occasion that I see a 3DS or Vita out in the wild. And I suspect that even when people do have such devices, they probably use them mostly at home anyway.

    Companies like Sony and Nintendo would be far better off concentrating efforts into funding excellent games for Android and iOS — and any other mobile platforms that become ultra-widespread in the future — rather than putting all their effort into making their own hardware. Lots of people would love to play the games they publish or develop, but aren't willing to invest in or carry their dedicated hardware too. Of course we know this'll never happen.

    One thing I did like in recent years: that Sony-backed phone that was a proper Android phone but also had reasonable gaming controls that could pop out. That was an excellent compromise and I'd love to see more phones and games incorporate such an approach. That's the only thing that makes a huge difference between phones/tablets and handheld consoles: it's very limiting when only touchscreen interaction is possible.

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    knj reacted to ┌HP┘ in 'Paradise'   

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    knj reacted to ⌐■_■ in GOTY 2012 - MapCore picks!   
    half life 3
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