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    Might start to think about it, too
  2. knj


    To get this straight, NO I'm not working on this, but those psychos (as you call them lol) are my friends, and yes I really enjoy trolling you guys here (but I wanted to stop before, and this threat came back to life without my help, due to the last trailer). YES, I'm working on the super chill and NOT aggressive AND not full of NUDITY and SWEARING game, called Wither 3 Hope all is clear now.
  3. knj

    Hitman: Agent 47

    Looks super bleh, and he is not even bold ! Is this the same actor who did the last Hitman movie ?
  4. knj


    Just want to fuck you up even more, and Hatred is on Steam, officially, I've got my tshirt on me and can't wait http://store.steampowered.com/app/341940/
  5. knj

    Breaking Bad

    Well the last season is the best shit you will ever see in a TV series, so hold on to it, and all the even boring parts, have some sort of importance so try to watch it and keep track of all the shit is happening
  6. As for the chainsaw in your leg and several second later you good, that should make you think Yes that game have GREAT bosses, that spired girl is creepy as fuck, but you will see some more crazy shiet. It's a shame cause some times that games is like going from one boss to another. Again bosses are great and scary shit in this game, but most of the levels are just like pointless bridges connecting those
  7. No spoilers. Before I've started playing this, I did read a review (don't remember who did the review), one of the cons of the game was that the chapters and story are not there. Just the basic story to cover the different places you are traveling. At first I was like WTF ? I was sure that there is some clever story behind it, but there isn't Don't want to spoil it to you, but I was expecting smth crazy ect, but You will see by yourself. And the game is boring later on, while I LOVED that village, that survival horror/stealth game, later on it's just pure shooting gallery in that bad way It's a good game, but I was expecting more tbh. As for the hospital with that creepy hot girl LOL, well it's cool but . . . .
  8. IMO half of the game is great, but after chapter 10 is getting boring
  9. But again, great job guys !
  10. knj


    So few facts: - No rage mode - I didn't post that pre-order trailer here, didn't want to make you guys cry again - I'm the first ever who pre-ordered this game, I'm the #1 customer (I'm pretty sure guys would let me have the steam or what ever key for free, but I want to support them) - Before christmas I did visit them and play this game, and it really good shooting game - stop bitching about it you wuusss Ohh and check out #9 http://www.gamespot.com/gamespot-fifty/
  11. I havn't heared about PC lock at 30 FPS, not sure LOL but I would say it's a bull shit
  12. Eh, it was starting to be interesting, soo much
  13. My hometown is a lil less than 50,000, went there to visit my family last weekend, after 5pm that shit is a fucking ghost town, scary as fuck
  14. ahh, that looks good ! all of this !
  15. And yes it will rape your PC and YOU !
  16. Ok, here you got, fresh gameplay !
  17. I'm going to wait until it gets a retail release on the PS4. I don't do digital on console releases (except for the free stuff I get from PSN). U sure whis will happend ?
  18. Finished the Evil within (finally), very good game but started very strong (huge RE vibe) and further I got, the less survival it was. Anyways good game for horror fans. Tomorrow RE HD is out on PS4, can't wait ! I hope RE2 remake like this will be out soon LOL !
  19. I'm getting pretty good at steaks lol
  20. 120 x 4 (bench press) for the last set, starting to getting there slowly
  21. Wasn't there like 1 milion threaths like this ?
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