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  1. The symbol of the GOT (gays on testosterone) thread.
  2. You didn't learn a shit with the nazis. Lock yourself into a garage, turn on the engine and listen to led zeppelin.
  3. The sheep is not the problem... The problem is the litlle green piece of catarrh in his right nostril. (Take a close look and you'll notice).
  4. low poly people. Parents will chose the texture pallet for the skin to, see some simpsons gonna be ordinary
  5. Chavvo


    My favorite. Just release the bike's brake and feel the wind.
  6. Chavvo

    iPhone 4

    se..FACETIME! It can be a new era for virtual sex.
  7. Chavvo


    Te funniest is people criticizing brazil saying there are only sex in there, but who says that is more pervert than people in there. Furtermore, if there're only sex it's a PLUS not otherwise.
  8. Chavvo


    I bet half of those "people" are there just to fuck up the store, and they dont give a little shit for the tv or other stupids.
  9. hum...sexy! i hope you are an attractive woman! otherwise: fail! I need your approval? Have you ever heard about chains and BDSM? ...wait for me
  10. Fuck off imageshack! What was wrong with my tit?
  11. Have some photos of myself naked here, but sorry guys, porn is not allowed in mapcore. So, all you can get is:
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