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  1. Started playing Soldier of fortune a while back, and thought it would be cool to sort of recreate the first level. Going alright so far.. still need to tweak areas and make the rest of the map
  2. Enjoy, If not then cocks to you, sir.
  3. Something I made up this morning..
  4. hmm, sounds like a iteresting combination I'll give the demo a try ones it's released!
  5. Looks int resting, so what are you supposed to do as a player?
  6. oh lulz, a car Dont ask why the left side wheels are wire's only, since I don't know why
  7. Oh, don't mind me dear sirs. But I got a problem you see I'm tinkering around in my first 'map' This damn light is to damn bright lol, and I did tone the whiteness down but it doesn't work like it does with the other lights I do it with >_> And ehh well, I usually set the color to a grey to make the light less hard, is there an other proper way of doing this btw?
  8. I agree, it's a bite to plane imho Anywho, I modeled another prop for the chair I did yesterday It's a frikkin lamp! still gotta finish it off though.. I'm planning on doing a whole set, with a table, tv and moar .
  9. Thanks :3 I did think of that, but it would look awfully flat imho.. Since there's barely anything going on with small details those bolts make it more finishing I think
  10. Oh hai, I'm new It's kinda off my first 'model' i did with normals and all that so don't be to hard on me. hmkay?
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