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Status Updates posted by Thurnip

  1. a friend gave me a gamecube :3

  2. mapcore is better than facebook

    1. FMPONE


      probably because mapcore isn't an Orwellian CIA surveillance front !

    2. DrywallDreams
    3. LATTEH


      Confirmed FMPONE working for government.

  3. yep, added one more skin to the collection :D

    1. Thurnip


      one per day, until friday http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=264032579

  4. anyone knows what how reset to my channel box to default? im following a tutorial and my channel box don't shows object's parameters http://i.imgur.com/YGZUb5X.jpg :/

  5. anyone knows how to turn off this red/yellow visualization for the edge/vertex editing in Maya? http://imgur.com/jWE2EhJ

    1. Pampers


      you have soft selection turned on

    2. Thurnip


      awesome ! now i see what that means :D

      I think I activated this by mistake! thanks!

  6. amost finishing some CS stickers... Damn this holographic and embossed takes some time to tune up...

    1. paranoidMonkey


      Damn right! :z

      Looking forward to it.

    2. FMPONE


      pix or it never happened

    3. Thurnip


      finally managed to finish those.... loooot of boring work trying to understand how those parameters work on valve shader tool... and sometimes What you see is NOT what you get (on the tool)

  7. trying out nDo and normal maps stuffs... we are in the 2000's, right?

  8. this "level design" its hard stuff, but exciting. Went sleep at 5 am for 3 time in a row. trying to build a flow for the player and cool look :Dhttps://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/5442600/shot_grass_03.gif

    1. FMPONE


      you went to sleep? you're doing it wrong!

    2. Thurnip
    3. Thurnip
  9. wow, just discovered this feature... posting what is in my mind :D

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