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    Your advice . . .

    I've just started my internship and my first model is that vase you see above. Can you give me some of yours advice in terms of workflow. I'm not worried (for now) about the modeling part, but about texturing all that. What you think would be the best approach. Find some old greek painting smillar to that one and make some alphas in zbrush (HP), or only use crazy bump or smth similar to generate normals (but will it look any good ?) it needs to be nicely detailed. i will probably go with alphas in zbrush, but i would love to see what are your workflows for object like this // edit but
  2. That right, but SONY's advice is to change password anyway. I'm a little worried about my credit card, i think it might be smart to block your card for a week or so.
  3. lol i love this website :-) portal 2 review is great
  4. i saw only the trailer, and it gave away too much in my opinion ;/ looks a little like Deja vu ? wich was pretty good movie in my opinion. recently i saw RE:afterlife, what makes the movie connected with the game, are name of some characters, the movie is pretty much week and not worth watching
  5. knj

    CMS portfolio ?

    So, what do you think about someone who has its portfolio running on cms like cargo or something else? Is it wrong ? for example, level designer should design great levels but cant design his own portfolio ? what do you think ?
  6. I have started playing Crysis 2 yestarday, at first i was sceptical, but after couple of hours it really turned out nice. I was afraid that the gameplay will be just like any others FPS. I must say i played first crysis just for less than an hour so i don't have "crysis background". I like that city jungle theme a lot and in my opinion it was good desicion to move out from a jungle in to a big city. Quick save - to be honest with you i think quick save option every 5 sec of play would make that game to easy. If someone is really new to FPS games, ok i can understand that, so maybe oldfasion
  7. Two days ago i've started playing Batman: Arkham Asylum and i just love it, BulletStorm - I would LOVE to have that game in polish, have all that swearing in my native language - priceless
  8. Actually i didn't watch the video until now, i assumed that the vido is in german, and my german is low but thank you any way
  9. http://crysis.4thdimension.info/modules ... e&sid=1224 Is this 100% sure? and do you know some more detailed dates ?
  10. knj

    Feedbacj / help needed :)

    I bloked it out in UDK, i think showing screens here at this point doesn't have any sens at all so i will just show that map to my team, and if needed i will make some adjustments
  11. knj

    Feedbacj / help needed :)

    Yes that's what im trying to do i did layout that map only with a BSP brushes and flow is pretty cool, i think. Now it's time to put some items around and play with balance. I made this post becouse maybe someone of you might see BIG design mistakes or something else, but thank you any ways
  12. Hi, im trying to layout my (i might say) first map. I have read a lot of articles about flow, balance ect. But it is still really challenging, so that's why i would love you to give me some tips and feedback on my layout. First of all, this map is for my school project. It is single player - killing bots map, small, fast. For now i know that rest of my team will make 2 types of enemies and 1 boss. White lines is a ground level and red lines is level +1, places where is number 1 - i'm planing to make a stairs or smth like that number 2 - is platform / elevator and room with
  13. Ohh sorry, didn't want to make a trash topic here, admins can delete this if it is a problem
  14. Hi there, im new here so maybe you have seen this work, but i will take my luck and post a link to Blade Runner scene, http://www.pcgameshardware.com/aid,6843 ... ages/News/ this is not something new, but it is very impressive, i was looking for some blade runner refs and find this. All info is there
  15. knj

    Sci-Fi interior

    You have just proved me that i just dont know how to use google thank you so much
  16. knj

    [UDK] Island

    First what i saw was the Eat 3d Introduction to UDK DVD :-) but it is cool, work and try to go further You need more contrast overall, and work on you ligting, right now it is still flat and not interesting in terms of lighting and i dont know how to help you, but work on textures, just like someone said they are very noisy but i assume you are using UDK assets good luck
  17. knj

    Sci-Fi interior

    Hi there, im new here and i want to say "Hi" to everyone and i have a request, can anyone post some links where i can find nice sci-fi (future) design elements ? i was looking in google, but what i can find is only some nice digital paintings, but not as detailed as i would want to, i tried star treck movie and staff like that, but any help would be great thank you in advance
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