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  1. To be honest dude, you would be suprised
  2. You do understand that those terrorist used PS4 to communicate? And do you rembember BF3 mission in Paris with Dima? You remember the date in the game? All inteligence agencies should start to play more video games
  3. Last Weekend during Warsaw Games Week I took a picture of very nice couple PS guy was hiting on X1 girl in Xbox'es booth I posted in on FB and some of my friers tweeted it over the internet. Now this photo is used for memes, and is all around internet gaming forums like reddit ect I feel complete now
  4. Its fucking great, and the story is Top Sci/Fi ! <3
  5. But since than, internet and people are still talking about it, and that's why marketing is doing it
  6. Why marketing? It's just Jose who during an interview was asked about CP, he said that it's bigger than W3, and now internet is swarming with articles around that just one sentence
  7. Yeah, loved it, big screen helps a lot!
  8. Saw The Martian last evening, pretty fucking good!
  9. lol how? I'm sure I'm about that hours count, and I'm 25% ?
  10. Kyle on point, I have even bigger issues with this game, will post it later, but I'm disappointed
  11. Guys! Media, and cash garbing trainers, specially on-line now, makes from diets ect, rocket science. If you want to just get lean here what you need to do: - go to da GYM - start counting calories - DO NOT CUT to zero stuff you like, sweets, fast foods ect, if you cut it out completely, it will get to you hard, and your new restricted diet, will be hell for you, so very quickly you will drop it TRUST ME! and go back to old eating habits. IT as easy as it gets: you want gains? eat more than you metabolism rate daily needs, you want cut? eat less - that is fucking it, I mean as long as you're just a regular guy who want to get bigger/leaner. Of you course you need to do it SMART and not to fuck up you metabolism rate, but if you need more info, hit me UP. Judging by Bevielis respond, that article want's you to cut off carbs? Srsly guys? Some people like it that way, for me no carbs = staying in bad, carbs are energy that your body needs every day just to function, to move, to digest ect. Stop reading to those internet fucking bull shit. I'm the perfect example that it works, IIFYM look it up. It's big controversy cause this how it works. Of course don't eat all calorie from MC or other shit, you need vitamins and other micro elements, but flexible dieting will get you where you want to be, and will not make a HELL out of you diet! Peace !
  12. Yeah man, this is a great game, but I miss my MGS story driven interactive movie LOL, but it's true!
  13. Why there is no threat for this game!? I know it went under radar for most of us (bad timing of launch - it should be out around Halloween) and at first when I saw this game, I was like, bleh next bad horror game, just looking good (visuals). But then the reviews started to drop down, and the reviews were super good. So last Saturday I bought it for my GF to play (gameplay wise it's smth like Heavy rain, QTE ect, but still it doesn't ruin the game). After 30 min she gave me the controller, cause the shit was to intense for her. So I finished the game, she was watching it like a really good horror movie! The story is a little bit cliche at some point, but still fun as fuck! I love this game! The atmosphere is thick and creepy. The visuals are the best you can see up to date, look at those faces man, sick! Environments looks just gougers, many times i thought it was just photo! Many great ideas like the butterfly effect, like the doc talking with you and many more. Every choice you make will make a difference, that's why now, even that I know the story ect, I think want to replay the game and try to keep everyone alive till the dawn - don't know if that's possible tho. Anyways, If you're into horror games, I strongly recommend to pick it up! It's like 8-10h of game play, but it's worth the money.
  14. Same here guys saw just a glimps of that, and it was sooo boring to wach, stoped that. And that map i soooo small WTF !
  15. knj

    The random model thread!

    That is fucking nice man!
  16. I really enjoy this game, but got this is what I was afraid of, open world doesn't work as good as a linear MGS experience. It works maybe for a gameplay, but narrative and story immersive is broken - I mean i preferred linear MGS games. Don't get me wrong, I know why they went open world and it fits the whole Mother Base and PMC thing, but It's not that tight with the story.
  17. Hmm but side ops mix with main story at some point (at least that is my feeling about it). Spoliers as fuck, but I need to touch this:
  18. HOW? The camera control is very smooth, never had problem with it
  19. OMG Mazy, hold on and take care! My condolences!
  20. I can't connect to servers, ongoing maintenance all the time!
  21. Thats is true, the servers are, hm are there any?
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