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  1. Hmm how i could miss those shots. i don't know, but first thing what came to me was this is to clean, as you guys said, looks like plastic toys. but the trailer is pretty awesome, hope this won't be a DNF-deja vu
  2. thx for a tip, i will work on the surroundings but basicly the castle is a background to my scene, so i won't put too much work in to it
  3. Fallout 3 in a good way ? even in castle you have to take a dump
  4. So i started to play with CE3 yestarday late night, great tool ! here is my WIP I need to say that i only played with the assets placing, after that i will go with some post process and stuff right now i'm at about 50-60%, i still have some ideas in my head
  5. Thx HP for earlier rep, but i have another problem: accordingto crydev.net in terrain editor i can but got "load image failed" every time i tried. I tried with 16-bit .bmp, with .raw and still nothing, any tips ? ok, problem solved, i was saving bmp files as 16 bits, not 8 bits
  6. yeah i'm using this informations, and it is just great source for learning CE3 !
  7. All you crytekers, can you tell that, when i'm in RollupBar and browsing through brushes/objects, is there any possible way to take out the object preview window out of there and make it much bigger ? or what i can just do is make RollupBar widther ?
  8. Same here, i like FPS with 3rd person view as cover system/action ect
  9. Finally i got time today to check this shit out ! Playing with it and listening do Crysis 2 OST - it's pretty damn sweet
  10. hahaha yeah, cool you can use them somehow OMFG at that vid, and that sound efxs, can't wait to fly one of the jets !! can you tell me how BF3 will run on PS3 mapsize wise ? on ps3 it is 24 players max (?) and PC ver is how many - 64 ? does ps3 ver will have that same maps (as big as pc's ?) want to know that, becouse i'm geting ps3 ver and/or pc
  11. knj

    The random model thread!

    Looks cool, but whats bother me in design is that, those planes on sides, they don't have any parts to strengthen them on a bottom, looks like it is going to fall of or broke any moment
  12. knj

    The random model thread!

    The Issue that e-freak pointed out, might not be light map issue, can you post your uv's for normal? And Rick_D is right, there is missing one edge loop IMO
  13. Would love to go, but week days for me are too busy, have a good time there guys, and good luck with the seminar Maybe next year
  14. I agree, the roofs are making all the diference, it is starting to gettng along really nice, good job,
  15. knj

    The random model thread!

    As i said, here is some shit i've been working till today, hope you can say word or two (i will take those links down in a lil while) 1024 on all textures n/d/s
  16. knj

    Your beginnings

    Hahahah LMAO - so i'm good compering to you
  17. As far as i know, you can't animate it
  18. I'm looking forward to it, herd about it before, and it is impressive
  19. knj


    Basically Facebook Win ?
  20. knj


    So guys, how it's going with G+ is it any worth it ?
  21. Really cool, Great visually
  22. Does they ship to Europe ?
  23. knj

    [HP] ~ 3D Sketchbook Thread

    don't fucking lie to me !!! i can see tris: 0 - da fuck, how you did that, tell us !!!! but seriously, great job on that vehicle !
  24. but i want regular edition, i don't care about Adam's J. figure and shit
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