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    [UDK] Island

    First what i saw was the Eat 3d Introduction to UDK DVD :-) but it is cool, work and try to go further You need more contrast overall, and work on you ligting, right now it is still flat and not interesting in terms of lighting and i dont know how to help you, but work on textures, just like someone said they are very noisy but i assume you are using UDK assets good luck
  2. knj

    Sci-Fi interior

    Hi there, im new here and i want to say "Hi" to everyone and i have a request, can anyone post some links where i can find nice sci-fi (future) design elements ? i was looking in google, but what i can find is only some nice digital paintings, but not as detailed as i would want to, i tried star treck movie and staff like that, but any help would be great thank you in advance
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