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  1. This Shit is crazzzyyyy Gimme dat NAU !
  2. Sony game too much great stuff, they WON E3 IMO, but the best conf was done by Bethesda IMO, it was soo fun to watch !
  3. I'm like watching the Doom E3 demo 100th time, and can't get enough of it, WTF this shit is crazy, dat visuals, music and over all fluid smooth game play, OMG this is soooo good ! It's doom, just modern, fuck can't wait !
  4. Well, fuck, they did it again ! I'm depressed, WTF HOW they are doing YT on FAKIN PS 4oooo ? HOW !?
  5. Dude, but the Phantom Pain and the ending of this trailer GAT DEMYT !
  6. ​That is just a reskin of BF, and the map is soo small WTF
  7. ​Really ? Lookd like a reskin of BF, map was small, wasn't that fun as BF from that demo, of course it lookd great, but i think most of ppl are so excited cause it has Star Wars models, lol that is not enough for me, doing another reskin of BF :/
  8. M$ was OK, EA was really weak. ME2 - great ! Battlefron was OK but that's it just OK - WTF ?!
  9. Well XBOX and Xbox 360 games, shiet good move, I would hope for PS4 backcomp, but I have Ps3 also
  10. Still i gotta say, DOOM looks fucking dope !
  11. http://www.gamespot.com/articles/bethesda-e3-2015-press-conference-liveblog/1100-6428070/ If ​someone missed it, as always gamespot has got great coverage
  12. I've missed Bethesda, is it online somewhere ?
  13. Saw Chappie last night for the 3rd time, WTF I just love this movie. Chappie as a character is fucking awesome, a specially as a gangsta #1 LOVE IT ! And DIE ANTWOORD, thanks to this movie I found about them, I just love it ! Great fucking movie, I don't know why so many people don't like it
  14. Sprony asked me about something like that, long time ago so I promissed him some kind of gift, cause I know he is a big fan Also Dux, I remember him playing the shit ouf of 2nd game, is still waiting I know there is a loads of Witcher fans out there, that is very cool I can get something special for some of you
  15. Carbs is energy, you can't do a workout without them, you SHOULD eat them after workout ! Right now on my workout day I eat around 300g of carbs (potates, bread, rice, fruits, sometimes I grad a fast food ect), on my non workout days I'm lower than 200g of carbs. Right now I'm cutting down, it's my more or less 8th week, and I'm doing really good. All of you ppl who says that carbs are bad for you, don't know shit and probably you think so after reading some Men's Health magazine, or some other shit I did read a lot of that shit, been training for years, when I want to gain weight i do it, when I want to loose i do it. If you know what and how much you should eat, that you know all (of course, if you're not pro that is ) LOL Srsly guys, I'm not talking you should be eating over 300g per day, I'm just saying that without carbs you can't gain muscles, you will feel bad and tired ect. Just saying
  16. OMG Dux stop bithin, carbs are your friend if you use them wisly ! Trust me
  17. Just to give you a heads up, as you know (or not) the game was launched yesterday on Steam, they all ready have cash they put in to this project back, so I'm glad they are happy, and the game is COOL !
  18. knj

    Kung Fury

    Was so hyped about it, was srsly over the top in that bad, boring way
  19. Mad max - some cazy shiet !
  20. Finally saw Chappy last night, loved it !
  21. Super glad you guys like it !
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