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  1. Name: Andy Durdin Website: http://backslashn.com Story: A nuclear missile's headed your way. A nuclear bunker is right behind you. But its door is shut. You have two minutes to find a way inside. Engine: Source SDK Download Link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1w42Dni15kSgP0HzI1KqOFV72CWExzw17 or door2_vfig.zip Screenshots: Video link:
  2. Three Cube Tango http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=68674510 [attachment=0]bb shot1.jpg[/attachment] [attachment=1]bb in-editor.jpg[/attachment]
  3. This collection is a fantastic idea. The editor is so much better than Hammer for exploring puzzle possibilities, despite its limitations. The rapid iteration time is a godsend. I've made two chambers so far, both intended for this collection: Three Cube Tango (http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=68674510) Island Hopping (http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=71483921) Any feedback is welcomed.
  4. vfig

    [TF2] pl_high_stakes

    Hi guys, just thought I'd pimp a TF2 map I've just started. High Stakes — A new payload map for Team Fortress 2. High Stakes sees BLU escort a bomb cart over a high canyon, and ascend to where RED's luxury casino—and its hoard of cash—is situated. See more screenshots here There's a few bugs at the moment; please see the TF2Maps thread for details, and for the download link. I'm trying something different here, although it's not present in this first playable version. The map will be in five sections: two alternative starts, a common middle (the bridge in the screenshot), and two alternative ends. Which start and end you get will be a random selection when the map is loaded. The idea is to provide more longevity to the map by increasing its variety.
  5. vfig

    Deus Ex 3

    I actually liked that change--I suddenly
  6. vfig

    WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    That's a neat way of doing your homework! I won't pick on the map, but on your choice of words: stone doesn't derive from Latin although it does have a cognate in stiria.
  7. vfig

    WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    Are you sure? I'm using ropes in a Portal 2 map, and they seem to be working fine. There is a longstanding issue in the Source multiplayer(since CS:S) where ropes won't always move correctly. It can be worked around: I usually parent the rope entities to a silent env_spark, which I then parent to whatever is moving.
  8. vfig


    Some very creative ideas coming out of this challenge. I liked it much better than the last couple of challenges. Unfortunately I couldn't figure out how to play any of the UDK entries, so I judged them all on their videos. Insta's is definitely my favourite. The puzzle is simple (and constrained) enough that I ended up bumping into the solution after flinging various objects at the camera in a vain attempt to break it. When the bucket stuck to the bin I thought at first it was a weird physics bug--but then the answer struck me, and I couldn't stop laughing. Zoltan's puzzle confused me. I was able to walk up the stairs and open the door without doing anything, whereupon it faded to black and said "Woohoo!" Is that the win condition? I doubt that's the intended solution Slowdevelopment: I completely failed to figure out how to activate the lasers, let alone what order they should go in. But I jumped past the angled portalable wall to where the far laser receptor is, and must have touched the win trigger, cause again it said I had won, when I hadn't really done anything. Campaignjunkie: entertaining idea (though the task bar was even more entertaining). I like the "Output OnFucked" sitting by the turrets as a warning. FWIW I didn't encounter any bugs while playing it. Also, thanks for the feedback on my puzzle. I probably did myself a disservice by only recording the direct solution, rather than going through the different spawnable objects--but if I had it would've spoilt the surprise halfway through. It also doesn't show the different feedback when you use only one or two canisters. But exploding the door is only one of three ways to solve the puzzle anyway Soleval: I really like the setup for the puzzles, with the key dropping into the grate--then going through endless trouble (albeit simple puzzles) to retrieve it. Puddy: Blown away. Doing a conversation tree like that is brave (or foolish); it did get a little tedious because the text was small, and it wasn't always obvious when one of the options had changed. I also found it odd that I didn't get the choice to thank any of the people who helped me. I enjoyed tracing the wire through the basement the most, even though it was hopelessly contrived.
  9. vfig

    THE DOOR CHALLENGE: Submission Thread

    Here's my entry, for HL2:Episode 2. Download map, including source [attachment=1]vfig_door1.jpg[/attachment] [attachment=0]vfig_door2.jpg[/attachment]
  10. My entry is now done and dusted. This was a good learning exercise, as I experimented with quite a few Source entities I'd never touched before, although I didn't end up using them all. I await the upload thread, but I'll leave you with this screenshot of the door for now. Such a pretty orange colour for the walls, eh?
  11. vfig

    THE CUBE CHALLENGE: The Results!

    SamCom: Thanks for the vote! I wrote a bit about my process in making the map on my blog, but not really the technical details. Incidentally, I voted for your map, because I thought it made excellent use of the limited space and would have made a decent DM level for about 4 players. The infinite hallway—and all the other abnormal connections except the bridge—were done by duplicating some geometry in two places in the map. Each place had a trigger_teleport at the place where I wanted the switch to occur, an info_landmark (at precisely the same relative position to the geometry in each place), and and info_target at the same position as the other point's info_landmark. A trigger_teleport moves the player (and/or NPCs, physics props, etc) when it is either touched or trigged. Normally it moves the player to the exact location and angles as its destination info_target; but if you use an info_landmark as well, then the player's position and angles relative to the info_landmark are preserved after teleporting relative to the info_target. So when you reach the small building at one end of the arched path ("showtriggers 1" should show you where the teleport triggers are), you hit the trigger and are teleported to the building at the other end. I took care that the little bits of the world that you can see between the pillars from inside were similar enough that you wouldn't notice the transition. If you look carefully and hug the edges of the path you can actually see some differences, but they're small. If you noclip and fly past the central section of the map, you can see how similar the geometry on either side of the path is in each of the three sections of it. I introduced the fog to make the transition less noticeable also, and so that I didn't need to extend the path visually further than three sections. The transition inside the tower is done the same way, but obviously it was easy to make two parts of the inside of it appear identical, since the geometry was exactly the same. Similarly, if you found the ladder that leads down to the top of the tower, there's a teleport just after the u-bend there: the ladder actually takes you under the ground, where there is a blank white wall (that is indistinguishable from the fog) and a tiny section copied from the tower railing--all that you can see through the doorway. As you walk towards the door, you are teleported to the top of the tower; and as you walk back in the door, you are teleported back to the underground room.
  12. vfig


    I realised yesterday that I'd forgotten to pack the colour correction table in my map *sigh*, so I apologise to those of you who tried it and only saw plain greys instead of the nicer (IMHO) red shading from the screenshots. Oh well. Now that the voting's over I've fixed the download.
  13. vfig

    THE CUBE CHALLENGE: The Results!

    Congratulations. Minotauro's map is quite eye-catching.
  14. vfig


    I forgot to include installation instructions with mine--I expect many of you will be familiar with installing source maps, but regardless: [*:2ac0f06d]Extract escherisch.bsp from the zip file into the following folder: Steam folder/steamapps/Your steam username/half-life 2 episode two/ep2/maps. If the maps folder does not exist, you will have to create it. [*:2ac0f06d]Run episode 2, go to the console, and type map escherisch
  15. Well, I didn't end up posting any shots while this was still WIP, but here's a final screenshot of my entry "Escherisch" (HL2ep2). What began as an experiment with spaces that would seem larger than 1024x1024 ended up as a small maze-like village with nonlinear connections between areas (for example, you can get to the top of the tower, but the stairs up inside it lead somwehere other than there), and a section of the map that appears to be outside the 1024^3 cube, but isn't. I was very early constrained by not being able to get lightmaps to appear continuous at the odd connections, which led me to forgo actual lighting and instead experiment visually with strong shapes and tonal contrast. The result is not going to blow anyone away, but it's quite distinctive. [attachment=0]escherisch0002.jpg[/attachment]