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  1. These ones from SNES era: Kirby's Dream Course http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YFKvmEiiBM0 Metal Warriors Flashback: The Search for Identity
  2. Threeboy

    Judge Dredd

    I enjoyed it - seemed more like an 80's/90's styled action movie with modern effects.
  3. Watched "The Adjustment Bureau" - liked it but kinda fizzled out. 7/10ths the way through Game of Thrones - that show's pretty cool.
  4. goddamn, two fans? My PC is already noisy as hell don't need more fans messing it up.
  5. still gotta see that. Saw "Paycheck" - that old 2003 movie recently... goofy as hell, not that good.
  6. Threeboy

    Front Page

    should upgrade these forums to vbulletin
  7. I remember playing Sega Hot Rod a lot when I was a kid - had a weird 4 player top down cabinet.
  8. I watched that new Zack Snyder movie "Suck".
  9. playing battlefield bad company 2 - the first "war" fps I've played, it's pretty cool. I been missing out :embarrassed:
  10. I hear Host Gator is very good/cheap/reliable - might switch over when my Media Temple accounts expire.
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rn981JL93Ao
  12. looks quite fun - hope it's "indie" priced
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