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  2. False on that. Apex Legends is still on their super modified Source Engine. The TF team iterate super fast on that, especially the designers. The Star Wars team I'm on is a totally separate team, and yeah, they picked UE4 super early on. They really leave the engine choice up to the individual teams. There's three teams in the studio right now, the Apex Legends team (same peeps from TF1/TF2), Star Wars team (entirely new team built by Stig) and VR team (new team as well). But yeah, stay tuned for E3 for more :P. Given that we were revealing at SW Celebration, made more sense to show a story-focused trailer rather than gameplay. I ended up working on a lot of the reveal trailer shots as well! Can see a bunch here: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/3oeOvE We have Alf-Life/Martin Badowsky from here on the team as well! Ended up being able to work a level together early on in production :).
  3. Oh hey, I'm a Senior Environment Atist @ Respawn Entertainment as of last month :).
  4. Look forward to seeing what you all think! And for those who missed my spamming of it everywhere else this past week, here's my folio page with all the work my team and I did! www.jobyek.com/farcryprimal.html
  5. Totally forgot to post this on here, but I created a little game art blog last month! Will be a place for me to be dropping little tutorials, articles, WIPs, analyses, etc. http://jobyek.blogspot.ca/ Have two articles up so far: - Welcome post + Talking about some of my personal Guiding Art Principles: http://jobyek.blogspot.ca/2015/08/welcome.html - A little tutorial on making high-quality wheels: http://jobyek.blogspot.ca/2015/09/micro-tut-wheels.html If you have any feedback about the blog, the posts so far or any ideas for future posts, feel free :)!
  6. Full 25min E3 demo walkthrough is amazing:
  7. 2 hours and a half in, just met the Alien for the first time. Holy fuck this game is amazing...super immersive. Loving every minute of it so far. Love that a AAA release like this can exist .
  8. Yup. You know all well and good that company decisions about Uplay, no game on Steam UK, etc. are all decisions above us devs (trust me, we don't like it any more than you do). If you don't agree with them, just don't play/buy. Super disrespectful pirating any of our work, whether we're from Ubi or not. I expect better from fellow devs.
  9. Portfolio update with Far Cry 4 work! More on my site! www.jobyek.com
  10. No tranqs...but you can use arrows...a *little bit* more humane ;P.
  11. Hmmm, wonder what Arkane Austin is working on then.
  12. Loved the new trailer they put out this week, gameplay footage set to Childish Gambino's Crawl, so good! And lots of Shangri-La footage !
  13. What dux said, you definitely are overpowered once you have EVERYTHING unlocked, but leading up to that point, that's definitely not representative of combat difficulty for most of the game. I died A LOT before I got the cooler abilities.
  14. Are you all playing with mouse and keyboard? FOV doesn't really bother me when playing with the controller tbh.
  15. New trailer! And gif from said trailer: http://share.gifyoutube.com/YXGBrK.gif
  16. It's shallow and not as big as you'd hope for, but damn it, can't stop playing! Definitely need to play with friends for maximum fun.
  17. Did a quick update to my site last night with some of the publicly released media from Gamescom for my Shangri-La map in Far Cry 4! http://www.jobyek.com
  18. All the footage is of my level for Shangri-La !
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