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About Me

I started adulthood working as a beat reporter, which expanded to photography and feature writing. I left journalism because I needed something with better payoff for a growing family.


I was always creative. When I got my first PC and a shady disc of art apps back in the 90s, I became hooked on 3D. Originally I think I learned on Lightwave and another now extinct app. But I found my true love when I was exposed to 3ds Max 3. When 3ds Max 4 came out, I became addicted.


I loved Half-Life and Counter-Strike and started learning Hammer. Making maps for CS became a huge pastime for me for many years. I didn't learn to get models into the levels until I moved to Source. It was such a pain, I programmed Wall Worm.

I also now work as a developer and artist for Black Mesa.


And now I am on here.



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