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  1. knj

    procedural FPS

    LOL, ok it desn't matter soo sexy man !
  2. knj

    Xnormal bull shit !

    And here's some concrete stuff Thx Bunglo
  3. knj

    Xnormal bull shit !

    Thanks for basics no my issue there, but hey, one rep is bettter than non fuck yeah
  4. knj

    Xnormal bull shit !

    Hahaha no fucking reps ? Ok, so i still don't know why Xnormal was fucking ID index, but i've downgrade Xnormal, and it looks that it is fine for now
  5. knj

    Xnormal bull shit !

    Hi, i have a problem i have a model and i need to use cage to get nice normal map, so what i do: in maya i use my LP model, copy it and tweek some verts to get it right (i only move some verts, nothing else) after that i export cage as .obj in x normal, i assign HP mesh, lp mesh and tell it to use external cage, after hiting bake, i get window pop up, and info that some of the verts in my lp and cage mesh has diferent vertex index, which is highly imposible becouse cage is basicly a LP with some verts moved, the funny thing is that i did that same with that same lp model, before and ev
  6. knj

    The random model thread!

    http://wiki.polycount.com/NormalMap#Baking try this, your model is fairly simple, mostly flat surfaces, you just need to explode these elements
  7. So who finished the game ? i just got to Vice, and this game is getting boring ;/ the cases are really easy, ehh
  8. Seir, PCF - great good luck to you, couse looking at your shit i just know you got that job
  9. Like it, just don't like the orangish fog, hmm, i know that bluish + s/f corridor are used too much, but still that orange doesn't fit for me there
  10. finally got my hands on it, i'm a ps3 user, got this on xbox - need get use to controler, after couple hours of playing hmm, it is fun but . . . smth is missing there, going to play it more later today
  11. Yeah man, this is really cool how much time this far you've spend on it ?
  12. Hell yeah, heard about this game few weeks back, looks sick, unique and deep game, really looking forward to play that
  13. knj

    The random model thread!

    Mr. Happy thanks for a feedback, it will help :-) but i've seen so many pic's of columns and i can say that there are LOADS of different variations of columns, i used ref where the spirals are the same thickness all the time
  14. That's great news, fuck, i ain't got time to play with it for now
  15. While waiting for Absolution, this morning i've started again i love music in last hitman, i hope the "new music guy" is know what he is doing . . .
  16. Is it even possible that FrostBite will go SDK ?
  17. knj

    The random model thread!

    Same here, the first shoot with small station was ok, but this is way to repetitive
  18. maybe i'm wrong, but didn't Rage was supposed to be apocaliptic racing game at FIRST ?
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