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  1. Really looking forward to this, just got the season pass, after having a week playtime on the xbox one I switched over to the PS4 (better experience imho) and just caught up to level 28...time to do the raid and hit 30 before this drops. Btw, had a lot of connectivity issues on the xbox, but none since switching to the PS4 (got the destiny bundle, cnr)
  2. Always a nice opportunity to get away from the desk and spend a working day downtown, have a beer, play unreleased games and grab some swag
  3. If you still have a key available, I'd love to have one!
  4. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=234579765
  5. Messing around in 2D, has been a while using Source...
  6. Titanfall pretty much looks like COD with mechs, people that are even remotely interested in FPS will buy it anyway
  7. Nice, we did that last year in BO2 (in Raid, on of the shipped maps I worked on) No offense, just saying Edit: Apparently you guys also ran also out of time/didn't put focus on creating proper bounce physics Next game, next game...
  8. Yeah, but at least the rooftops are relatively easy to reach with ladders, compared to the highrises in some of the other maps, where a lot of players parachute/heliride in to snipe from there. My impression about these lines of sight you mentioned was, that they were left in on purpose, because "it's realistic" and you just have to deal with it. Just sayin
  9. Zavod is one of the few maps where you can actually play and do stuff as Infantry, like rotating between C and D, and have the occasional excursion to cap B or E. You have at least a chance to take shots at vehicles that dare to drive into the interiors and you have a lot of Infatry engagements. That being said, think Zavod really, grew on me, even tho people complain about visibility, but the playermodels all wear camoskins and it's hard to balance the fact that it's supposed to conceal you and being able to still see enemy infantry. I don't know if it really helped to take out the tracer fx from the sniperrifles, that was present in the beta, but I guess people complained about that too much.
  10. Guess it's pretty much a nightmare having to co-develop current and next gen in one game...
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