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  1. I just hope this game will se the light of the day, after Kojima's movements
  2. Unless you want a crazy combo action goingon Still loving this game just as the first one
  3. knj

    Mars One

    Yeah, I've read about it, shame as fuark tho
  4. This is basicly more of the same, and I'm cool with that ! A lil bit too much "story" for my taste, but good music and fucking shit up is good ! Don't know why it has so average reviews
  5. It's jason voorhees tonight
  6. So I forced myself to finish the game yesterday and the game length is the smallest problem this game has. This had such a fucking potential, the world is beautiful and so interesting, yet you cant do shit in it LOL. The graphics are taking so much memory that there is no AI in the game, boss fights are QTE and the story is the most cliche shit ever, you know thats going to happen years before it. Gameplay designers were working for like one evening to came up with this mechanics. Ending is just like a slap in the face, cous I was not pressing the QTE for over 5 min, hoping that maybe I have some control over the story - but FUCK YOU playa, you need to see the MOVIE like we want you to see it. The one thing they should do really good is shooting and cover system. well shooting feels good but the cover system is really fucked up. Many times I had problems with going out of the cover of swaping between those. Again, visually vise this is just WOW, those guys rised the graphicsxx bar a lot ! Music is just great ! But the game is just bleh, frustrating as fuck. It pisses you a lot cause you can't do shit you want to do, and those QTE where if you failed you are dead - WHO DA FUCK came up with this idea - soooooo stupid. Again i got a copy from work, so yeah, wanted to finish it to actually be able to point out how bad this game is, but I strongly recommend not buy it yet, rent it of wait for a price drop, it will happen soon !
  7. This is awesome, since UE4 is free, I got 30 bucks to spend it on market Epic is fucking <3
  8. knj

    GTA V

    DUX sit there and wait ! demyt
  9. knj

    GTA V

    Cant wait for those ! Who want to play this on PS4 ?
  10. Well I do watch walkthroughs on YT when I'm low on time (all the time lol), but if a GAME is better watching on YT than actually playing, you know that some shit is not right
  11. 110% with Joe here ! I'm happy that someone did a REAL review for this game, for fuck sakes !
  12. Saying it short, played it with guys at work, and would not recommend it for the full price !
  13. I bought Blade Runner Blue Ray and Predator BD 3d !!! those movies never gets old, also Rayman Legends good coop game
  14. The sad part is that, after the first time they showed gameplay I was like sa how next gen is only about graphics
  15. knj

    Mars One

    I'm suprised that, there is no threat about it here. http://www.iflscience.com/space/mars-one-mission-whittles-potential-candidates-down-final-100 This is great, I mean wow. Those people have some balls lol, knowing that all you know and love, you will leave behind and fly to mars and basicly die there. But the chance they have to be the first living on a other planet is just MINDBLOWING shieet To be honest, I envy a lil those who will be there. PS. I hope that those guys will have some hot chicks there
  16. http://en.cdprojektred.com/jobs/environment-artist/ Guys, looking for Env art !
  17. Yes, I've heard about that 5h campaign
  18. Who is thinking about getting this ? Dayym I'm so pumped to get this, but I'm afraid this is just a interactive movie
  19. knj


    Still love all of you fukers ! <3
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