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  1. There is no threat about it, saw it last weekend and it looks dope. I just don't like how he has a new face, but it's a reboot so . . .
  2. Hmm, Basically I NEED TO discuss the Prologue I NEED TO! Other than that, this game is fucking smooth as melted butter, last game I was hoping to hop in and play was the Witcher 3 and now this. What I don't like is that I'm playing Jack Bauer, still can't get used to this new voice. Other, I really like Troy Baker, but the Ocelot in this game, is way off the tracks. Got this Troy's face and voice is way different that I would expect. I know that every MGS game got a theme going on, like the snake eater was Bond'ish game, and here every mission is like a TV series episode, and seeing after every mission cast, directors, quest stars ect is kinda annoying. Other than that I see how this is Diablo like addicting, to expand your Outer Heaven! The best part is, that many years ago, when I was reading the story of MGS and while playing games, I didn't know WHY DA FUCK, Big Boss wants (and what actually is) Outer Heaven, but Peace Walker and this, explains it and it makes perfect sense.
  3. Played about 5hours and OMG this is soo good! I'm thinking to start a spoiler threat, I have so many question that we migh try to answer! But that prolog OMG! daym, shit this is good!
  4. We had company party last Friday, and going back home in a tram somehow I did lost my wallet. Was super angry, it never has happened to me before. Thanks to that, I had pretty shity weekend. Early Monday, I had a phone call and it turned out some nice lady found it in a tram, and want to give it back to me. I went to her place, she gave me the wallet, and of course I wanted to give her some cash for being so nice, but she refused. Super nice family! That was a close one. Looking at FB late Monday evening, I saw that I have unread msg, and it turned out, they was trying to reach me via FB since Saturday evening. There are still good people on this planet !
  5. Finishing work super early today, and yezz MGSV times guys Was playing GZ all evening yesterday, just to "not waste any time" lol
  6. Can't stop watching the Launch trailer! Jesus, such a piece of art, brings a tear to my eye every fucking time I'm watching it. Such a great saga. I remember when I cried like a lil child after the final clash between Snake and Ocelot/Revoler, at the end of MGS4. This is over half of my life with Snake, man! Can't wait till Tuesday!
  7. http://gamerant.com/kojima-metal-gear-solid-5-displays-946/ Loving this! Oh, and if some of you is not into the MGS lore, i recommend playing or watching the story of Peace Walker and MGS3 - those are the most important games for the MGSV - as for the story
  8. Still cut and directed by Hideo, gat demyt you Konami!
  9. Holly fucking shit, I didn't remember that in MGS IV at the end you had also this track "Here's to you" with Big Boss scene. I'm almost done with the Witcher and can't wait for the next Tuesday!
  10. Super glad It's doing so well!
  11. Got damyt . . . . (was very sceptical about it, and than played the trailer) Ok, I want this! This is such a great franchise, that having it all together in HD, is just a must be for a gamer like me!
  12. Great to hear that, and yes, I love Skellige also, but again, I just did some final polishes not much of "me" there
  13. Thoes this sounds bad? Or you just like Skellige ? srsly not sure what to think LOL R1ar, Thank you sir
  14. Bump! I finally found some time, to update my folio with my W3 work. Lemmie know, what you think! http://knj-art.com/proj_w3.html
  15. http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2015/06/25/warner-suspends-sales-of-batman-arkham-knight-pc/
  16. knj

    The Jurassic World

    Imax and 3d and this is really good movie ! The best one after the first one IMO, which is wayyy over what I was expecting Next week - Terminator
  17. Daym, my plan was to pick it up yesterday after work, but thank God for internet
  18. Even consoles user score is goind downhill, WTF ?
  19. Lol same here I will try this on my PC, but man I'm so not sure about it
  20. Sorry, Was away from Mapcore for some time, big thank you guys really nice
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