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  1. Sorry, I'm not here very often :)

    Just came back from Africa and my time off, after E3 madness ;)
    Super Happy you guys are liking what you see.
    It was a super buys time, but I'm glad it turned out that good.
    Minos actually, was able to witness the time I've spend on the end run, while working on it :)

    The biggest fun for me, are those reaction videos on YT. I was sure the opening scene is total shiet ;) but when people started to WOW'ing it, I was like - OK, maybe it's not that bad :)

  2. Hahaha Same here dude, just woke up for - in my mind - the best E3 conf, and that was it?! WTF :D

    Going back to XBOX conf it was really good, but I am really really confused what is the point of having like 3 different versions of the same console? I' really getting lost here. I understand that with X they are going super fast, strong hardware, but if that is the case, what is the S version, and who will buy it - if you can have X which is the strongest?

  3. Well that new IP "A Way Out" looks really interesting, can't wait for it, I'm a sucker for good CO-OP games, and those are rare as fuck!

    Interested by the BIO Ware game also, NFS looks good, I mean just LOOKS good, Frost Bite is the shiet, but I was super disappointed by the last NFS, so here I have low hopes.

    I was blown away by the Battlefront 2 trailer, this "IN ENGINE FOOTAGE" keep in mind it's not "IN GAME FOOTAGE" looks like a fucking movie, WTF :D really hyped for this game, TBH mostly for the SP!

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