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  1. Graphic wise it is looking good, but still this game doesn't have THAT selling point to me, for me is just better fallout 3 - or i'm missing smth ?
  2. check this out http://forums.epicgames.com/showthread.php?t=710137
  3. knj

    The random model thread!

    Not much to say Basically, there are 2 cylinders connected, a cube on top, and cylinder as a column. I've started with half of one cylinder, i've cut faces to make details, extruded a connection and mirror it to get the shape of a capital (top part). Next i've moved down to make the detailes below and make all the other details The column itself is really a cylinder with some cuts in it. Hope it is clear, i assume it is looking ok ?
  4. knj

    The random model thread!

    I've spend some time to make it better, but still i have feeling that smth is wrong, some tips guys ?
  5. knj

    The random model thread!

    looking good, while doing the rest of the gun, put some more details on it, now the clip/mag is too deteailed comparing to rest imo
  6. lmao, true true for me - remake MGS1 (fuck twin snakes)
  7. People are afraid of new things and changes, i'm disappointed that Kydd is'nt scoring this game, but i have a trust in IO and i'm looking for new great hitman experience
  8. And be prepared for the UK's beautiful weather :-)
  9. knj

    latest south park

    Yeah, great one, but so true, when you hit some years (not 10 actually) the life is looking like real shit, ahh
  10. ambient music similar to that in deus ex, and Adam's voice is really just like JC Denton's, great
  11. IMO, those watermarks in Game Art Portfolio are bad idea, or the company ask you to do this ?
  12. knj

    2 questions

    Hi guys, i hope this is a good place to ask, can you shoot me with some links, tips - everthing is welcome - on how to create wet surface like after rain ect ?
  13. nice man, nice, but my critic - these sand textures look more like sand-rock rather than pure sand, or is that what you are aiming for ?
  14. shit, i don't know what to think about this game, i'm not like "WOW RAGE!" i'm more like, "ehh rage". It looks good but it doesn't feel fresh and for me it isn't interesting in terms of buying this, for now
  15. same here, little like terminator 4 trailer,
  16. it will prove that you can tak a box, take a shit inside, close it, make a nice cover that everyone will love, and you will sell it as a best gift eva, or it will prove that ppl love DUKE so much
  17. I saw the demo gameplay yesterday and it was really crapy. Someone who is working with this game said, that Duke has somany fans all over the world, that they don't care about reviews and stuff, they KNOW this game is GREAT and they know that it will reach sky high selling . . .
  18. This might be lame question, but Jesper Kyd still working with the music ?
  19. knj

    The random model thread!

    more greek stuff from me
  20. Sick, but it does'nt look any sacry at all, it is still survival horror right ?
  21. Is it still possible, sign up for beta ?
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