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  1. Thanks for the last couple links. Very helpful stuff.
  2. Fuzyhead: What I'm asking myself is how there can be such a pool of water inside a hangar, unless the roof is broken... in which case there would be a light beam coming in too, or something.
  3. This shot had me thinking "Quake 2" for a moment before I really saw what it was. The colours.
  4. Interesting. So none of that building is BSP? It's all modular meshes? Ha. It seemed so BSP like to me. It's hard to tell sometimes.
  5. Which game / tech is that, Minos, and where do the textures come from? At first I thought the entire structure was a model, but in the full size screenshot it does look like BSP with nice textures/normalmaps on.
  6. Making a Doom 3 SP just for the heck of it. Originally just wanted to do a speedmap, but I guess nobody does speedmaps in D3. The layout of this forum seems broken at 1280x1024 monitor resolution in Firefox, images apparently break the right border of the main column.
  7. Squad: I really like that first shot with the cart on the ramp, looks like a real street scene. The windows on the building to the right of the cart look a little glued on, mostly because all other houses have a different type of window.
  8. Latteh: the bridge looks bigger than the buildings next to it, as if it was transplanted from a bigger city. It also looks surprisingly clean considering all the ruins around it. There also seem to be a lot of individual, separate buildings; it looks more like outskirts instead of a city center where I'd expect continuous rows of city blocks. http://www.muhs.de/d...9/12371MUHS.JPG Edit: the tree next to the bridge looks really tiny, most trees would be much bigger than that. A large tree can be more than 20 meters tall.
  9. TBH nuclear waste probably wouldn't just stand around in some back yard like this.
  10. This is a singleplayer level for a little game I'm working on, somewhere between hobbyist and indie, using Quake 3 map format / Radiant and a much-improved Quake 1 engine. Basic BSP and some patchwork is done, and a basic theme is being established. Please excuse the stairstep shadows, I'm working to find better light settings. Here are some more shots if you'd like: http://spawnhost.wor.../a-light-touch/ Any criticism (and Q3 lighting tips) is/are very welcome. Any idtech-based work/games I should be looking at for ideas? I have improved, but I feel I could be better.
  11. onji, I love the terraces in the second shot. The palm tree on the edge of the cliff looks a bit lonely.
  12. Thanks for the tips, I'll do that. Yup, I can have more textures, and the terrain can have up to 4.
  13. Because I don't feel like rewriting all my QuakeC gamecode, which has developed over the last 5 years to do pretty much all I need to do. I'm not a good coder. I'll switch tech for my next project, this one is too far along to do that.
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