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  1. So the 2014 is almost finished! It's crazy how time flies! For me this was a life changing year. 2013 was already a great year for me, but 2014 was epic! So I can't wait to see what kind of new things are waiting for me around the corner! I want to wish you all the best in the upcoming year. I wish you loads of fun, good times and I hope all your dreams come true! Any new year resolutions? For me, I'm being serious now, I'm going to stop drinking, get in shape, and get back to martial arts practice. This is going to be gut Love ya all !
  2. knj


    Well Game mailed then, that this was a bad decision and they are back
  3. The last trailer was just, hmm let's called it bad. But guys, there is no DOWNGRADE in graphicssss
  4. knj

    Mapcore Meetup 2015

    I think we can actually die during the party process LOL
  5. Sorry guys, but this is all for the good !
  6. It will be hard to get the collectors edition
  7. Holy FUCK ! This made my day, I just checked (cause that would be stupid as fuck), I thought that the guy (Sam Worthington) who played Marcus Wright (T: Salvation) and the guy (Jai Courtney) who is playing Kyle in this new shit is the same actor - BUT NO LOL, they look very similar to each other And now I'm looking at Jai Courtney (Kyle in new Terminator) that he played in Jack Reacher, Die hard 5.0 - movies that i Was sure Sam played LOL OMG PFF
  8. Again, why Eidos didn't ask me to do art for this game ?
  9. Well, I will just leave this threat, nothing to see here . . .
  10. Only 12 300 worldwild. fuuuuck
  11. Well CGI looks bleh, and why the theme at the end got the guitar sound to it !? WTF
  12. Well you are 100% right, but sometimes I like to eat those, and to be honest, it is not as expensive as I thought it would be
  13. Free theme !! <3 you need to open this vid in YT
  14. Dux is right, I hate when ppl say "I eat so little during day that It's fucking impossible that I'm still fat" <----- Had to try several protein/carbs/creatin bars
  15. I've played soo many games this year LOL (not really) for me it's South Park: The Stick of Truth, hands down
  16. knj

    The Jurassic World

    Still better than the new one
  17. knj

    The Jurassic World

    I doubt that someone have high hopes for this movie TBH
  18. knj

    The Jurassic World

    No threat about this yet ? http://www.polygon.com/2014/11/25/7282165/jurassic-world-trailer
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