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  1. adding some details, but yet a little lost and confuse about how to make it look more interesting About overall brightness: In my Q3 client, the map looks fine, but in screenshots looks very dark, There's a good way to see if the map is with a good ambient light?, not too dark, not too bright? i was about to upload a new version, but there's not much changes and one trim texture is missing. Also, the tex is still missing when running TA. So no idea where that texture came from. I think i need to clean up my q3 (working) folder.
  2. i've selected a bunch of materials from stock q3 to use in the map... Cool all those stuff is modular
  3. 1: thanks! 2: oh, ok! 3: i'm using group to keep easy to select stuff on radiant. eg. stairs, or a piece of detailed wall. 4: thanks! Missing texture: strange. I'm only using stuff from base_wall, base_floor from default quake. I'll set up a clean install to search for the missing tex. Thanks! Update: Fixed the missing tex. i was using base_wall/basewall04_rept, replaced using base_wall/basewall04 and it's working now. Thanks !
  4. some new images today i added some items and detailed the higher corner of the map... probably i'll comeback on that area in a future. and today's build... with working bots, probably http://arthurdepadua.com/labs/leveldesign/q3trnp1.pk3 Please, comments are appreciated I'm a little insecure about the gameplay... Oh, and i gathered some questions i have, maybe there's someone around who could help me 1-Some places im using texture with scale 0.25 instead of the default value of 0.5. This is a good pratice? this can break my map? or is just a matter of size of texels? And there's someway to make the default value to be .25? cause sometimes i need to change this value everytime i apply a texture to a brush 2-What is the different between nodraw and caulk? 3-using func_group is a good pratice? it have any impact on the game itself, or it's just a way to keep elements together, inside gtkradiant? 4- On some brush faces pointing up to the sky, should I use sky texture or caulk texture on those faces? i'm using sky texture...
  5. hum.... my quake3 are not running this :/ usually i set sv_pure 0 and run the map using devmap mapname.bsp... This should work, right?
  6. I remade the acid chamber. now has a glass case with that gourgeous alien pattern... Idea taken from q3dm11, deva station. There's a heavy armor on that green spot. two more before going to sleep
  7. i think the shadows are too hard, too dark. Are you planning more lights to change this? keep it on
  8. hahaushduahsduafpjkasfl;kjawsf at first, it was bad... then got worse
  9. Working the visuals. I want to use only stock textures Screenshots are dark. I think my brightness setting on q3 is messed up. And my radiant (1.6) is having some problems to compile bot files (aas, correct?)... there's some setting i need to change to make it work properly?
  10. yesterday i worked a little on it I tried to make a shader similar to quake1 splitgate to use on the teleport, but using Q3Ase i replace and lost my other shaders, for my other project anyway, in feeling more comfortable using radiant and using shortcuts, and getting a little faster
  11. Excited! Gameplay looks pretty fun The art direction is absolutely gorgeous! Valve should take care Maybe overwatch will be f2p? as Heroes of the storm and Hearthstone?
  12. Ok. hard reset on the map, trying to make something more simple, so i have a chance to finish it How do you guys usually test the gameplay?
  13. Hello! This is my try for the contest im trying to make a level for q3 for a while, but never finished one... So i'll try to finish this one. First i tried something more vertical, like q1dm4 or q2dm2 (hangar) but... im not sure if this is a good start.. or if vertical maps are harder to get right... I'll try a little more with this
  14. Thurnip

    CS:GO Stickers

    Yes, Rekt is now in the game via community capsule 1 - it was accepted as a post-release replacement for one of the stickers that infringed copyright (and by extension Valve's T&Cs). Thanks for the kind words! edit: just saw your portfolio - impressive map collection! I loved Gwailior again? i mean, another sticker was removed because of copyright? or it was the Howl sticker? awesome work, as usual )
  15. We must have something like this: omg is that a fan piece? is there a higher res of it? i think this is the biggest we can find... upscaled, but....
  16. i just can't see why notch would sell it. I would keep it. like... enought money for my lifetime. What's the difference from 500 million to 2bi? when you have just enough money... dunno, makes any difference? OR he can take that 2 bi and create a floating island made with (a lot) of plastic bottles in the ocean, and declare it his own country. I would love to do that.
  17. this is not fan piece. I think is official concept. I have it hi res at home. i thought this was a very well known
  18. we're living in the future. We can design a trophy for the tournament and upload it to be printed and shipped to the winner. I'll try to register again in the quake live service, and try to compete with a 150 ms lag
  19. Thurnip

    CS:GO Stickers

    A new sticker by gf Sticker: Bullet Rider
  20. I hope i manage to have local servers. I signed up for the quake live beta some years ago and never managed to play, because there's no servers with ping less than 130-150. So frustrating. But it will be subscription model? i would rather buying it.
  21. i think.... i'm going to suggest her to make some pix toned down... more like weapons on doom, blood, rott, etc
  22. Hello! after a looong time without posting anything, i made a new skin using some black ink on my kitchen. I still can find ink stains on the floor I'm planning to make one or more weapons on this collection. Urgency. What do you think? And my girlfriend made some cool 90's weapons! Pix PP Bizon Pix M249 Pix Negev
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