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  1. Militar police band playing Aquarela do brasil with some Dutch cool band, in the world cup http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_G7PztTIv-c#]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_G7PztTIv-c Awesome... it would nice to see police playing more music and using less tear gas and rubber slugs on the people.
  2. some stuff i made for the 1024 cube competition
  3. will buy this console. And Mario Kart8. And Bayonetta2 (with bayonetta1 together). And smashbros. Awesome.
  4. i think the top right screenshot, is a little confusing... i cant distinguish what is foreground, what is background... i don't know if will be any parallax on that (could help a little on the issue) but all the shapes are kind of mixing together... But all is awesome Keep it on
  5. Thurnip

    What I'm Working On

    omfg. T_T im moved.... so great
  6. Good stuff Absolute good taste. I like the SD characters.
  7. Thanks for all you guys, thanks for your support! We're glad with so many good comments
  8. Yep, decided to post all the Origami weapons once for all The idea to release one per day, didn't proved to be so good as i thought Origami Nova Origami Sawed Off Origami P250 Origami P90 Origami P90 Alternative Color Origami AUG
  9. yep, added one more skin to the collection :D

    1. Thurnip


      one per day, until friday http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=264032579

  10. oh.... never thought about deagle can be a good idea
  11. Hello Guys! today i uploaded the first weapon of a new collection designed by my girlfriend and me (also, uploaded two new on Kami, just because both were already made...)
  12. not much ppl saw the original comment, so here it is Just finished a wallpaper for (android, probaby other) phones On the phone: Download version: ]http://arthurdepadua.com/downs/mapcore_wallpaper.png and some insight of the concept and process to make it:
  13. Just finished a wallpaper for (android, probaby other) phones On the phone: Download version: http://arthurdepadua.com/downs/mapcore_wallpaper.png and some insight of the concept and process to make it:
  14. I like that game. Ill try to download. i just think the stars are a little off your art direction. You could use other symbol than star or try to make stars more simple and stylish as the rest of the game. But seems cool and simple to play (like, hundreds, eliss, that kind of stuff)
  15. anyone knows what how reset to my channel box to default? im following a tutorial and my channel box don't shows object's parameters http://i.imgur.com/YGZUb5X.jpg :/

  16. just add this song (or any from Xcom ost)
  17. http://www.gdcvault.com/play/1020808/How-to-Turn-a-New very interesting post mortem on GDC
  18. anyone knows how to turn off this red/yellow visualization for the edge/vertex editing in Maya? http://imgur.com/jWE2EhJ

    1. Pampers


      you have soft selection turned on

    2. Thurnip


      awesome ! now i see what that means :D

      I think I activated this by mistake! thanks!

  19. Yeah, you can change it. Use the CS SDK and edit your submission. But make a backup of your description. Sometimes the CS Go SDK crops the description you added via website.
  20. Thurnip

    Tip of the Day

    Illustrator Using eyedropper tool, with SHIFT key, samples only the color of an object. Useful when you need to get one specific tone from a gradient fill. Or sample a color from a text to another text field, without getting the type style, only color. This can be powerful when combined with X key, to swap between stroke and fill colors.
  21. Thurnip

    Tip of the Day

    Helpers: http://arthurdepadua.com/tip/helper01.png http://arthurdepadua.com/tip/helper02.png http://arthurdepadua.com/tip/helper03.png http://arthurdepadua.com/tip/helper04.png http://arthurdepadua.com/tip/helper05.png Photoshop Did you know? When you select multiple layer folders and click on the small arrow with ctrl key pressed, you can open or close all the selected folder?
  22. yo dudes! how are you doing? today i released three new weaps for the Pulse collection. I was good to come back to one of the first series i made and improve some (parametric) stuff on the finishes tool, like to know better how the position, rotation phong values etc works... I'm huge fan of the solution valve found to create variation for the drops, with those values. The Pulse Aug The Pulse Tec 9 The Pulse AWP added: the offset variation i told up there ^
  23. Thurnip

    CS:GO Stickers

    Hello dudes! how are you doing? finally i managed to finish two stickers.
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