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  1. I just will say that the expansions are really big, just like separate games for these days lol
  2. http://www.polygon.com/2015/4/13/8400193/terminator-genisys-trailer-spoiler LOL at trailers these days I haven't seen this one, just saw the Headline on this article, and it's enough for me
  3. No, it's 2016. The same as with Human revolution, CGI exactly one year before release, at least that's what i'm putting my money on
  4. I've heard that this was in production for 3,5 (?) If so, it might be out starting 2016 ?
  5. OMG !!! <3 OMFG ! ME WANT NAUU ! I love how at 1:18 Jenses in standing and behind him, you have those Icarus wings "made" out of that deco O_O
  6. Fuck, now I need to make another scene when this comes out
  7. And again - yes, you are fucked
  8. http://www.polygon.com/2015/4/7/8363739/the-witcher-3-dlc-expansions-hearts-of-stone-blood-and-wine Still can hear Dux's cry
  9. http://uk.ign.com/articles/2015/04/06/the-first-15-minutes-of-the-witcher-3-wild-hunt-ign-first Spolilers ahead . . . .
  10. Nah, He just wants to finally try some decent steak
  11. knj

    GTA V

    Well we'll probably play GTA 12 before you guys get Gta V finally
  12. knj

    GTA V

    PC late Master race
  13. Sprony dude, the best part is that you are looking always at the bright side of shit - not only dark ! Which is what making you so powerful, you can get through any kind of shit - and you WILL ! You know a lot about gamedev, why don't you try to find some work there ? Even if not as a dev, but maybe PR/Marketing or some community shit ? You would be great for that ! Good luck bro ! As for my ? Story of my life - NO woman NO cry, and there is a lot of fucking cry now . . . .
  14. I'm at the 2nd boss, almost killed him last time, almost
  15. knj

    The Walking Dead

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Bi6uYvLSlU AMC's spinn off - while Rick was in hospital, as some of the rumors are saying
  16. This will be in one of the free dlc
  17. This shit is fuking Hard
  18. I'm probably gonna pick this one up today lol No time for sleep man
  19. There is still 2 months left (sorry Dux) till W3 hits your life, so if any of you would like to know the story behind the Witcher One, there is a mod making the game much much prettier. I still haven't played the first one and I will probably try this http://www.nexusmods.com/witcher/mods/669/? And this
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