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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cvvEKwX9OHY some more NYC action
  2. I don't know about FC3, hmm the FC2 was ok but i got bored really fast, this is looking very similar And yead, it looks like now a days photographers got strong military background lol ;-)
  3. NYC was fucked up so many times in terms of games, that i feel sorry for that city
  4. Ok this is really looking good Seir, this is MUST BUY for me to support the polish gamedev :-) chrome engine is doing good must say that ! about the trailer, it must sux soooo hard to be on giant hangover and need to kick some zombies asses
  5. This movie is not avaible regarding EA's copy rigths bla bla bla
  6. So what games have you downloaded ? for me, wipeout and ratchet and clark was the best they gave away
  7. This is looking FUCKING good, but yeah, e-freak is right, heads are looking a lil too big
  8. true, true, but what about MGS the first one ? IMO the best one :/
  9. knj

    Your advice . . .

    sure, here it is
  10. that's it, this game is officially crap
  11. That's right, it is super awesome for you i guess to get this good reviews great job
  12. knj

    Your advice . . .

    So, i finally found some time, and made lod's for my vase. 1.700 tris is close to player model it took me about 3h, but my workflow was: 1. i was working on triangulated mesh, i removed almost every edge ring, and then removed verts to get lover geometry 2. again triangulated my model 3. by hand tweeked some edges to get shading right if you got some trick, please let me know and what about texturing, i know that for example Unreal U. is taking care of textures, but do i need spec and normal on my lods ? i know it depends on distance, but what do you do commonly?
  13. Nice, i watched the trailer again more careful and before i didn't understand some stuff, now i get it, it is really sequel to Aliens
  14. Yeah, every trailer they are releasing is epic, but most of the epicness is the music, McCann is in da SHAPE ! i just hope the game is going to be at least half that good as the first DEUS EX
  15. Looks like it, BUT if they are saying that on the ship (USS SULACO) are cv's - Elen Replay and Berg, what about Netw ? and how the hell Berg is still alive ?
  16. lol, but to be honest, i rather wait and get a good Deus Ex, than get it early but crappy and shity game
  17. knj

    Your advice . . .

    Thanks a lot, this is vert helpful. for now i will leave this model as it is, today maybe tomorrow i will start working od LOD's
  18. Sucks, lol. true true, but sfx are niceee, even artists working on that mowie said, that is weak as f . . .
  19. Yeah, great work you guys some nice ideas
  20. So, my turn, just simple 1/1 level, small fast, just level design, using UDK assets (no time to make own), it is my uni assignment it turned out as a small, a lil destroyed industry complex
  21. micro machines rulz :-(
  22. Froyok i really love it, the atmosphere (without the green library lamps) it would be some medevil theme, you should polish it up, it has got lots of pottential
  23. http://ghostrecononline.uk.ubi.com/ From trailer it looks kind of like Metal Gear online wich might be a good thing, i really enjoyed Snake online. I did apply for beta and want to see whats comming, it is free to play, but as some ppl say pay2win
  24. knj

    Your advice . . .

    Thank you for your feedback, i have the same thing about those cracks, but i was so frustrated to finish the first atempt that i had to leave it like this hehe ok and just to let you know, it is render from UDK
  25. knj

    Your advice . . .

    So last sunday i started the whole process from beginning (without lp modeling) just for practice this is my result i have some issues like streaching textures and not perfect normals, but what do you think ? the most time i've spent on texturing, all the paintings are hand made. I'm pretty happy with the result, although it is not perfect this shot was taken from "danger close" range
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