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  1. How long do you consider to be healthy to spend on a single gamedev project?

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    2. seir
    3. selmitto


      Ahh so I'm in an ok situation then, lol.

      I started a project that was supposed to last for 3 months, but I got carried on, saw the good progress and long story short: this is the 10th month. But I'm finishing it, I'm the one man army and I've been learning a lot along the project. I guess I'm fine then...

      I don't know about the piece of string, Puddy. Oops, just found it (lmao):


    4. dkm


      I personally think the turning point is after 1,5 years of full production (add maybe 6 months of preprod). Past that point, it's too hard to keep the vision and the fatigue starts setting in. It's of course a bit easier (maybe?) if it's an indie project or your baby (Fez was mentioned) but I really think that after 2 years it's...just...too much

      (just FYI I spent 3,5y of my life slowly dying on Syndicate)

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