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  1. knj

    Your advice . . .

    First of all thank you for great links and loads of info, i was testing all afternoon today, i do understand the wavy lines issue, so at the end of the day i made several bakes of my vase, hmm i have some improvement (the bottom part looks nice now) the top part is a lil better, but still far from good
  2. this is . . . i don't know what to say, WTF ? will it ever end ?
  3. knj

    Your advice . . .

    Thank you HP for the tips, so i started my tests, and what i did 1. model the vase base from scratch 2. flip every other triangle to get the nice shading 3. uv that model (only cylindrical mapping) i know it is not great, but i left it as rectangels just for tests, 3. in zbrush, added some random alphas 4. xnormal baked the normal map 5. in maya it looks like this much better, BUT 6.i have some artefacts some help ?
  4. As far as i known we should get playstation plus fo 30 days free, did they break this down ? and yes, games that playstation is offering are worth shit now
  5. doesn't matter to me the pc version, i got ps3, so i was just thinking how was it in the past (like GTA) pc ver way after ps3/xbox, but you might be right there
  6. Hmm maybe you are right, but it really doesn't matter to me
  7. Last saturday i went to se the Unknown, it is pretty good, some nice story twists there
  8. haha yeah HP are you 100% sure it won't be available on PC ? it is still a rockstar production, they like to say "This game is only for consoles" and after several months, "here you are pc gamers"
  9. In poland it is going to be in stores on friday, damnnnn
  10. knj

    Your advice . . .

    OMG Bunglo, thank you sooo much for those links above, there are so many things i didnt even know that are so important, hmm i will do some "tests and practice" and maybe tomorrow i will start my vase, probably from zero //edit this is mostly what i did wrong, http://www.polycount.com/forum/showthread.php?t=66651 is there some script to do it, or just by "hand" ? or maybe some other solution ?
  11. knj

    Your advice . . .

    Thank you soo much for feedback, i didn't start to model HP model, i've just added some extra edges to create a smooth mesh and check out how my normal map will look, and after seeing this i just tried (3-4) different uv layouts. hmm i was aiming for broken handle look.
  12. knj

    Your advice . . .

    Ok so yestarday i've started doing smth, but i'm sooooo frustrated, so i've modeled the vase then i've add some edge of control to make a smooth mesh (it is trangulated) then i've layouted uv's on lp (i'm aware of some streachings) using xnormal i've baked normal map after using that normal map in maya, my model looks like shit is this becouse of bad uv layout ? or i've fu**ed with my smooth mesh ?
  13. war never changes, and MW never changes, but shit i'm still gonna buy this game for single player, ehhhh and i know it probably will be shit but . . . .
  14. Hitman, i just love that game play and i know that you will do your best looking forward to it
  15. PS3 ver, just ordered it
  16. New Team. New Console Project. Alien IP. Go Alien, but what about Colonial Marine ?
  17. knj

    Last Rain

    Is it just me, or this is too gray ? i would throw some small lights or ambient to break it a lil
  18. PC gameing here,still i love my PS3
  19. I just red that the PSN will be UP at 31 may (!!!) long time still to wait . . .
  20. knj

    Your advice . . .

    Thank you a lot guys, i haven't have lots of time lately, i just did LP model i start working in zbrush to get this destroyed look (yes, it turned out is must be damaged). After some work is done, i will post it here for you to take a look
  21. To be honest with you gyus, im pretty much fcking disappointed. It has been almost 3 weeks, and PSN is still down. They better come with some good treats for PSN users and try to make them believe again in SONY and the playstation.
  22. knj

    Bin Laden is DEAD!

    Don't know why, when i red about it this morning, it was like a normal ordinary news, hmmm strange, maybe becouse, never thought this day will come
  23. ekhm, that was my first ps3 game and i really liked it ! i've just finished Dead Space, and tonight i will start Dead Space II. It was so long i finally set with Dead space and really loved that, specially ZERO G gameplay
  24. knj

    Your advice . . .

    Yes they are also helping me, but i really respect you guys here, thats why i made this post.
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